Best Single Bottle Wine Chiller – Rapid Chilling Options For Wine

Many wine pros suggest that white wine and even sparkling wine should be served at slightly cooler than room temperature. Many wine drinkers, though, want their white wine cold. We are those type of drinkers. There are a variety of reasons why you might want to chill wine quickly. In this post share our tops on how to rapid chill wine at home. This includes our reviews of the best single bottle wine chillers on the market.

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Best Single Bottle Wine Chiller - Rapid Wine Chilling Options

Best Single Bottle Wine Chiller – Rapid Wine Chilling Options

The Best Single Bottle Wine Cooler

We generally recommend Amazon for purchasing wine accessories for the home. It’s sort of one-stop shopping, with a wide variety options. Also, we try to recommend products that are part of Amazon Prime, which provides purchasers with free and often super-fast delivery. (Get 30 days of Prime free here.)

In this buying guide, I share full reviews of each of our recommended single wine cooler and rapid wine chiller options. It will also include which of the items it might be best to purchase two or three, just to make life easier.  If you are short on time and eager to drink cold wine quick or at the optimal temperature, use this handy chart to get shopping! Cheers!

The Ideal Temperature For Wine Storage and Drinking


There are a few options for how to keep wine stored at an ideal temperature. Generally, this involves storing wine in a cellar or a wine refrigerator. Some people keep wine in a wooden or metal wine rack as well. There is a difference, though, between the ideal temperature to store wine and the ideal temperature for drinking. 

When it comes to white wine, sparkling wine, and rose, many wine pros suggest drinking at slightly cooler than room temperature. This allows you to fully appreciate the flavors and aromas of the wine. Even different varieties of wine should be served at different temperatures, for example, Chardonnay should be served warmer than Sauvignon Blanc. Many wine drinkers, though, us included, like fully chilled wine – particularly in the summer. In the end, the ideal temperature for drinking wine comes to the preference of the wine drinker. In this buying guide we provide options for how to chill wine for these purposes. 

There are wine enthusiasts, though, who like to drink wine, both white and red, at the optimal temperature as determined by wine pros. The problem here is two fold. First, how do you keep every bottle of wine to this temperature? Second, how do you know the exact right temperature? Also in this buying guide we share recommendations for electric coolers that do all of this for you.

How To Chill Wine


There are a few ways to chill wine to your ideal drinking temperature, whether this is super cold or the “ideal” temperature. If you are like us, you might always have a few bottles in the fridge ready to be drunk. But, they take up valuable space. Or, there might be those days where there is a “wine emergency” where you have no wine chilled.

Sometimes you want to drink a bottle of red wine and what you have on hand is actually too warm or too cold and just sort of tastes funny.

There are a variety of ways to chill wine quickly. Whether you need to chill a bottle of white, rose, or sparkling wine because of a “wine emergency” or you want to cool a bottle of red that became too warm, you might find yourself wanting to quickly chill a bottle of wine.

How To Keep Wine Cool


Or, if you are not drinking uber-quick or drinking in a large group, white, rose, and sparkling wine can also become warm. We are always fighting the heat where we live in Spain. Not only are we trying to keep wine chilled to drink but we like it to remain cold as we drink the bottle. This is also a struggle. 

We don’t like keeping an open bottle in the refrigerator because that means repeat trips to the kitchen. I don’t like using a simple wine bucket with ice, which can leak and be messy. Many wine drinkers face similar issues trying to figure out how to keep wine cool. Some of our recommendations today are meant to help solve this problem too. 

How To Chill Wine Quickly

The problem many wine drinkers face when in need of a cold bottle is how to do it. Placing a bottle in the fridge takes too long. You shouldn’t place a bottle in the freezer for a variety of reasons. Mainly, the wine can become too cold. The wine also won’t chill evenly because of the alcohol content. You could try creating an ice bath in a wine bucket, but this is not ideal either. It takes a good amount and time and effort to chill wine this way. 

There are a variety of options for people for how to chill wine fast at home. This includes portable wine chillers, electric wine chillers, wine chiller sticks, and other iceless wine chiller options. 

These options range in price and many can last for years. It’s a great wine accessory investment. They can work at home, or at picnics, campsites, concerts, and BBQs. An instant wine chiller is probably one of the best investments you can make in your home wine enjoyment. This will include single wine chillers, chillers to keep wine at the ideal temperature, and products to keep your wine cold while drinking too.

