The Best Moroccan Vegetable Recipes

The Best Moroccan Vegetable Recipes

It wasn’t until we traveled to Morocco that we really started to appreciate Moroccan cuisine. Before that I wrongly assumed food in Morocco involved lamb, tagine, and couscous.

There are so many more options, though, for tasty Moroccan food that is vegetarian or vegan. In this post, we share our top recommendations for the best Moroccan vegetable recipes. This includes couscous, tagines, vegetarian, and vegan dishes. 

Moroccan Vegetable Recipes

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Learning About Dishes With Moroccan Vegetables 

We love eating meat. We both think that bacon came from the heavens. When traveling in Morocco, though, we knew there wouldn’t be a plethora of pork on the menu. Sure, we knew we would be eating a good amount of chicken and lamb (both commonly coming in the form of a tagine). We even ate a little bit of camel. 

But there was a pleasant surprise when traveling in Morocco. We visited the country on an Intrepid Morocco food tour. That meant we were exposed to so many more dishes and many of them were Moroccan recipes with vegetables. 

We ate Moroccan veggies as side dishes and on top of couscous, added into tagines, and more. In fact, our favorite included all of the tasty Moroccan salads we ate, many of which were vegetarian. We were kind of surprised at how good all of the veggies were in Morocco. 

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The Best Moroccan Vegetable Recipes

In this post, we share our top recommendations for the best Moroccan vegetable recipes. This includes couscous, tagines, vegetarian, and vegan dishes. 

Harissa Hummus Recipe 1
Harissa Hummus Recipe 1

More Vegetarian Moroccan Recipes

Want a quick and easy way to make any vegetable dish taste a little like Morocco? Add a bit of spicy Moroccan chili paste for flavor. 

Harissa is a chili paste that is popular in Northern Africa cuisine. It’s normally made with a mix of chili peppers, cumin, and coriander. We fell in love with the flavor of harissa when traveling in Morocco.

Moroccan cuisine is not generally spicy, but harissa is served on the side of a lot of dishes allowing diners to add their own spice. I like to cook with harissa because we like spicy food and the harissa adds a depth of flavor that you can’t get from just adding fresh peppers. 

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Best Moroccan Vegetable Recipes

Best Moroccan Vegetable Recipes

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FAQs – Moroccan Vegetable Recipes

What vegetables are used in Morocco?

Moroccan cuisine features a wide range of vegetables. Some of the most common vegetables used in Moroccan cooking include carrots, potatoes, eggplant, zucchini, and pumpkin. All of these vegetables work perfectly with traditional Moroccan spices.

What is vegetable tagine made of?

Vegetable tagine is a healthy and delicious traditional Moroccan dish. The main vegetables used in a vegetable tagine include carrot, potato, and zucchini. Traditionally, the dish is cooked over low heat. This allows the vegetables to naturally steam. Once cooked, the vegetables are traditionally served with couscous.

What produce is from Morocco?

You can’t make great salads without great produce. Luckily, Morocco produces a wide range of great produce. Morocco has ideal and diverse growing conditions across the country. As a result, you find fresh tomatoes, potatoes, oranges, and olives growth in Morocco.

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