Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers For Coffee Lovers 2023

Cold brew coffee has become popular over recent years and is available in almost all coffee shops. But if you have the routine of purchasing one every morning as you get to work, then you know how bad it can be for your bank account. The best option is to invest in a cold brew coffee maker. 

This article will discuss what to look for when buying the best cold brew coffee maker. We will also review some of the best options available for home.  

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What Is Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew is one of the best things in coffee. It fills a specific niche in your drinking schedule and is sweet and refreshing. Cold brew coffee comes in handy when it is too hot to drink a steaming beverage, but you still crave a nice cup of coffee. 

Cold brew has a less watered-down taste, achieved by brewing coffee grounds in cold or room temperature water instead of hot water. This process allows cold brew coffee to maintain its high-end integrity.

Cold brew coffee is prepared by steeping medium-to-coarse ground coffee in cold water for a minimum of 12 hours. You then filter out the grounds to remain with a clean cup of coffee without sediment. In contrast to regular coffee, cold brew is never heated.

Cold brew utilizes time instead of heat to extract coffee’s caffeine, oils, and sugars. It is a lengthy and gradual technique that can last up to 24 hours. The result is a smooth, richly-infused coffee with low acidity levels that is ideal for people with sensitive digestive systems.

The upside of the cold-brew technique, though it takes time, it is less fiddly. You just set it up and wait till it’s time to strain. 

Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers

What Is A Cold Brew Coffee Maker

A cold brew coffee maker uses the immersion brewing technique to create a potent coffee concentration. Unlike regular coffee makers, most cold brew machines do not need a power source. Furthermore, the brewing process is relatively simple.

A cold brew maker produces a coffee concentrate with strong flavors that you can use on various recipes. You can add hot water to your cold brew coffee if you prefer a warm drink. But it would be best if you strained your mixture before drinking or storing it to get the smoothest cold brew.  

Most cold brew machines are easy to use; you only need to get your coffee-to-water ratio correct and be patient during the lengthy brew time. This coffee maker gives you a rich, smooth, full-bodied flavor and filtration’s health benefits. 

A cold brew coffee maker does not have many moving components. The glass carafe or brewing container is the central element that holds the cold brew when the process is complete. There is a metal mesh filter at the center of the carafe.

Some models use a proprietary paper filter, while others have an in-built filter. However, we recommend one with a mesh filter for waste reduction and reliability. 

Cold Brew Coffee Maker Features

There are several features to look for if you are searching for the best cold brewer.

The Flavor

One of the main unique characteristics of cold brew coffee is its full-bodied flavor. You should pick a cold brew coffee maker that achieves the right flavor tone for your beverage. 

You should enjoy discovering all the flavor tones in your cold brew. But if your first instinct is to pull back, your coffee is probably sour. 


A strong cold brew is ideal for flavor and ensures you get the most out of your coffee grounds. It also allows you to try something different, like diluting it with milk or water. 

Your cold drip brewer should produce intense concentration that allows you to be creative. You can use the robust flavor for other things, such as baking, making cocktails, or even adding ice cubes. 

Smooth Taste

Apart from a robust concentration and full-bodied flavor, the best cold brewer should make smooth-bodied coffee. The whole point of cold brew coffee is the smooth body.

The cold brew coffee maker should have enough space to properly steep in the water for a more extended period. This will create a consistent and smooth taste.

Coffee Capacity

Some cold brew machines can keep your coffee fresh for up to 14 days. Such a machine allows you to brew a large batch without compromising the taste. It will also save you from brewing your cold coffee every night. 

Finding a cold brew maker that yields enough volume for your weekly mornings or that you can serve at lunch with friends is ideal.  

Filtration System

The best cold brew coffee maker should have a filtration system that doesn’t allow coffee grounds into the finished brew.  

Is A Cold Brew Coffee Maker Worth It?

If you want to break away from the morning coffee shop routine, you should consider purchasing a cold brew coffee maker. This appliance will save you the cost and time of going to a coffee shop daily.  

Though it is possible to make a cold brew using the appliances and utensils you already have, such as a mason jar, these techniques usually yield smaller batches of concentration compared to dedicated cold brew machines. The result of not using a cold brew maker is a grittier coffee with a heavy and intense body.  

A cold brew system captures low flavor tones that result in a complex, full-bodied flavor. 

Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers For Home

Numerous brands make different cold brew machines, which makes selecting the right one for your needs challenging. But we have listed the best cold brewers for you. 

Ninja Hot And Cold Brewed System

This Ninja appliance is both a hot and cold brew coffee maker. You can use hot brewing to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee or tea. Alternatively, you can brew over ice for a full-flavored refreshing iced drink. 

It also lets you brew varying volumes of your favorite drink, from a single cup or travel mug to a full carafe.  

Toddy Cold Brewer

This Toddy cold brew system comes with an extra silicone stoppers bundle and filters. It has a brewing capacity of 0.53 gallons. 

This cold brew maker uses regular coffee beans to produce an incredibly smooth cold brew coffee with 67 percent less acid than hot brew methods. The coffee can also stay fresh for up to two weeks without compromising its flavor. 

KitchenAid Cold Brew

This KitchenAid cold brew coffee maker features a glass and brushed stainless steel body with a lid and a steeper. The beautiful and streamlined design makes it easy to use and clean.

A carrying handle makes it easy to move the coffeemaker around, while a stainless steel tap allows you to dispense your cold brew without making a mess.  

Hario Cold Brewer

This Hario cold brewer features a bottle design with a capacity of 650 milliliters. It is made of glass and silicon and is equipped with an in-built water filter.

It is perfect for brewing cold coffee by adding coffee grounds to the strainer, then water and closing the lid. Gently shake the bottle to begin the extraction process.  

Royal Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This Royal Nitro is the best cold brew coffee maker because it also adds nitrous oxide or nitrogen to your cold brew. This gives your beverage a sweeter and fresher flavor with the cascading and delicious micro-bubble you only find at the coffee shop. 

In addition, it has a tap plug that prevents drips. However, you will have to buy the nitrous or nitrogen cartridges separately.

Asobu Cold Brew Portable Coffee Maker

This Asobu cold brewer is an insulated, portable coffee maker with a spill-proof, easy take-on-the-go mug. It allows you to enjoy your cold brew coffee at home, in the park, office, or on the road. 

A fine mesh lets you use medium-coarse coffee grounds without worrying about having residue in your cup. 

OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This OXO coffee brewer features a perforated rainmaker system that evenly water distributes over coffee grounds allowing optimal flavor extraction. A simple brew release switch controls the filtration process with a single click. 

This coffeemaker also has a reusable and easy-to-clean ultra-fine stainless steel filter. The borosilicate glass carafe has measurement markings.

If you are a coffee lover, you should invest in the best cold brew coffee maker from our list and enjoy your favorite drinks even on the hottest day in summer. 

FAQs – Cold Brew Coffee Makers

What is special about cold brew coffee?

Cold brew started out as a fad but has quickly cemented itself in today’s coffee-drinking world. Why is this? What makes cold brew coffee so special? For starters, cold brew is actually healthier compared to regular, drip coffee. Overall, cold brew has a lower acid level compared to traditionally brewed coffee. This lower acidic level is more gentle on the digestive system and easier on people with acid reflux. As a result, this has contributed to the popularity of cold brew.

Is cold brew coffee stronger than regular?

Because cold brew coffee is more concentrated, not only is it stronger than regular coffee, the flavors are more intense. This is one of the reasons that’s led to the increased popularity of cold brew coffee.

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