Best Cocktail Machines For Home Entertaining 2023

Nothing is as good as a well-mixed cocktail to get a party going. But measuring up and preparing all the ingredients can feel like a chore, especially if you host many people. And you can end up with a drink that does not hit the spot if you fail to follow the formula carefully. This is where cocktail machines come in. In this post, we’ll explain what a cocktail machine is and how to use them for home entertaining.

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What Is A Cocktail Machine

Cocktail machines are innovative appliances that prepare and dispense non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. They make the most of a barman’s professional skills, allowing you to cut down on preparation time. They also give you the freedom to create an endless combination of customized drinks, from tropical cocktails and long drinks to classical aperitifs.

Although a cocktail-making machine needs some know-how, such as the ingredients, techniques, and measurements, there is nothing you can’t make with a little practice.

Once installed and connected, a cocktail drink machine will allow you to quickly and hygienically prepare the best-mixed drinks and cocktails at just a touch of a button. It is similar to having a personal bartender at home. 

A drink mixer machine is an all-in-one appliance that uses specialty pods to mix juices, alcohol, water, and bitters for a perfectly balanced cocktail. It can incorporate every ingredient in milliliters, ensuring a perfect cocktail with balanced flavors that give it an irresistible appeal.

However, consider these factors before buying a cocktail machine.

Ease Of Use

A nice drink maker machine should let you make your favorite cocktail in just one click. Nobody would love to go through a lengthy and frustrating process to enjoy their beverage of choice.

Wide Choice

Different cocktail machines have varying settings that allow the user to make various drinks. A versatile drink maker is ideal because it has a varied drink list for every taste. 

Consistency In Quality And Taste

A cocktail dispenser should always make a drink with a fresh, unique taste. The quality and flavor should always be the same with every use. 

Best Cocktail Machines

Types Of Mixed Drinks From Cocktail Machine

A mixed drink machine allows you to make a variety of drinks, including:

Cosmopolitan Cocktail

A cosmopolitan is a classic, elegant vodka drink cocktail made popular by the ladies of Sex and the City. The recipe is simple, not too sweet or tart, and combines lime juice, cranberry juice, Cointreau, and vodka.   

Old-Fashioned Cocktail

Old fashioned is a cocktail prepared by muddling sugar with water and bitters, adding whisky, and garnishing with a cocktail cherry and a slice of zest or orange. Old-fashioned glasses were traditionally used to serve it.

Whisky Sour

This sour cocktail is a mixed drink containing whisky, sugar, lemon juice, and if desired, a dash of egg white. It has a base of citrus juice, spirit, and a sweetener. 


A margarita cocktail consists of tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur, usually served with salts on the glass’s rim. This drink has three varieties; frozen margarita, blended with ice, on the rocks, served shaken with ice, or straight up, with no ice.

Long Island Iced Tea

This cocktail contains tequila, vodka, gin, triple sec, and light rum. A splash of cola is added to give it an amber hue similar to iced tea. Long island ice tea has a higher alcohol concentration because of the small amount of mixer used. 

Cocktail Machine Brands Bartesian vs Drinkworks

Since a cocktail machine is an investment, we have compared the top brands; Bartesian vs. Drinkworks, to help you pick the best. Though both make tasty cocktails, they have key differences. Here is a brief description of each.


Bartesian cocktail machines were designed by a company that focuses on optimizing its drink machines. This robotic drink maker only uses a cocktail capsule, water, and your preferred alcohol.

Bartesian Pros

This cocktail-making machine is easy to operate with customization options that allow you to make sublime cocktails. It is user-friendly and only takes a few steps to make your favorite cocktail in less than a minute.  

The cocktail maker has detachable parts that make it easy to clean. The components assemble in a sleek design that matches the aesthetics of many kitchens. 

Bartesian Cons

The cocktail capsules are single-use and hence costly to replace constantly. You will also need to purchase the alcohol separately. 


Keurig makes Drinkworks cocktail machines available in two models; the Home Bar Classic and the Home Bar Pro. The Pro has more features, which differentiate it from the Classic.

