Best Dual Zone Wine Fridge Reviews 2023

I remember the day our first wine fridge was delivered to our house. I felt like I had gone to heaven. A 75 bottle wine fridge, I knew this meant we took our wine seriously. At the time, I only bought the fridge based on size. But, there is so much more to purchasing the best dual zone wine fridge than size. 

In this post, I share our tips on how to buy a dual zone wine fridge. At its most basic a dual zone or dual temperature, a wine fridge is one that has two different compartments (or “zones”). These compartments can maintain different temperatures at the same time.

I will explain more about how to properly store wine and why a dual zone wine cooler might be right for you. This includes all of the features you will see when shopping for a dual zone and how to choose the right fridge for your home. Of course, we share dual zone wine fridge reviews from some of the top manufacturers on the market.

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3 Best Dual Zone Wine Fridges 

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How To Store Wine Like The Pros

Once you move beyond stashing a bottle or two of wine in your kitchen fridge or up in a cabinet or under the bed (we are guilty of that), it’s time to start thinking more critically about wine storage. There are a few options available from using a metal or wooden wine rack, to having a wine refrigerator, to building an entire wine cellar. In this post, we are focused on wine refrigerators and how they can work to provide the ideal temperature for wine. 

Best Dual Zone Wine Cooler For 2023

If you are short on time, feel free to use the table below for easy shopping. We recommend using Amazon for appliances for the home. They have an incredible selection of wine refrigerators. 

Also, we try to recommend products that are part of Amazon Prime, which provides purchasers with free and often super-fast delivery. (Get 30 days of Prime free here.) When it comes to large appliances sometimes shipping will be charged. Or, sometimes shipping is free, but it might take a little longer than most Prime members are used to.  

The chart below and the reviews included are organized by size, from smallest to largest.

Temperature Controlled Wine Storage

Wine refrigerators are ideal for storing wine because they can maintain the ideal temperature for wine storage regardless of the outside environment. One of the problems with long-term wine storage is that the temperature of your home fluctuates over time. Between heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, there are huge differences in temperature and humidity.

Even if you keep your home at a steady temperature, what happens when you head out on holiday and turn the air con off? Temperature changes, as well as changes in humidity and light, can affect the taste of any wine you are storing for the future. It can also affect the wine that you plan on drinking in the near future. 

All of this is why wine pros focus a lot of their time and energy on how to properly store wine. It is why wine is aged in a cellar, in dark spaces. It is why nice restaurants store their wine in temperature controlled cellars and refrigerators. You don’t need to be a pro, though, to properly store wine at home.

Wine Storage Pro Tip

In addition to temperature and humidity, it’s best to store wine bottles on their side. This keeps the corks moist and prevents them from drying out and breaking. In the long term, this also helps wines from becoming “corked” or going bad. Even if you only have wine at home for six or nine months, a cork can dry out in that time. And, oxidation can occur that quickly too. In this case, the wine can taste more like vinegar than wine.

What Types Of Two Zone Wine Coolers Are There

Once you decide to buy a dual zone, it’s important to understand the different types of wine refrigerators you can buy for your home. You will see these terms: freestanding, built-in, undercounter, and countertop. 

A freestanding wine refrigerator is just that, it stands on its own. It can be placed anywhere in your home. You just plug it in and you are done. This is what we had in our condo in the US. A built-in wine cooler slides into an open space in a cabinet. Normally these care undercounter wine fridges. This means they fit into the space between the countertop and the floor. A countertop wine fridge is one that is generally smaller and meant to fit on top of a kitchen counter or other tabletop. 

Choosing between these types of wine refrigerators, most of them just require you to measure the space you have available. The exception is a built-in wine cooler. If you plan on adding a wine cooler to an existing cabinet space it is important to buy one that is meant to be a built-in wine fridge. There are certain considerations for a built-in fridge, most notable is the type of cooling system.

Best Dual Zone Wine Cooler Reviews

I’ve arranged our reviews by size, from smallest to largest. 


The Aobosi 30 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler simultaneously maintains red and white wines at their ideal temperatures. The cooler features an innovative cooling system.

Utilizing both a compressor and dual fan circulating system, to continuously move cooling air throughout the unit. Its touchscreen controls make it easy to set and adjust the temperature in each zone. Capable of holding 30 standard wine bottles, the beechwood shelves can be removed to accommodate larger wine bottles.

The unit comes with a double-layered glass door that prevents outside heat from getting in and cool inside air from getting out. The unit can be used either freestanding or built-in to a kitchen cabinet. 

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We are big fans of the Kalamera brand when it comes to wine fridges. This Kalamera Dual Zone Wine Cooler is no exception. 

This 24 inch dual zone wine cooler stores up to 40 bottles, 20 on each side, but this number might decrease with larger champagne-sized bottles. The LED control panel is easy to read, with a temperature panel and internal lighting. A built-in alarm goes off if the door is not shut properly. 

