Best Argentine Grills For Home 2023 – Tips For Grilling At Home

Argentinians are well-known for their meats and grilling methods. If you are an Argentine barbeque lover, you should consider investing in a good Argentine grill. Keep reading to learn more about these grills and the best options for home

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What Is An Argentine Grill

An Argentinian-style grill is distinctively designed with a sloped V Grate cooking surface and an adjustable height. This Argentinian BBQ is referred to as a parrilla grill. Each feature has a unique purpose and plays a crucial role when grilling Argentine beef

The adjustable height allows precise temperature control when grilling the meat to achieve uniform doneness across the meat’s thickness and evenly cooked meat. The sloping V Grate cooking surface drains fat away from the fire, avoiding flareups that could ruin the flavor of fine grilled meats.

The American charcoal and the Argentinian parrilla grill are quite different. First, the parrilla has a side firebox that enables the user to add wood. Secondly, it allows the griller easy access to the coal bed. Parrillas are also lined with heat refractory bricks that focus the heat on the grill grates.

Argentine-style grills are built to cook mouth-watering meats over red hot coals in the Argentine Asado style. An Asado is a social event that involves attending a barbecue. In simple terms, it is the mother of all barbeques or a parade of slow-grilled meats.  

An Argentine BBQ can use wood or charcoal but not propane, to pass on a light smoke flavor to the meat. 

There are two common types of Argentine grills. The traditional parrilla has an adjustment arm on the side that controls the grill grate. Then there is the Santa Maria-style grill that has an overhead assembly and a wheel that lowers and raises the grates. 

What Meats Can You Cook On An Argentine Grill

Beef is the star of the Asado. Though blood sausages and pork chorizos are popular, beef cuts are the centerpiece of this Argentine cuisine. However, meat cuts familiar to Americans, such as entrana (skirt steak), bife de chorizo (NY strip), and Ojo de bife (ribeye), are also popular.

Chicken, pork, sausages, and sweetbreads are ideal for grilling Argentine style. Preparing Argentine dishes for this grilling is simple. You will only need to season your meats with coarse salt, while lemon juice is added to sweetbreads and chicken.

You can also serve any other Argentinian food, such as grilled vegetables, green salads, crusty bread, and potato salads at Asados.     

Argentine Grills At Home

How Do You Maintain An Argentine Grill

Maintaining and cleaning your grill is essential to protect its lifespan and longevity. But how do you clean your Argentine grill?

Start cleaning it by removing all the grill’s detachable parts and let them soak in warm, soapy water for at least twenty minutes. 

A wire brush is great for cleaning most of the parts. When it comes to the grate, run the wire brush in the same direction as the grate’s bars.

Ensure you remove all the soap residue by heating the grill for about 15 minutes. Any residue that was not rinsed away will eventually burn off.

If your grill has a residue that you can’t clean with regular scrubbing, try the following. 

Mix a cup of baking soda with two cups of vinegar and pour the solution into a garbage bag.

Place the grates inside the bag, seal with a rubber band, and let them soak overnight. 

Once they have soaked, remove the grates and rinse them. You can get rid of any remaining residue with some light scrubbing. 

Is An Argentine Grill Worth It?

Argentine grills are some of the most enjoyable grills for grilling enthusiasts. You can use these grills for cooking anything that can go on a grill, and it imparts a flavor that is superior to that of standard grills. 

Grilling Argentine style is also ideal for outdoor and campfire cooking. You can control the temperature by only adjusting the cooking surface’s height. However, it requires careful watching to ensure that the food cooks properly and avoids burning. 

The adjustable cooking surface gives you complete access to the coal bed beneath. This coal bed is an excellent place to roast your vegetables because it allows you to access multiple heat zones.

Best Argentine Grills For Home

If you are a grilling enthusiast, an Argentine grill is a nice appliance to have at home. Though compact electric and gas grills are easy to use, grilling meat in an open fire is a delightful experience and gives the meat a smokey flavor that you will find nowhere else.  

