Best Beer Gift Sets – Unique Gifts For Beer Lovers

Up until a few years ago, we never drank craft beer. Then, a light switch turned. Now we seek out great craft beer on the road and at home. I’m almost certain we aren’t the only fans of great beer. In fact, you just might have someone like us on your gift list. This post includes options for the best beer gift sets offering over a dozen options for unique gifts for beer lovers. 

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The Best Gifts For Beer Lovers

All of our recommended gifts make it easy for beer snobs and aficionados to drink beer at home. Most of our options can be purchased from Amazon. We use Amazon for gift giving because they have a large variety of options and make gift giving easy. 

Also, we try to recommend products that are part of Amazon Prime, which provides purchasers with free and often super-fast delivery. (Get 30 days of Prime free here.)

I include detailed descriptions of each of our cool beer gifts in this post. If short on time, feel free to use the handy chart below for quick and easy shopping for the beer lover on your list.


Best Beer Gift Sets - Unique Gifts For Beer Lovers

A monthly beer subscription is a gift that keeps on giving! One of the problems with ordering beer themed gifts online in the US is that there are loads of restrictions on shipping alcohol. When ordering this beer club gift they take all of that concern and manage it for you. 

The Beer Of The Month Club started monthly clubs in 1994. They offer 5 different club options, which include options for US beers and international beers. Their pricing starts at $29.95 per month (plus chipping(and each shipment includes 12 bottles of beer. Shipments can be monthly or every other month and can last from one month to 12 months or be open-ended! They also include a Rare Beer Club for true beer aficionados, which ships 750 ml bottles! 

Beer of the Month Club

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Want to send a craft beer lover a gift but not commit to a beer-of-the-month club? A great option is a craft beer gift box. We recommend the Bro Basket, even though many of their gifts can be sent to women as well. 

Their beer gift boxes and baskets include different varieties of craft beer as well as paired snacks. Some of them include beer glasses or other accessories. Most of the boxes can also be customized. Gifts range from $50-99.

Here are a few of our favorite craft beer gift boxes:

It is still complicated to ship beer across state lines in the US. The Bro Basket has a list of the states where it is okay to ship beer. Check it out before placing your order. 

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Gifts For Beer Brewers And Budding Brewers

Once a beer drinker becomes a beer lover, the next logical step is to start brewing at home. Here, we offer our recommendations for unique gifts for beer drinkers who you think might be interested in taking this next step. 


The Brooklyn Brew Shop has a reputation for making home brewing both easy and fun. This Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Gift Set includes everything a beer lover needs to brew their own IPA at home. It’s best for beginners because they provide everything you need including instructions that simplify the process into six steps. This is one of the best IPA beer gifts! 

The kit results in one gallon of beer, which is about nine or ten 12-ounce bottles. In addition to IPA, there are options for brewing wheat beer, Belgian Blonde, Saison, porter, and brown ale. They also make a version for making Hard Cider at home too. 

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Here’s another option for craft beer gifts. The Mr. Beer 2 Gallon Complete Beer Making Kit is perfect for beginners. They include step-by-step instructions. Whereas many at-home brewing kits can take up to eight hours, this one only takes 30 minutes to brew up a batch. The beer is ready to drink in as little as three weeks after fermenting in the 2-gallon tank that comes with it.

Cooper’s Brewery in Australia puts these kits together, using their beer-making expertise to take beer to the home brewer. They also have an IPA kit as well. 

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Looking for more gifts for drink lovers? 

Making things at home is incredibly popular right now. In addition to making beer at home, here are some other at-home kits for drink lovers:

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Beer Glass Gift Set

True beer aficionados are always looking for new ways to taste and drink here. Here, we offer some recommendations on some great sets of glasses that are great gifts for beer lovers. 


These Sempli Monti-Taste Beer Glasses are simply stunning. They remind me of some of the newer-style whiskey glasses that are used to taste quality scotch. Sempli is a world-class glass maker that melds Swedish design elements and Italian style. 

This unique gift set includes four glasses of different shapes and sizes to help boost the flavor of different types of beer. Each glass is made of lead-free crystal and includes a recessed base to help aerate the beer in the glass. They make the perfect gift for those beer lovers with their own kegerator at home

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Another option from a very reputable glass maker is the Spiegelau Beer Tasting Glasses Set. Spiegelau is a German company most known for quality, crystal wine glasses and decanters. They started producing glasses in the 1500s! Here, they take their glass-making experience to create a set of beer-tasting glasses. 

Different beer styles require different glass shapes. This glass set includes four glasses for drinking an IPA, a lager, a pilsner, and a wheat beer. They are dishwasher safe.