But, what I love about it is the French doors, making it so elegant, even for a wine fridge that doesn’t take up a lot of floor space. It’s a free-standing wine fridge, meaning it’s easy to place in any part of the house. But, it offers venting on the front of the appliance, which means it can also be used as a built-in or under-counter fridge. 

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The Ivation 43 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator holds a good amount of wine in a small footprint. It’s a free-standing wine fridge, not built-in. 

The compressor technology works well to prevent outdoor temperatures from affecting the temperature inside the wine fridge. The upper zone cools between 54-64 degrees and the lower zone can be set between 41-57 degrees, making it a versatile dual-zone fridge. The inside of the wine cooler is lit by an energy-efficient LED light, which allows you to display the wine without using harsh fluorescent bulbs. 

It also comes in a black dual zone version to match a darker decor or kitchen. The black wine fridge offers a more tinted glass. Even the stainless steel model, though, has UV-resistant double-paned glass to keep light from affecting the wine bottles. The door hinge is on the right. 

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We like the hOmeLabs 43 Bottles High-End Wine Cooler, in part, because of its contemporary design. There’s something about the color of the wooden shelves that I know would fit into most modern decor, a little better than the typical wood used for wine refrigerators. This compact dual zone wine fridge will fit anywhere. 

The upper zone ranges from 41-57F and the lower zone is 50-64F. Once the temperature is set, the cooling goes to work within 30 seconds. 

This dual zone fridge has a reversible door swing, making it versatile for every space. But, it is made to be free-standing, not built-in. The door has double-layered tempered glass that can block UV light and a child safety door lock.

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Whynter Stainless Steel Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator works as both a free-standing or built-in model. It holds up to 92 bottles in a classic and elegant design, from one of the top wine refrigerator brands. 

The top zone holds 40 bottles and the bottom holds 52 bottles. Both zones can be set between 40-65 degrees, which gives you a lot of flexibility with temperature control. The top zone can be adjusted to hold 30 bottles, with one shelf set as a display shelf, on an angle. 

The door is made of tempered, double-pane, slightly smoked glass with UV protection. There is interior lighting, an LED panel, and an activated carbon filter to better protect the bottles. Overall, this is a top-rated wine fridge and the one most similar to the first dual zone fridge we had. 

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Talk about a small footprint. The Kalamera 157 Bottle Freestanding Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator holds an incredible amount of wine in a tall wine fridge. This means it doesn’t take up a lot of floor space. The 157 is perfectly sized for both smaller and larger living spaces.

It features a dual-zone thermostat for its upper and lower storage zones. Kalamera’s One-Touch control system allows the thermostat to be set precisely while the advanced, quiet compressor system maintains an even temperature. The cooler’s triple-layered transparent glass door and soft blue LED lighting protect the wine from damaging UV rays and sunlight. It works as both a free standing or a built-in wine fridge. They offer the cabinet dimensions needed in order to make this a built-in fridge. 

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From one of the leading brands in wine and beverage coolers, the Aobosi 24 inch dual zone wine and beverage cooler has got you covered. If you are looking to have a steady supply of perfectly chilled wine, beer, or soft drinks, this is the fridge for you. Independent temperature controls allow for different drinks to be stored at different temperatures.

The fridge holds up to 18 standard sized wine bottles and 57 cans. Advanced cooling and air circulating system quickly and efficiently distribute air throughout the cooler.

The Aobosi 24 inch can be used as a freestanding fridge or built into a kitchen counter or bar, making it entirely versatile for a 24 inch dual zone wine cooler.

If you are just looking to store beverages and not wine, please see our post on the Best Beverage Cooler

Our pick for versatility in dual zone wine coolers – for wine and beverages

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Is A Dual Zone Wine Fridge For You?

Taking all of this into consideration is a dual zone wine cooler right for you. It depends on your reason for having a wine cooler and what you plan to do with it.

If your plan is to store red wine at a constant temperature for the long term, then a single zone is probably enough. If your goal is to keep white wine and sparkling wine cold and ready to drink, a single zone wine cooler is probably sufficient. Are you planning on storing red wine for long-term storage as well as white wine to be ready to drink? Well, then a dual zone wine chiller is the right wine fridge for you.

The other issue is how many bottles you would like to store, which often coincides with how much space is available. If you are looking to keep a handful of bottles cool and ready to drink, a small six or 12 bottle wine fridge with a single zone is probably sufficient. In fact, it is hard to find dual zone 12 bottle wine fridges. Almost all six bottle wine coolers are single zone. 

What To Take Into Consideration When Choosing A Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the right wine fridge for you.


First is the size of the space you have available. We had plenty of space and didn’t need to worry. If you are trying to fit your fridge in between cabinets or in between pieces of furniture it’s important to measure the space and ensure you will have room for the fridge. This also includes ensuring you have space to actually open the door. Some wine fridges open to the right, some to the left, and some have doors that can swing both ways.

