How To Book The Best Naples Food Tour

Naples, Italy, has a reputation for two things, one good and one not so good. First, the food in Naples is legendary. Second, and unfortunately, the city has a reputation for being a little intimidating to travelers. We found this to be the case. This is why booking a Naples food tour or wine tour is a great way to explore the city.

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How To Book A Naples Food Tour

Naples is one of the best Italian cities for food, which makes it a great place for a food tour.

We love taking food tours and cooking classes in general and have taken them across the world. They offer insight and information into a city’s cuisines that can be difficult to get on your own.

During our trip to Naples, we toured on our own mostly because we had the time to do so.

Naples is a city, though, that I would strongly recommend booking a food tour or a culinary experience. In this food blog post, I will share why I think Naples is a good city to book a tour and how to do it.

A food tour in Naples is the perfect way to explore the city, its famous cuisine, and to do so safely. A tour can also give you an inside scoop on all of the snacks from Italy that are popular in this food city.

How To Book A Naples Food Tour

What You Will Learn In This Food Travel Blog Post:

  1. You will learn whether booking a food tour in Naples is necessary to get the most out of the city. This is a personal decision based on your travel experiences and how comfortable you are in a big city.
  2. You will learn what to consider when booking a Naples Italy food tour. You want to ensure a good experience and great food!
  3. What to expect from an Italian visit to Naples. This includes why Naples is different from other Italian cities.
Eating Street Pizza in Napoli

What To Expect From A Food Tour In Naples Italy

Whether organizing your own independent “tour” or booking a group or private Naples city tour, there are a few things to know about Naples.

Sure, it’s the home of Naples-style pizza and has amazing food. Street food in Naples is also legendary and without rival elsewhere in Italy.

But, we’ve been traveling to Italy for over 20 years now, and Naples is certainly unique.

It’s a loud and crowded city, filled with graffiti and smokers. As soon as we arrived, we were intimidated and always felt on guard.

We spent almost a week in Naples, but it was only the last day or so that we started to feel comfortable in the city.

This is one of the main reasons why booking a food tour or food experience in the city might be a good idea.

This is particularly true if visiting the city for a short time, like on a day trip or an overnight stay. Hiring a professional food guide can guide you around this overwhelming city and help you taste the best Napoli dishes.

Naples food tours offer the safety, security, and experience to explore the city and its famous Italian cuisine. One of our top Italy tips for travel is to book a food tour!

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Eating On a Naples Food Tour

What To Consider When Choosing A Food Tour Of Naples

Taking all of this into consideration, what type of food and wine tours are available in Naples? Within the city, there are a handful of Naples walking tours that focus mostly on pizza and street food.

These are great options if you are only in Naples for a single day because they will help you taste all of the main items on a Naples street food menu.

If you have more time and feel comfortable doing your own Naples pizza tour, exploring the main food sites on your own, perhaps try a cooking class. Learning how to make pizza in the home of pizza can’t be beaten.

Another great way to understand the food culture of Naples and its surrounding region, Campania, is on a Naples day trip.

These trips will be more expensive, are often full-day tours, and make the most sense for people staying in Naples for a few extra days.

This is particularly the case if you mostly travel for food as we do. Although there are some interesting things to do in Naples, there’s only so much pizza a person can eat.

We recommend two possible day trips out of the city for this reason.

Food Tour Naples Italy

Recommended Food Tours of Naples Italy

Whether you are short on time or have an extra day to spend in Campania, one of these Napoli food and wine tours could work to make your trip to Naples complete.

We recommend using Viator Naples to book any of these Napoli food tours.

We like Viator for a few reasons. One, we’ve used them for tours worldwide without any problems. Viator has a variety of options for food tours in Naples.

Second, you will receive immediate confirmation of your booking. Last, Viator is a reputable company owned by TripAdvisor, so if there are any issues with your booking, there is a big company standing behind the booking.

Get More Recommendations on Naples Food Tours From Viator 

Book A Naples Street Food Tour

Book This Naples Street Food Tour

Naples is known not just for pizza but for its amazing street food. The streets of Naples can be a little intimidating though. If short on time, or looking for a more comfortable way to explore this vast city, a Naples Street Food Tour could be perfect.

Over 2.5-3 hours, the guide shares the history of Naples while tasting some of the most iconic Napoli dishes. This includes pastries, pasta, and pizza.

Why Book This Tour:

  • This Naples food tour offers lunch and dinner options and lasts about 2.5-3 hours.
  • In addition to food stops, the tour also walks through the historic center of Naples and stops at some of the top Naples attractions.

What To Consider Before Booking This Tour:

  • They can adjust for dietary restrictions, but it is important to let them know ahead of time. This includes vegetarian options.
  • The tour is wheelchair accessible. It meets in the center of Italy, at the north end of Via Toledo.
  • The tour includes food tastings and non-alcoholic drinks. Additional drinks may be purchased along the way.