Here are some of the best Argentinian BBQ grills for home.

TAGWOOD Authentic Argentine BBQ Santa Maria Style

This Argentine grill is spacious and versatile. It measures 32 by 20.5 inches with three different cooking surfaces. You can explore various grilling techniques such as sear, smoke, and slow cook.

It is made of stainless steel, which extends the grill’s life. Hight adjustable grates allow you to control the cooking temperature. You can lower the grates closer to the coal for more heat to sear or raise the cooking surface for slow cooking.

A firebox allows you to light up the charcoal quickly and keeps the fire lit away from the food. Depending on your preference, you can use wood, briquettes, or charcoal.

TAGWOOD BBQ Fully Assembled Argentine Style Grill 

This BBQ grill has a large cooking area, measuring 34 by 16.5 inches. It includes an attached side table for extra cooking, a bottle opener, and four swivel casters for improved mobility. 

An adjustable grate allows you to change the heat intensity easily. Round split grates allow optimal grilling and easy cleaning. A separate firebox makes it easy to light up the charcoal or firewood.  

Built-In Argentine Barbeque Grill And Spit 

This Argentinian BBQ grill is a built-in model and does not have any stand or cart. It mounts directly into your grill configuration, like on a counter.

This model features a stainless steel body and adjustable stainless steel grates. It includes a rotisserie that comes with a 40-inch skewer and motor.

This BBQ grill has a 756-square-inch cooking surface.  

Easychef Charcoal & Wood Built-in 24″ Counter Top Grill

This countertop grill features heavy-duty stainless steel cooking grids and a clean black high-temperature paint finish. A crank handle makes it easy to adjust the charcoal pan’s height.

Easyshef built-in BBQs are designed to last and for overall cooking ease. 

Nuke Delta02 Authentic 40-Inch Argentine BBQ Grill

The Nuke Delta02 Argentine grill has a large cooking surface, measuring 547 square inches and capable of cooking up to 25 burgers at once. It has an adjustable grill that allows you to control the heat intensity.

A separate firebox enables you to distribute heat where and when you need it easily. It includes a gaucho grill, a full-length vinyl cover, a fire poker, a griddle, a shovel, and two swivel casters.  

What Features To Look For In An Argentine Grill

When searching for your Argentine grill for home use, there are several factors to consider. They include:

Full-Sized Grill Vs. Grill Kits Vs. Drop-In

The choice of your grill will greatly depend on your cooking space and BBQ needs. 

A full-sized grill is suitable if you love hosting grilling parties and you want to master Argentinian-style grilling. Choose a drop-in grill that fits your cooking area if you already have a grilling area. If you are a grilling enthusiast but are not ready to purchase a full-sized grill, you can consider a grill kit. 


The amount of money you intend to spend will determine the choice of your grill. Full-sized grills are expensive but come packed with features. You should balance the must-have features and budget.

Grate And Drip Pan

V-shaped grates are the key feature of Argentine grills. Instead of dripping fat into the fire, they allow it to slide into a drip pan. Consider the material used to make the grates and drip pan. 

Side Firebox

A side firebox is great for loading firewood or charcoal for heating. However, it is a personal choice. 

An Argentine grill is ideal for grilling enthusiasts who dream of becoming great Asadors. For great Asadors, grilling with charcoal or woodfire is the secret. The grills above are great for starting the journey.   

FAQs – Argentine Grills For Home

What kind of wood do you use for an Argentine grill?

To achieve a long-lasting, high-temperature producing, and aromatic flame, it’s best to use hardwood in your Argentine grill. Some of the best hardwoods include pecan, oak, maple, and cherry.

What wood should not be grilled?

It’s recommended not to use softer woods. Examples of softwoods include cedar, pine, fir, and spruce. These woods don’t burn as long as hard woods like oak or maple.

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