Number Of Bottles

Next is the number of bottles. We had a 75 bottle wine fridge and we filled it to the brim! For any serious wine drinker, I wouldn’t recommend a wine fridge with less than 12 or 18 bottles. Think about how many bottles you have in your home right now. Think about how many bottles you want to store, and then think bigger. Often times people think they want a smaller fridge but within a few months, they wish they had more space. Think for the future when making this investment.

Compressor Versus Thermoelectric Cooling

One of the common features you might see when shopping for a wine fridge relates to the type of cooling mechanism. Wine refrigerators use either thermoelectric cooling or a compressor. Wine fridges that use a compressor have a cooling element just like a regular kitchen refrigerator. They are powerful but can be noisier.

Thermoelectric cooling is popular in wine coolers because they are quieter and more energy efficient. They also produce less vibration, which is better for the wine. Whereas a compressor pushes out cold air, a thermoelectric cool without pushing out cold air.

Things To Consider When Storing Wine At Home

There are a few things to consider when properly storing wine at home. First, you want to store wine away from vibration. This means not putting it next to a washing machine or dishwasher. Slight vibrations won’t affect the flavor of wine you plan on drinking in the near term. In the long term, though, these vibrations will affect the stability of the wine. 

Second, think about where in your house you place your wine refrigerator. If storing wine for the long term, think about what happens if your house loses power for a few days or while you are on holiday. For this reason, think of placing the wine fridge in a basement or at least somewhere away from direct light.

Wine Cooler Temperature Guidelines

There is an ideal temperature for wine storage and it differs for red and white wine. These rules apply for storing wine, not necessarily drinking wine. All wine refrigerators have temperature controls that allow you to set the right temperature for your wine, normally within a range.

For example, you can’t set your wine fridge to freeze ice cubes like you can your kitchen fridge. A dual temperature wine cooler will allow you to set two different temperatures, one for red wine and one for white wine. But, what is the ideal temperature for wine?

Ideal Temperature For Red Wine 

The ideal temperature for red wine is between 50 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a pretty big range and can depend on the type of wine you store. Lighter body wines, like pinot noir, should be kept on the cooler side. Fuller body reds, like Bordeaux wines, should be kept on the warmer side. This is because of the effect of tannins on wine. My preference is for something around 60-62 degrees.

Ideal Temperature For White Wine

The ideal temperature for a white wine that is being stored is slightly cooler. Most people recommend between 49 and 55 degrees. This is probably a little warm for peoples’ preferences when it comes to drinking white wine. I recommend placing a white in a regular fridge or a single bottle wine cooler just before drinking if you like cold white wine.

Wine professionals often say white wine should be served at just below room temperature in order to maximize the flavors. I still like my white wine cold, particularly young white wines. I agree warmer is better for the flavor of white Bordeaux wines and white Riojas, for example.

Is a Dual Temperature Wine Fridge Worth It?

Not all wine enthusiasts will need a dual-zone wine fridge, unless you’re into higher-end wines or drink both white and red varietals on a regular basis. White wines and red wines should be kept at slightly different storage temperatures, so if you only have a single-temperature wine fridge, it means one of your favorite wine styles might be slightly off from how you normally enjoy it.

Depending on how many bottles you plan to store, you may find the price difference is not that significant, and the higher price may be worth it as you expand both your wine knowledge and your wine collection.


Can I ship a wine fridge to California?

California has strict energy efficiency standards and restricts the shipment of some home appliances into the state. Purchasing on Amazon alleviates this issue. Just put your shipping address into your Amazon account and they will tell you if you can ship a particular wine fridge to California.

What is Thermoelectric cooling?

Thermoelectric cooling is the cooling effect that occurs as a result of current flowing between two different conductors or semiconductors. In real English, this means no air is forced into the appliance. In the wine refrigerator world, this means there is less vibration. And, it is more environmentally sustainable.

Can I use a freestanding fridge as a built-in fridge?

No. If you want to install a dual zone wine cooler into a cabinet you must choose one that says it can be used as a built-in fridge.If it is not meant to be built-in, then heat could build up behind the fridge and it could damage both the fridge and the cabinet.

Do I need a dual-zone wine fridge?

To enjoy wine at its ideal temperature a dual-zone wine fridge is the tool. In many ways, red and white differ. Storing them at their appropriate temperatures is one of those ways. White wines should be stored between 46°F to 56°F. Red wines between 58°F to 68°F. A normal kitchen refrigerator and non-dual zone wine cooler are unable to simultaneously store red and white wines. The only solution is a dual-zone wine fridge.

What does dual zone wine cooler mean?

A dual-zone wine cooler is a wine refrigerator designed with two separate storage sections. These sections are independently controlled to allow two different temperature settings. The advantage to a dual-zone wine fridge is store red and wine at their proper temperatures.

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