Best Roti Pan For Home For 2023: Tawa Pans For Roti

If you love roti, chapati, or any other flatbread, then a roti pan is an essential accessory for your home. In addition, to making these tasty breads, you can use the pan to make a variety of different dishes. But how do you choose the best pan for roti? In this post, we’ll look at the different types of pans and what features to consider before buying.

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The Best Roti Pans For Home Chefs

What Is Roti?

Roti is a traditional round flatbread made from ground whole wheat flour. The flour is mixed with water and combined into a sticky dough. A flat iron griddle called a Tawa is used for cooking the dough after it is rolled out with a rolling pin. Vegetables or curries usually accompany roti.  

Unlike traditional bread baked in an oven, roti is made on the stovetop. Though it originates from native Indian communities, roti is consumed worldwide in many countries. Roti is also known as chapati.

Eating roti canai in Singapore
Roti Canai in Singapore

What Is A Roti Pan?

A roti pan is a round griddle used for making roti. A roti pan is also called a Tawa pan or chapati pan. Roti pans can be made from a variety of materials including aluminum, steel, or cast iron. They usually have a diameter of eight to 16 inches. However, in professional kitchens, the diameter reaches up to a meter.  

You can also use a roti pan to make other flatbreads, such as paratha, cheela, and dosa. Furthermore, you can use the pan to stir-fry a variety of vegetables. A Tawa roti pan can be flat, though most are concave or convex.

Is A Roti Pan Worth It?

If you love roti, chapati, or other flattened bread, then a roti pan is definitely worth adding to your kitchen equipment. You can also use a roti pan for cooking stir-fried vegetables, pancakes, and eggs for an omelet

In addition to being a multipurpose pan, you can use most roti pans on both electric and propane-powered stoves.

The Best Roti Pans For Home

The Best Roti Pans For Home Chefs
The Best Roti Pans

Roti pans come in a variety of sizes, materials, and handles. There are also numerous models and brands in the market. Choosing a Tawa roti pan can be a daunting task for anyone. 

Trying to understand which tawa is best for roti is a challenge. Hopefully, we have made the work easier for you by narrowing the list down. You can choose the best roti pan for your home from the list below.

ESLITE LIFE Dose And Tawa Pan

This Indian Tawa pan has a high-quality non-stick granite coating, which makes the pan easy to cook and clean. It also requires little oil to cook and thus ensures healthy eating. In addition, the pan is ideal for low to medium heat making it the best Tawa for roti.

The ESLITE LIFE pan features a solid reinforced die-casting aluminum body, ensuring that the pan is long-lasting. The pan’s bottom rapidly heats up, providing an even and stable heat distribution. In addition, the pan does not warp or break.

You can use multiple heat sources on the pan, including gas, electric, or induction stoves.

Lodge Cast Iron Griddle

One of the best tawa for roti, this cast iron tawa for roti delivers heavy-duty performance with its wide cooking surface and lower sidewalls. It is also ideal for a stovetop, oven, or campfire. 

The pan does not have any synthetic coating or chemicals. It has lifetime durability, a high-quality design, and cooking versatility.

A silicone handle holder will protect your hands from heat. However, you cannot use the handle in the oven; all you need to do is slide it out.   

Rustik Craft Cast Iron Roti Tawa

This iron Tawa for roti has a high quality that features a cast iron material. The Tawa weighs 3800 grams with a thickness of 8.8 millimeters and a diameter of 12 inches. The pan also features a sturdy base, which makes it stationary on the stovetop.

This Indian-styled Tawa roti pan is ideal for making traditional styled crisp dosa. You can also use the pan to make paratha and other flatbread dishes.

de Buyer Stainless Steel Roti Pan

This roti pan is made of stainless carbon steel and features a signature beeswax finish that protects it from oxidation. The pan also has a naturally seasoned non-stick surface making it one of the best non stick tawa for roti. It is engineered and manufactured in France following stringent quality requirements.

The pan also features hand riveted handles, with the same quality as the pan itself. The handle and rivets expand at the same rate as the pan, ensuring that they don’t loosen over time. This pan for roti is also ideal for batters, pancakes, tortillas, and crepes.

Yadnesh Hard Anodised Roti Pan

The Yadnesh chapati pan is made in India using hard-anodized aluminum. It is concave shaped with a diameter of 10 inches and a height of 0.3 inches. 

This flat pan for roti is also ideal for naan and other flatbread dishes. It also requires less oil or butter, making it suitable for healthy cooking and eating. The hard-anodized aluminum allows you to use metal spoons when coking without scratching or damaging the pan.