Digital And Electric Wine Coolers And Chillers

I remember the first time I walked in to a Whole Foods in Washington, DC and saw an electric single bottle wine chiller. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Buyers could pick up a bottle of white wine off the shelf, which was stored at room temperature. I could place it inside the electric wine bottle chiller, chill the bottle in minutes, bring it home, and enjoy. I can’t believe that you can actually have this technology at home!

Here, we recommend some of the best digital instant wine coolers. Most of these electric wine coolers take a little longer to chill. They work to get a bottle to the ideal temperature according to the wine pros. 

The Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller is a rapid bottle chiller that works for wine and other beverages. Here’s how it works. 

After plugging it in, you add ice and cold water to the machine. The beverage rotates while being sprayed with ice water. There is an automatic touchpad with preset features including bottle, can, and wine bottle. The machine turns off automatically when done. It apparently works 40 times faster than chilling beverages in a freezer, but I can’t verify that “science.” The “extra chill” setting lowers the beverage temperature to 34 degrees. There are reports, though, that this rapid beverage cooler doesn’t always get the temps this low. 

This electric drink cooler can chill cans in one minute and bottles of wine in six minutes. In a feat of technology, it can also warm baby bottles too by adding hot water instead of ice. There is a one year warranty. One thing, it only works with 120v outlets, which is a normal American outlet.  

The Brookstone Iceless Wine Chiller is an electric wine bottle cooler. It works to chill white wine, Champagne, and even sake. It can also warm bottles of red wine too. 

Whereas the Cooper Chiller requires ice and water, the Brookstone wine bottle chiller uses Thermoelectric technology to chill wine to the perfect temperature. The appliance has a database of 40 wine varietals. Choose which one you are drinking at the machine does the rest. It also has a sleek design and takes up less countertop space than the Cooper Chiller. It also converts from Fahrenheit to Celsius if need be. 

The Brookstone is great for true wine enthusiasts who want to drink wine at the optimal temperature to release the flavors and aromas of the wine. That said, for people who want to quickly chill white wine to drink it as cold as possible, this might be a little bit of overkill. It doesn’t chill as quickly as other methods and can actually take 90 minutes to two hours to do it properly. This machine is built more for accuracy than speed.

Waring Pro has been a leader in kitchen appliances for over six decades. They are a trusted producer and have a good reputation for quality products. The Waring Pro Stainless Steel Digital Wine Cooler works in a similar way to the Brookstone. 

The single bottle wine cooler has a library of 33 different wine varieties and can both cool and warm wine to the optimal temperature. It has a blue, backlit LCD display with a lighted viewing window. The window really is just for curiosity as it doesn’t offer any real function. It’s just kind of cool. 

Similar to the Brookstone, this machine gets wines to the optimal temperature. It can take an hour or more, so it is not as much of a quick chiller. It does, however, work to maintain the bottle temperature as well. 

Here’s another one from Waring Pro in a more contemporary design. The Waring Digital Wine Chiller And Warmer also includes preset temperatures for 33 wine varieties. 

This electric wine chiller uses Thermoelectric cooling, similar to a wine refrigerator, to chill bottles. There is a digital touch screen with a lighted viewing window. It can take around an hour to reach the optimal temperature.

As for the difference between this chiller and the other Waring Pro, it really comes down to style preference. This one is a lot more space age and contemporary looking, but it is also a better value. 

Wine Chiller Sticks – Individual Wine Chillers

The remainder of our recommendations focus more on how to chill wine fast. The first option are whine chiller sticks or rapid chiller sticks. These are devices that you place directly into a bottle to lower the temperature super quick. This would be one time that I would recommend buying a set of two or three. They are not super expensive and if you often drink more than one bottle in a night, having more on hand would be useful. 

This Instant Wine Bottle Chiller by Newward is a 3-in-1 system. It includes a fast wine chiller, filter, and pourer all in one. The filter acts as an aerator to add a little extra oxygen to the wine, to improve the flavor and drinking experience. 

Here’s how it works. Place the chiller stick into the fridge for at least two hours. Or, just keep the stick in the freezer to be ready when needed. Just pour out a touch of wine from the bottle and insert the stick. Within 15 minutes, the wine is chilled and ready to drink and will stay cold at least an hour. When done, rinse and dry the stick. Place it back in the freezer. This stick is made from food-grade stainless steel, so it doesn’t change the flavor of the wine. 

