Best Teppanyaki Grills For Home 2023: Top 6 Recommendations

The modern home kitchen is packed with appliances. From air fryers to Instant Pots we have loads of options to make cooking easier. If you love Japanese food and want to make authentic teppanyaki, then you are going to need a proper teppanyaki grill. In this post, we review everything you need to know about teppanyaki grills and how to choose the best.

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3 Best Teppankyaki Grills

What Is Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki is Japanese cuisine, which uses an iron griddle to cook. Teppan is a metal plate used for cooking, while yaki means grilled, pan-fried, or grilled in Japanese.

Typical ingredients for the teppanyaki include beef, chicken, scallops, shrimp, lobster, and assorted vegetables. The ingredients are cooked using soybean oil. You’ll find teppanyaki all over Japan, especially in food-crazy cities like Tokyo and our favorite, Osaka.

6 Best Teppanyaki Grills For 2023

What Is A Teppanyaki Grill

Unlike a yakitori grill that uses charcoal, a teppanyaki grill is a propane heated flat surface widely used for cooking food in front of guests. An at home teppanyaki grill is one of the best cooking utensils, especially for people who love barbeques. 

Though a teppanyaki grill plate is mostly used for cooking barbecues, it does not mean that you can’t use it for cooking anything else. You can also use the grill for cooking steaks, vegetables, and hamburgers.

In addition, you can use an outdoor teppanyaki grill on a picnic or camping trip. You can cook and serve a lot of people without having to let anyone wait for a long time.

Best Teppanyaki Grills

Best Teppanyaki Grills For Home
Best Teppanyaki Grills

Unlike other popular barbecue grills, many people are not aware of the teppanyaki grill. However, this grill is handy for both indoor and outdoor cooking. In addition, you can use it for cooking multiple foods at the same time.

With so many options, it might be a daunting task choosing the best teppanyaki grill for home, especially if you are new to this type of grills. However, we have made the job easier by compiling the best teppanyaki grills for you.

Happygrill Electric Teppanyaki Table Top

This teppanyaki electric grill plate is large, measuring 35 by 9 inches, therefore perfect for hosting family meals and parties. A lot of food can be added to the grill, making it very efficient. 

The teppanyaki tabletop cooking grill comes with two egg rigs and six wooden spatulas. Therefore, multiple people can enjoy a meal together. 

A premium non-stick cooking surface makes your cooking experience delightful. With just a little oil on the surface, you will enjoy cooking a wide variety of meals. The surface is also easy to clean.

The grill features an adjustable thermostat with five temperature settings for different cooking needs. It also has two insulated handles, one on each side and four anti-slip feet.

SEAAN Electric Teppanyaki Grill

The SEAAN teppanyaki electric grill plate is large and can serve between one and six people. The grill features a temperature adjustment knob that allows you to choose five different temperatures. A thermostat automatically cuts off power once it reaches the set temperature.

The grill uses less oil and has a bracket design that allows it to form a slop. The slop filters extra oil automatically.

This teppanyaki grill also features a dual-zone. One zone is a honeycomb, which collects heat and locks nutrition. The second zone has a strip structure, which can filter oil and bake out the line. 

Lotus Analin – Grid Electric Teppanyaki Table Top Grill

The Lotus Analin teppanyaki tabletop cooking grill is large with a cooking surface measuring 35 by 9 inches. The grill is light with a great cooking surface and a 35-inch long power cord. The grill’s side allows you to cook many dishes simultaneously.

The rectangular grill heats very quickly but with uneven heat distribution. The side closer to the power chord heats up faster. Cooking spatulas also come with this drill. One disadvantage of this grill is that it is difficult to use if your working space is small. 

Costzon Electric Teppanyaki Table Top Grill

The Costzon teppanyaki grill plate measures 35 by 9 inches, making it ideal for hosting family meals and parties. The grill comes with six wooden spatulas and two egg rings. 