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Now, these beer glasses are just plain fun. The Dragon Glassware Beer Glasses are made by California company Dragon Glassware. Visually, they are pretty cool looking, in the shape of upside-down beer glasses. This gives the impression of the glasses being suspended in the air.

The set of two glasses is also designed with double-walled insulation to keep beer colder for longer. The glasses each hold up to 13 1/2 ounces, meaning they hold a full bottle of beer. They are sold in gift boxes. They also sell them in a set of four glasses here

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See more recommendations for Beer Glass Sets here 

Beer Gift Sets For Food Lovers

Because this is a blog for food and drink lovers, we can’t ignore the foodie side of things. Here we offer recommendations for food related gifts that include a beer or craft beer element. 


This Craft Beer Spice Blends Gift Set is the perfect way to add a little bit of craft beer flavor to meat and fish dishes. It wasn’t until we started to get more involved in craft beer that I started to see similarities between craft beer and wine. This includes the ability to pair craft beer with food. This gift set offers the best of both worlds. 

This gift set includes four bottles with various flavors. All spices are small batch blends with high-quality ingredients, without MSG or added fillers. The best part? Whereas many of the options out there are beer gifts for men this is a gift perfect for both men and women. The spice blends come in a gift box too.

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From herbs and seasonings to hot sauce. This Beer-Infused Hot Sauce Variety Pack is a unique beer gift for food lovers. It even works for beer lovers who like to eat, but not cook. 

This gift set includes three bottles of hot sauce in a gift box. Each hot sauce is made with real beer. Flavors include Sriracha, Serrano, and Chipotle, meaning there are mild, medium, and hot versions. Ingredients are all-natural. 

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Other Cool Beer Gifts Sets For Beer Lovers

Some of the best gifts for beer lovers don’t fit into any other category, but are unique and fun nonetheless. 


Until recently, I had no idea that beer chillers existed. I’ve used quick chillers for wine before. It makes perfect sense for the same technology to exist for beer too. These Beer Chiller Sticks Gift Set chill beer quickly. The gift set comes with three chiller sticks and a bottle opener in a handy little gift box. 

This is how they work. Stick the beer chiller into the freezer. When ready to drink, open the beer and insert the chiller into the bottle. It will secure tightly on the top and keep the beer cold longer. You can pour the beer right from the bottle with the chiller in it. They are made from Stainless Steel and are FDA-approved. They come in two sizes, standard size and a smaller size for shorter, stubby beers. 

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Although most of our recommended beer connoisseur gifts can be purchased for men and women even if many of them do have an air of manliness about them. That said, this Stanley Growler Gift Pack is definitely a beer gift for him. Stanley is one of the top manufacturers of “manly” tools.

The 64 ounce growler has a vacuum-insulated body to keep beer cold for up to 24 hours. This makes it great for camping and tailgating. The gift box includes four stainless steel tumblers for serving, which stack inside each other for easy transport. Each tumbler has its own different colored sleeve to avoid confusion among beer drinking friends. 

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If you love beer enough to bathe in it, you are a true beer lover. This is one of the most unique craft beer gifts I’ve seen. This Six Pack Craft Beer Soap Gift Set reminds me of the beer spas they have in Prague, where you can dip into a bathtub filled with beer. 

Each bar of soup is 4 ounces and is about the size of a hockey puck. They are made with all-natural ingredients like orange peel, oats, and real hops to provide each of the unique scents. The scents are made to smell like the various styles of craft beers. They are made in the USA and ship in a little gift boxes. 

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Finally a true beer gift for women! These Sterling Silver Hop Flower Earrings bring a bit of femininity to an otherwise masculine industry. The company, Little Devil Designs, offers loads of options for all sorts of hobbies and interests (including pirates and cowboys!). The Beer Lovers Hop Earrings are made from solid sterling silver in a French hook style. The earrings have small rubber stoppers on the back to keep them secure. 

These earrings come on a card in a small gift box. The box includes a silver polishing cloth for easy maintenance. 

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What to buy someone who loves beer?

The simple answer is beer. That said, there are a ton of non-beer, beer gifts perfect for someone who loves beer. From books about beer, to at home beer brewing kits, and beer of the month clubs, the options are endless.

What should I get my home brewer for Christmas?

There are lots of great and very useful Christmas gifts for the home brewer on your list. Everything from books on home brewing to journals to keep track of things. Practical brewing items like hydrometers, kettles, and digital thermometers would bring a smile to any home brewer.

Can I send beer as a gift in the US?

It depends on the state where you are sending the beer to. Each state has different requirements for shipping alcohol, and different rules often apply for wine, beer, and liquor. If purchasing beer online as a gift, the website should have a list of the states where they ship to in their FAQs or terms and conditions.

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