Brussels Food Guide: Where to Eat in Brussels

Brussels Food Guide

Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the de facto capital and administrative center of the European Union, is a renowned culinary destination that attracts food enthusiasts from around the world. The city boasts a rich and diverse culinary scene that reflects its multicultural heritage and innovative gastronomic spirit. Contrary to what some people believe, Brussels’ […]

Florence Food Guide – 7 Best Restaurants in Florence, Italy

Best Restaurants in Florence

Florence has been one of my favorite Italian cities to visit since my first time there in 2015. The vibrant streets, amazing architecture, and the locals are extremely welcoming – but I can’t say enough about the food, which is one of the main reasons I have had to go back for more. This city […]

Barcelona Travel Guide – Best Hotels in Barcelona

Barcelona Travel Guide 1

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and one of the largest metropolises in the European Union. Known for its rich cultural heritage, spectacular architecture, delectable cuisine, and thriving nightlife, Barcelona is one of the most popular and most visited tourist destinations in the world. My two visits to Barcelona were both last minute decisions. I […]

Málaga Food Guide – 5 Best Restaurants in Málaga

Tips for Making Reservations and Experiencing Malagas Food Culture to the Fullest

When I visited Málaga in 2021, I was lucky enough to have a lifelong friend who had been living there for years provide me with a full on local’s tour of this amazing city.  The sight seeing was incredible, but the restaurant and food experiences I had there were unforgettable.  I am very excited to […]

Rome Food Guide – Where to Eat The Best Pasta in Rome, Italy

Rome Food Guide

Like many Argentines, I have Italian heritage – in fact, my grandmother was from Bari and she lived there until she emigrated to Argentina. I feel a very strong tie to Italy, and Rome is one of my favorite Italian cities to visit. Full of history and culture, but also an amazing place to find […]

7 Must-Try Spanish Tapas Happy Hour Spots in Madrid


Who doesn’t love tapas? The people who haven’t tried them yet, that’s who! As someone who loves to gorge on tapas, I can tell you that they are an unmissable part of Spanish gastronomic experience.  If you are planning to visit Madrid and want to know where you can find the best tapas, strap yourself. […]

Madrid Food Guide – 7 Must-Try Michelin Star Restaurants in Madrid


One of the things I love most about Madrid and why I have visited several times, is the endless options for amazing culinary experiences. Whether you are a fan of traditional tapas or avant-garde gastronomy, the city has something for everyone.   With so many restaurants to choose from, I have found that one sure way […]

Barcelona Food Guide – Best Food Markets in Barcelona


Barcelona is one of my favorite cities to visit in Europe. It has definitely also  long been a favorite destination for food lovers from around the world. The city’s culinary scene is a dynamic and vibrant tapestry of flavors that reflect its rich cultural heritage, Mediterranean location, and cosmopolitan atmosphere. When it comes to finding […]

Argentine Empanadas – A Food Staple With European History

Argentine Empanadas

As an Argentine, I have been enjoying empanadas my entire life and consider them to be an absolute favorite food of mine, particularly the Argentine version. I can recall many family gatherings in Argentina where we would spend hours helping my grandmother make them from scratch and then enjoy the delicious finished product together.  There […]

Caminito Buenos Aires – A Cultural, Artistic Journey to Eat And Drink Your Way Through

History of La Boca Neighborhood

One of my absolute favorite places to visit in Buenos Aires is Caminito. In my years of living there, I visited many times both with friends and family members. I have also made sure I include it in my many trips to Buenos Aires when living in the US.  A visit to Caminito can be […]

7 Best Hotels in Buenos Aires – Where to Stay in Buenos Aires

Hotels in Buenos Aires

Being originally from Argentina, I have both lived in and traveled often to Buenos Aires for many years. This paired with having various family members and friends living there as lifelong locals, has led me to gather great top hotel picks throughout the years while helping fellow travel enthusiasts seeking local advice.  Buenos Aires is […]

Mendoza, Argentina – Home of Malbec: An Argentine Wine Experience

Home of Malbec

A few years ago, I took a 17-hour bus journey from Buenos Aires to Mendoza to explore our famous wine region. I can’t say that I would choose the bus ride again (although I won a bonus bingo round and bottle of reserve malbec) but I would definitely go back and likely will sometime soon.  […]

Argentina Food Guide – 10 Things to Eat in Buenos Aires, Argentina

What to Eat in Buenos Aires

This is one topic I certainly wanted to share as we explore the amazing things Argentina has to offer in terms of food and drink options. Having been born and lived in Buenos Aires for almost 20 years all in all, I can attest to the fact that it has a vibrant and diverse culinary […]

Argentina Wine Guide: What is Malbec Wine? A Unique History and Flavor

Argentina Wine

As an Argentine, I may be biased in considering Malbec to be my absolute favorite choice of wine. Regardless, there are so many things to share when it comes to this potent grape, including a history that tells an international, unique story that I am excited to share with you. Let’s dive into Malbec’s history and […]

All-Inclusive Travel in Mexico – A Simplified Way to Experience Paradise

ftr image

Who says paradise has to come with a hefty price tag? With a little creativity, thoughtful planning, and all-inclusive resorts you can embark on a budget-friendly journey to experience your own slice of heaven. In this blog, we’re shifting the spotlight to a smarter and simpler approach to travel—one that allows you to experience the […]