Best Carbonators For Home 2023 – How To Make Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated water has more than a beverage; it is a way of life. But frequently shopping for it and stocking your fridge can add up the costs. Investing in a carbonator may be the ultimate solution. In this post, we will look at what is a carbonator and what to consider when selecting one. We will also review the best options available.  

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What Is Carbonated Water

Adding carbon dioxide to water under pressure creates carbonated water. It produces a bubbly drink that is referred to as sparkling water, soda water, or fizzy water.

Soda water is a refreshing beverage and a perfect alternative to sugary soft drinks. Sparkling water always has salt added to enhance its taste. Sometimes small quantities of minerals are also included.

Water and carbon dioxide react to create carbonic acid, a weak acid that stimulates the nerve receptors in the mouth. It triggers a burning, prickly sensation that is both enjoyable and irritating.

Though carbonated water is acidic, the body maintains a stable, slightly alkaline pH regardless of what you drink or eat.  

Best At Home Carbonators

What Is A Carbonator

A water carbonator is a home appliance that makes soda water in seconds by infusing carbon dioxide from replaceable pressurized cartridges into plain water. Most of these machines are connected to a free-standing water source, but some allow you to connect them to a separate water tap.  

A sparkling water machine uses a refillable thread gas cartridge generally filled with about 300 to 500 grams of carbon dioxide. The gas is added to the water through a pipe and valve system activated by pressing a button. 

Some carbonated water makers have flavorings, like orange, cola, or lemon, which you can add to the carbonated water. Soda makers are available in different types, including:

Carbon Dioxide Soda Maker

A carbonation level dial allows you to control how fizzy you want your beverage. A Co2 soda maker is a small appliance that sits on or under the counter and uses a carbon dioxide cartridge to carbonate drinks. Furthermore, most of these types of soda makers have an additional flavor cartridge.

Sparkling Soda Maker

This sparkling soda maker is used to make carbonated drinks without the use of Co2. It can be purchased as a standalone device or fixed into other appliances like refrigerators.

Manual Soda Maker

Manual soda makers have a special cap, known as a carbonator cap, with a small hole at the top. A water bottle is fixed on the carbonator cap, and carbon dioxide gets into the drink, causing it to fizz.

Electric Soda Maker

This carbonator consists of a carbon dioxide canister, a dispenser, and a container for the drink. It uses compressed liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide to create carbonation and is electric-powered.   

Features To Look For In A Carbonator

There are several factors to consider when selecting the best carbonator for home use. They include:

Carbonation Process

Some carbonators use carbon dioxide cartridges that require replacement, while some, such as a sparkling water maker, use a non-Co2 process. The single-use Co2 cartridge may require frequent replacement.

Flavor Features

Some carbonator brands let you add flavors to your drinks, including water, fruit juices, wines, and cocktails


Water carbonators come in various shapes, materials, and designs. Select a soda maker that meets your needs but that you also find attractive. 

Size And Capacity

Consider the space on your countertop for use and in the cupboards for storage. Also, check the number of carbonated drinks the appliance can make and what you need.

Easy To Use And Clean

Your appliance should be easy to use and clean. Instructions should be straightforward, and it should make a fresh drink with every carbonation cycle. 


Your carbonator should be durable enough for daily use. Materials used to make a soda maker determine how sturdy it is. Stainless steel appliances tend to be more durable.

Bottle Type 

Soda makers come with glass, stainless steel, or plastic bottles. Choose one that has your preferred bottle type.

Bottle Attachment Type

Different carbonator models have varying bottle attachment designs. Choose one that is easier to attach and remove. 

Is A Carbonator Worth It?

A carbonator elevates water from a tasteless biological necessity to a bubbly drink that is fun to drink. Fizzy water is cheaper, environmentally friendly, and healthier than soft drinks.

In addition to saving you money, investing in a sparkling water maker for your home allows you to control the ingredients in your drinks. It is also eco-friendly because it eliminates the need for single-use cans and bottles.

Another benefit of investing in a carbonated water maker is that you can use some models to add fizz to other drinks like wines, teas, and fresh juices.

Carbonated water is a good alternative for people who struggle to drink regular water. We love fizzy beverages; hence soda water becomes easier and more enjoyable to drink, helping you stay hydrated.  

Best Carbonators For Home

Different models, designs, and materials of carbonators make picking the best a challenge. However, our list of the best water carbonators makes it easier for you.

aarke Carbonator 3 Premium Carbonator-Sparkling Water And Soda Maker

This aarke carbonator III features a compact design and user-friendly engineering. A stainless steel body adds durability and elegance to this appliance. It is available in a variety of classic finishes, which elevate the aesthetics of any countertop. 

If you are hooked on flavored drinks, this is your soda maker. You can add a splash of lime, soda syrup, or lemon to enhance the taste of your beverage. 

SodaStream Refill Co2 Exchange Carbonator 

This SodaStream exchange carbonator is refillable and reusable, letting you help to keep the planet green. Once you run out of bubbles, order an exchange; you don’t have to dispose of your old cartridge.

Not only is this exchange carbonator eco-friendly, but it also helps you add some fun to your drinks that will delight your taste buds.

SodaStream Machine Terra Sparkling Water Maker Bundle

This sparkling water maker lets you make fizzy water with just a push of a button. It comes packed with accessories, including two easy-to-connect 60-liter Co2 cylinders, two 40-milliliter bubbly drop flavors, and three one-liter dishwasher-safe, reusable carbonating bottles.

It features an easy-to-use snap lock that lets you connect your bottle quickly. This carbonator is also energy-efficient and compatible with all SodaStream flavors and carbonation bottles.

aarke Carbonator 2 Sparkling Water Maker 

This Aarke Carbonator II features a stainless steel and plastic body with a polished coating finish. Its gorgeous premium design makes it a sleek appliance to enhance your countertop aesthetics.

Its compact design has an easy-to-use mechanism with a safety system. It is also compatible with a wide variety of Co2 cylinders.

Twenty39 Qarbo – Sparkling Water Maker and Fruit Infuser

This Twenty39 Qarbo sparkling water maker features an AirCharge two-stage pressure release valve that lets you add flavors directly into the bottle without losing fizz. It also allows you to carbonate drinks, like beer or wine, with a taste of your favorite fruit juice.

It uses the standard 60-liter Co2 cartridges. However, you have to purchase them separately.  

FIZZpod Soda Maker – Fizzy Drink Machine 

This FIZZpod soda maker comes with three PET bottles, three caps, one carbonator cap, and a manual. A wide variety of color finishes let you select the one that fits your countertop. 

You can create crafty and delicious cocktails, wines, juices, or re-fizz a flat beer. Furthermore, this appliance is compatible with the standard 60-liter Co2 cartridges. 

Investing in a nice carbonator lets you make sparkling water and other fizzy beverages like cocktails, wines, and juices from the comfort of your home. Buy one of the best soda makers from our list and save on costs and the planet from single-use plastic bottles.  

FAQs – Carbonators For Home

Is it cheaper to carbonate your own water?

Not only is a home carbonator good for the environment, but over time it will save money. If you regularly purchase bottled sparkling water, an at-home carbonator will quickly save you money. Even with the initial purchase price. Using an at-home carbonator also reduces the number of plastic bottles being used.

Is it OK to drink carbonated water all day?

To date, there is no scientific evidence that suggests any issues with drinking carbonated water all day. If you have concerns about drinking large amounts of carbonated water, please consult your medical professional.

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