Drinkworks Pros

The key advantage of Drinkworks is that its pods contain alcohol. The company also constantly adds new flavor drinks to the lineup, with seasonal and themed releases throughout the year. This drink maker machine can also craft beers and ciders for people who prefer less spirit-forward beverages.

Drinkworks Cons

These machines take time to chill; hence putting ice in a water dispenser saves time. Buying pods is also a recurring expense that can be costly, depending on how frequently you use the machine. 

Is A Cocktail Machine Worth It?

Delicious cocktails are some of the best beverages to share with family and friends, especially after a long day at work. But shaking up drinks may be a chore, especially for novices who may get the portions wrong. But having a cocktail maker that understands what you want allows you to serve cocktails without guesswork.

Cocktail making at home also saves you much of what you would have spent in a bar. A good cocktail maker machine can transform your home into the best bar on the block. In addition, you don’t have to go to a crowded and bustling bar just for a single cocktail. Unfortunately, cocktail machines can’t, at least not yet, make frozen drinks such as daiquiris.

Best Cocktail Machines For Home

Numerous cocktail machines are available in online stores, making choosing the right one for your home challenging. But, we have a list of the best to make it easier for you.

Bartesian Cocktail Maker 

This Bartesian cocktail maker is an intelligent machine that lets you make your favorite drink without measuring and pouring the ingredients. Insert your cocktail capsule, choose your preferred strength, press mix, and your drink is ready. 

Master mixologies create the capsules with the ingredients of various cocktails, including whiskey sours, margaritas, and old-fashioned. This cocktail dispenser also has an easy-clean design. 

bev by BLACK+DECKER Cocktail And Drink Maker Machine 

This mixed drink machine allows you to make your favorite cocktail in three quick steps; insert the cocktail capsule, select the strength, and press mix. It is a versatile machine capable of producing over 40 cocktails containing real bitters, extracts, and juices.

The bev by BLACK+DECKER cocktail maker machine has an easy load system that connects directly to five 750 milliliter bottles loaded upright. LEDs illuminate the bottles changing the mood and aesthetics of your countertop.

Drinkworks Keurig Cocktail Maker

This Drinkworks cocktail maker is a single-serve and easy-to-use machine that lets you prepare beverages with a push of a button. The Drinkworks pods have every needed ingredient, including alcohol.

You can make various cocktails using this drink machine. Furthermore, an onboard carbonation system that uses carbon dioxide cartridges creates refreshing carbonated drinks. 

Bartesian Ultimate Home Premium Cocktail Machine

This premium cocktail maker has four reservoirs for your favorite spirits; gin, whiskey, rum, tequila, or vodka. Once you insert your cocktail capsule, the system will draw alcohol from the tank.

You can adjust each drink’s strength, from mocktail to double, allowing you to customize your drink. An automatic cleaning cycle ensures that your drink tastes its best by running after each cocktail.  

Bartesian Margarita Cocktail Mixer Capsules

This Bartesian Margarita cocktail mixer capsule contains a mix of 18 cocktail capsules. All you have to do is insert a capsule into your Bartesian cocktail machine and pick your preferred strength; strong, regular, light, or mocktail.

The capsules contain precisely measured, high-quality ingredients like real juice extracts and concentrates. In addition, they are dated to ensure freshness.

Storage Drawer for Bartesian Capsules 

This Bartesian capsule storage drawer is large enough to hold up to 40 cocktail capsules, allowing you to have a wide variety of drinks at your fingertips. It requires no additional space because it perfectly fits beneath the Bartesian cocktail maker.

The storage drawer has sturdy, high-quality materials with bottom rubber grippers that hold it in place. Furthermore, the drawer is stackable, allowing you to store even more cocktail pods.

If you love cocktails, you can invest in one of these cocktail machines and enjoy a fresh cocktail anytime. 

FAQs – Best Cocktail Machines For Home Entertaining

What is the machine that makes cocktails?

There are several cocktail making machines on the market. Arguably the most popular and the best is the Bartesian. In terms of quality and ease of use, Bartesian comes highly recommended. As cocktail making machines increase in popularity so have the number of machines available.

How long do Bartesian pods last?

On average, you can expect to get two to eight months of use out of Bartesian. This of course depends on how often you use the machines.

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