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How To Eat Well When Traveling - Food Guides

With well over 70 countries visited and having spent 10+ years living in Europe and Asia, we’ve eaten a lot of food to bring you this blog about food and travel. Our food travel guides focus on what to eat and where to eat when traveling. 

Spanish Food

What happens when 2 food travel bloggers spend 3 years living in Spain? We ate tons of Spanish food while traveling around the country. Amber also learned to cook Spanish food after taking numerous cooking classes and hours walking local food markets in Spain for classic ingredients. We have Spanish food and travel guides and loads of tasty Spanish recipes to try at home.

Authentic Spanish Recipes To Make At Home

See all of our favorite Spanish recipes here

ITalian Food And Travel

We’ve been traveling to Italy for well over 20 years. It’s one of our favorite food travel destinations! Our culinary travel blog explores all the tasty food regions of Italy, helps food travelers learn about classic ingredients, and provides recipes for Italian food you can make at home. 

Italy Packing Guide

What To Pack For Italy

Get our top tips for traveling to Italy, including our Italy packing list. What to pack for Italy … and what you can leave at home.

Our Latest Italian Travel Posts

How To Drink Well When Traveling - Food Guides

For The Home - Eating and drinking better at home

How To Travel Better - Travel And Packing Guides

This food and travel blog does more than provide tasty food travel tips. We want to ensure you have the best travel tips, including what to pack, where to go, and what luggage to choose for your destination. 

Our Best Tips For Packing For Europe

Packing Guide For Two Weeks In Europe

Get our Europe packing list here

Recommendations For Best Carry-On Luggage For Europe

See our best carry-on luggage deals here

Get Personalized Luggage For Europe

Learn to design your own luggage here

Recipes To Cook At Home

We started this travel food blog to help travelers find the best food destinations, but we can’t travel all the time. So, we curated a list of some of our tastiest authentic recipes from our favorite food destinations. 

About Food And Drink Destinations

Amber Hoffman Food And Drink Destinations

Amber S. Hoffman

Editor   & Co-Founder

Amber is a recovering attorney and professional eater who loves tracking down the best bites and best sips in a new destination. At home, she is always trying to perfect the perfect recipe to bring the flavors of the world to their home in Ireland.

ERic Hoffman

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Eric is an avid Av Geek, but when he is not plane spotting, he travels on his stomach, in search of the best local food and drinks. He’s passionate about sharing his top food and travel tips on Twitter.

Food & Drink Gift Guide For Every Occassion

Best Gifts For Food And Drink Lovers

The Best Gifts For Food And Drink Lovers For 2022

Eating and drinking well at home is more important than ever. Whether shopping for yourself or for a friend or family member, we have dozens of recommendations for the perfect gift, for budding home chefs, wine and beer lovers, coffee snobs, and more. Included are our recommended “at home” kits – learn how to make cheese, sushi, or wine at home!

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