They also sell a set that includes a cork screw and stopper here. Both options make great wine gifts too. Because it takes at least two hours to chill, this is why I would recommend having more than one chiller stick on hand. 

The VINENCO Rapid Wine Chiller Stick takes things up a notch just a bit. This set includes a 3-in-1 wine chiller stick with drip-free pourer as well as aerator. it not only chills white wine, but can also refresh red wine by aerating it and chilling it just a touch to get it to cellar temperature. 

This rapid wine cooler works in the same way, but also includes a foil cutter to help open the bottle as well as a wine stopper. It also includes a storage pouch to keep everything in one place in your drawer. VINENCO’s chiller stick only needs about an hour in the fridge and keeps the wine cold a little longer. 

With both of these chiller sticks, I recommend swirling the bottle once or twice while it is chilling to move the wine around. This makes sure most of the wine in the bottle has contact with the stick. 

Corkcicle is a homewares company that specializes in barware, hydration, and cooling products. Many of them are contemporary in design or are just plain cool. 

The Corkcicle Classic Wine Chiller works in a similar fashion. It’s made in coordination with the Museum of Modern History in New York City. 

The Corckcicle is made of BPA-Free plastic and non-toxic gel rather than stainless steel. This chiller stick needs to spend at least 90 minutes in the freezer before using. It takes about 15 minutes to cool the bottle down to about 60 degrees, a little longer for a lower temperature. All of these sticks also work well as portable wine coolers for BBQs and picnics. It also comes in some fun colors if you are looking to match kitchen decor or gift is as a gift. 

Of these three options, the Corkcicle definitely wins points on originality and design, but I think the stainless steel versions are better for longevity. 

Single Bottle Wine Cooler Sleeves

A single bottle wine cooler sleeve is something of a magical thing, in its simplicity and its effectiveness. It’s a gel-filled wine accessory that slides over a bottle of wine to quickly chill a single bottle. We’ve owned wine chiller sleeves for years. We used them to both quickly chill a bottle as well as to keep a bottle cold while we drink it. For this reason, it is one of the best wine accessory you can buy for your home. 

These gel-based jackets fit around a bottle of wine, almost like a sleeve. Just keep the sleeve in the freezer ready to use. When ready, insert the bottle of wine and wait about 10 to 15 minutes for it to reduce the temperature dramatically. This is another time where I would recommend swirling the bottle ones or twice (unless it is a bottle of sparkling wine) to speed up the process. 

The Vacu Vin Instant Bottle Chiller is a little more than just a sleeve. It’s sort of a combination between an wine bucket and wine sleeve, but without ice. 

The Vacu Vin chills wine in about five to 10 minutes and keeps it cold up to two hours. There is an interior cooling element, which is essentially a gel-based cooling sleeve. This is placed in the freezer and then placed into the wine bucket when ready to use. The sleeve must be kept in the fridge for at least six hours, or it can be kept in there just in case one of one of our so-called “wine emergencies.” The cooling element lies flat making it easy to store in the freezer. 

The bucket is made of stainless steel and is contemporary in design. It will match any kitchen or dining room decor. 

The Vacu Vin Active Wine Cooler Sleeve is actually one of our top picks for the best wine chiller for a few reasons. 

The set of two sleeves are easily stored in the freezer until needed. Once ready, it only takes about five to 10 minutes for the wine bottle to chill. They are designed to fit standard sized wine bottles. Larger bottles, like Champagne or sparkling wine bottles, might be a struggle. They can also be transported easily in a cooler for use at BBQs, picnics, or other outdoor events. 

We like these wine bottle chillers because they don’t take up a lot of space in the freezer. They work quickly to chill wine. We use them to keep wine cold while we drink the bottle too. Best of all, they are one of the best values found on our list. 

Another option for wine sleeves from Vacu Vin is the Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Wine and Champagne Cooler Set. It uses the same technology as the other wine sleeves, but includes one regular-sized sleeve and one oversized sleeve. The oversized sleeve is perfect for Champagne and sparkling wine bottles. 

They are designed to be a little more elegant than practical like the other Vacu Vin sleeves. This not only makes them perfect as wine gifts but also can jazz up a wine bottle or Champagne bottle when entertaining. 

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