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Eric Hoffman

Founder and Content Creator

Eric is an avid Av Geek, but when he is not plane spotting, he travels on his stomach, in search and the best local food and drinks.

Amber Hoffman

Founder and Editor

Amber is a recovering attorney and professional eater who loves tracking down the best bites and best sips in a new destination.

Published Culinary guides

With our years of experience traveling through Europe, I’ve published two culinary guides to two of our favorite destinations. We lived for three years in Girona, in Catalonia, in Northeastern Spain. Girona is the jumping off point for the Costa Brava. If you are looking for a new culinary destination that is only about an hour outside of Barcelona, check out The Food Traveler’s Guide to The Costa Brava: From Traditional Catalan Cuisine to Modern Gastronomy

Our love for Italian food is one of the reasons why we continue to travel to Emilia Romagna, Italy, time and time again. Bologna, Modena, Parma, and other towns and villages are where some of the top Italian food products originate. It’s a great region to explore outside of Rome, Florence, and Venice, the “Big 3.” If looking to get off the beaten path in Italy, check out The Food Traveler’s Guide to Emilia Romagna: How to taste the history and tradition of Italy

Both guides are available in hard copy and ebook formats on Amazon now. 

Speaking Engagements

After over seven years of writing about food and drink, we’ve developed a bit of an expertise. Our goal is always to help culinary travelers seek out new and unique gastronomy experiences. This includes helping tourism organizations learn how to attract culinary travelers. 

Over the years, Amber has spoken at numerous conferences and events across Europe and Asia. In addition to speaking about digital media, her focus has been on promoting culinary travel. 

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