Five temperature settings allow you to control a thermostat and choose the ideal temperature, depending on what you are cooking. The cooking surface distributes heat evenly.

A premium non-stick surface allows food to cook and easily slide off the grill and onto your plate. Cleaning the surface is also easy. Two cool touch handles on each side of the grill allow you to lift and move it comfortably without burns.

SEAAN Multifunctional Indoor Teppanyaki Grill

The SEAAN multifunctional grill features an indoor electric grill and a hotpot. The teppanyaki grill is suitable for steaks, shellfish, vegetables, and pasta. The hotpot has a divider that allows you to make two meals.

The grill and the hotpot have two independent temperature controls. Each control has five temperature settings that allow you to adjust the temperature accordingly. The grill is made from cast aluminum and has a non-stick cooking surface.

An automatic oil collection design drains cooking oil into an oil tank through an oil discharge port. This feature makes cleaning the multifunctional grill very easy. 

OUII Flat Top Griddle Accessories Set For Teppanyaki

The OUII offers a variety of accessories for the teppanyaki grill. Among the accessories are four purpose-made spatulas. The spatulas include two 14.5 inch spatulas, one slotted, one beveled, and two 11.7 inch spatulas, one slotted, one beveled. The spatulas are metallic with a heat-resistant handle.

The set also includes a single six-inch chopper ideal for fast dicing and slicing on the grill. In addition, two squeeze bottles will give you a fun cooking experience. You can fill the first with cooking oil and the second with pancake mix and enjoy funky pancake art.

Finally, the set has cleaning tools, including a heavy-duty griddle scourer and a griddle scraper.

Is A Teppanyaki Grill Worth It?

A teppanyaki grill at home can help you cook a lot of food within a short time. It is therefore ideal when cooking for a large family or during parties. Therefore, a teppanyaki grill for home is definitely worth it.

In addition, many teppanyaki grills are made from high-strength steel, making them extremely durable. A good quality grill will last for years, providing loads of memories along the way.

What Features To Look For In A Teppanyaki Grill

Cooking Teppanyaki Style


The amount of food you cook and the working space available will determine the ideal size of your teppanyaki grill.

Gas versus Electric

The heat source will also determine the best teppanyaki grill for your home. Consider the type of heat source available in your home.

Cooking Surface Material

Teppanyaki grills have different cooking surfaces. A non-stick cooking surface has the benefit of giving you a trouble-free cooking experience. Food does not stick and will easily turn and slide onto your plate.


If you like picnics and outdoor parties, then you should consider purchasing a portable outdoor teppanyaki grill.

Ease of Cleaning

Your teppanyaki grill should be easy to clean. Apart from stress-free cooking, a non-stick surface is also easy to clean. Always remember to disconnect the power cord when cleaning your electric grill.


Temperature control is an essential factor in deciding your teppanyaki grill. A grill with an adjustable temperature setting allows you to select the ideal temperature for different dishes.

A teppanyaki grill is essential, especially for homes with a large family or who like to host parties. In addition, an outdoor teppanyaki grill is perfect for picnics.

FAQs – Teppanyaki Grill

What are teppanyaki grills?

Teppanyaki grills are flat-top metal grills used extensively in Japan to cook meat, fish, and vegetables. Traditionally seats are placed around the grill for guests/customers to watch their food being prepared. Today, they come in various sizes for home use.

What can you cook on a teppanyaki grill?

The question should be what can’t you cook on a teppanyaki grill? The hot surface quickly and thoroughly cooks beef, chicken, pork, and fish. You can also cook vegetables as well as certain noodles.

Are teppanyaki grills good?

Absolutely yes. Teppanyaki grills are good fun for everyday use as well as for dinner parties.

Is teppanyaki cooking healthy?

Overall, teppanyaki cooking is healthy. Japanese food in general is one of the healthiest out there. As a result, Japanese cooking methods such as teppanyaki produce healthy foods.

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