S·KITCHN Tawa Pan For Roti 

This aluminum pan has a dual-layer non-stick coating that easily releases food and makes it easy to clean. It also allows for healthy non-fat cooking and is dishwasher-friendly.

The pan has good thermal conductivity, allowing it to heat fast and evenly. Therefore, it’s ideally the best tawa for roti and paratha as well as various dishes, including roti, pancakes, and an omelet.

The S.Kitchen Tawa roti pan is compatible with all types of stovetops. This chapati pan for induction hob also features a user-friendly handle that allows for a comfortable and firm grip. 

Neoflam 10 Inch Roti Pan 

This pan features a superior ceramic coating that ensures it is healthy and non-stick. It also creates a durable and scratch-resistant cooking surface. The coating makes the pan easy to maintain and clean.

Cast aluminum technology with a high heat conductivity ensures that the pan attains high heat levels and distributes heat evenly. It is the perfect pan for reduced energy consumption and fast cooking.

The pan features an innovative design with a soft-touch handle that remains cool during cooking. 

 What Features To Look For When Buying A Roti Pan


Most pans have a diameter of between eight and sixteen inches. Larger pans are ideal for making other flatbread dishes.


Pans come with different materials such as aluminum, anodized aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel. Cast iron pans are among the best because they last longer.


A pan with a good handle will ensure that you don’t get burned during cooking. Ensure that you go for a pan whose handle material is heatproof and comfortable.

Ease of Cleaning 

A pan should be easy to clean. A non-stick cooking surface releases food from the pan easily, making it easy to clean.

A tawa pan for home is an ideal kitchen accessory for families who love making roti and other flatbread dishes. This guide will help you get the best Roti Tawa pan for your home.

Types Of Materials For A Roti Pan 

Roti tawas are available in a number of different materials. Each material offers advantages and disadvantages to cooking. Depending on the type of cooktop you have, gas, electric, or induction, will dictate the best material to purchase.

The most commonly used materials for roti tawa pans include cast iron, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, as well as carbon steel. The durability of each material also factors into which type to purchase. If you’re using the pan often, a more durable material like cast iron is recommended. Versus stainless steel which is recommended for occasional use.

How To Use A Roti Pan At Home

Flatbreads are sorted after for their freshness and simplicity, meaning they can be better made at home than going the stale and flavorless ones at vendor stands.

You might want to make use of your roti pan and create something delicious for yourself. Sit back and read carefully as you become an Indian baker for a moment.

To make the simple bread at home, you will need 270 grams of wheat flour, 190 grams of water, ghee, or fat substitute you like, and 6 grams of salt. You can decide to alter this recipe to any proportion you want, but as long as the amount of water consists of about 70% of the weight of the flour.

Putting Everything Together

Mix the flour and other ingredients in a mixer or food processor, add water and knead until the dough forms and gives a smooth and elastic texture.

Mold the dough into ball shapes and cover for about 20 minutes. This will allow the dough to develop strength and flavor.

Sprinkle a bit of flour on your work surface, and roll one dough ball at a time till it becomes a flat circle. Cover the rest of the ball while doing this, so they do not dry out.

The process of cooking is the next, and this is initiated by heating your pan or skillet on medium heat at about 475 degrees F. Place the flat roti on the pan and let it cook for about 30-45 seconds till you feel a bubble and a slight color on the bottom. Flip to the other side and cook for another 15-20 seconds.

Remove your pan and by now the roti will be brown and crispy, and you can wrap the roti in a towel to keep it warm till you finish baking the remaining dough. Roti can be enjoyed as a breakfast or snack and served with spicy and sweet stuffing.

FAQs – Best Roti Pan

Which pan is best for roti?

There are a ton of great roti and tawa pans to choose from. Depending on your budget, one of the best brands is de Buyer. Their stainless steel pan heats quickly are highly durable and cleans up easily. While more expensive than other pans on the market, it’s definitely worth the investment.

What is a roti pan called?

Roti pans are commonly referred to as tawa and chapati pans. It is very little to no difference between the pans. It’s simply using different names to describe the same thing.

Can we use a nonstick pan for roti?

Absolutely yes. Non-stick pans work perfectly with roti. While the roti is cooked in oil, having a non-stick pan will ensure the roti comes off easily when ready.

Is cast iron good for making roti?

Cast iron is a very popular material for cookware including tawa pans. Cast iron’s availability to heat quickly and evenly is perfectly suited for making roti. With the addition of a little cooking oil to the cast iron pan, the roti won’t stick and slide off easily.

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