Book This Naples Street Food Tour – From €35 

Naples Food And Wine Tour In Campania

Book A Full Day Campania Food Tour And Wine Tasting Day Trip From Naples

Naples can be a pretty crowded city so escaping to the Campania countryside is the perfect way to learn more about the region’s cuisine.

This all-day private food tour and wine tasting helps travelers learn about olive oil, chocolates, and cured meats by visiting local artisan producers. Learn how olive oil is produced at a countryside mill.

Learn how prosciutto is made as well. The wine tasting is led by a professional sommelier, giving travelers an opportunity to learn about the local wines in depth. As part of this Naples wine tour, enjoy a three-course lunch with wine at a local Italian restaurant.

Why Book This Tour:

  • This is one of the most comprehensive all-day tours from Naples for food and wine travelers. It includes wine tastings, visits to producers, and lunch, making for a fabulous day out of the bustle of the city.
  • It’s a great way to learn about the Campania region.

What To Consider Before Booking This Tour:

  • This tour can be booked for a minimum of two people but is best organized for four or more, when the prices come down more.
  • The tour includes hotel transport, a private guide, and a driver in an air-conditioned mini-van.

Book This Private Food And Wine Tour in Campania – From €225

What Is Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

Book A Homemade Naples Pizza Making Class

Ever wonder about the secrets behind how authentic Napoli-style pizza is made? Instead of a walking food tour or Italian cooking class, how about a pizza making class in the home of pizza? Learn how to make your pizza and then dine on a three-course meal.

Why Book This Tour:

  • This is a small-group cooking class, capped at no more than 16 students.
  • The class takes place in one of the most well-known cooking schools in the city.
  • The tour company can adjust for dietary restrictions, including offering gluten-free pizza if requested in advance.

Why Book This Tour:

  • The tour includes the cooking class, three-course lunch, a non-alcoholic aperitif and bottled water. It is possible to purchase beer or wine at the cooking academy.
  • It does not include hotel transfer, but is relatively easy to access, in the Chiaia neighborhood.
  • The class is taught in English but can be taught in French, Spanish or German if requested ahead of time.
  • Children are welcome over the age of eight.

Book This Naples Pizza Making Course – From €37 

Check out our Ultimate Naples Pizza Guide – Where To Find The Best Pizza In Naples.

Italian cooking class in Naples

Book Italian Cooking Classes in Naples Italy

If looking for Naples cooking classes that don’t focus on pizza, here’s a great option. Book an Italian cooking class in Naples. Create two handmade pasta courses while learning practical cooking techniques with a local chef. After preparing the dishes, enjoy the fruits of your labor over a meal.

Why Book This Tour:

  • Spend three hours cooking and eating classic Neapolitan cuisine and take the recipes with you to try at home.

What To Consider Before Booking This Tour:

  • The tour includes hotel transfers from hotels in the center of Naples.
  • The price of the cooking class does not include alcoholic drinks.
  • A minimum of two guests is needed for a class to occur.

Book a Cooking Class In Naples – From €105 

Book a Truffle Hunting Day Trip From Naples Italy

Book A Private Truffle-Hunting Day Trip From Naples

We’ve been truffle hunting once before in Italy and it was certainly a memorable experience. This truffle-hunting day trip from Naples takes travelers to Campania’s Monti Picentini Park.

At the park, a professional truffle hunter will show you how they hunt truffles, using their trusty dogs. The hunt finishes with a tasting of truffles and cheese. After, enjoy a truffle-themed tasting lunch with wine and an after-lunch liquor.

Just an FYI, generally, a successful truffle hunt can’t be guaranteed. Dogs will be dogs and sometimes they don’t find big juicy truffles. That happened to us, but it was still a fun learning experience.

Why Book This Tour:

  • Truffle hunting is a truly unique experience that can only be experienced in a handful of locations worldwide. It’s a great way to see the countryside outside of Naples, be outdoors, and eat great food and wine.
  • This is a full-day private tour involving truffle-hunting and exploring the Campania countryside.

What To Consider Before Booking This Tour:

  • This is not necessarily a hiking tour but requires a lot of walking through outdoor areas. It is not wheelchair accessible, and travelers must be in good health, with no heart conditions. It’s also important to wear comfortable walking shoes, ones that you might get dirty.
  • Dietary restrictions can be accommodated if mentioned ahead of time.
  • This is a private tour with hotel transfers included.

Book This Truffle Hunting Day Trip From Naples 

Taking A Devour Food Tour In Naples

People often ask us how we find great food in a city we’ve never visited. In addition to doing our own research and asking friends, we always take a food tour.

Not only will you learn what to eat and where, but food tours are also a great way to learn your way around a city.

There are lots of great food tours in Naples and choosing the right one is tricky. We are big fans of Devour Tours. Devour Tours does a great job of explaining the food and drink in a city.

They have the local knowledge to discover off-the-beaten-path bars and restaurants only locals go to. Over the past decade, we’ve easily been on a dozen Devour food tours across Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

In Naples, Devour Tours offers a mix of food tours and sightseeing tours. Tour prices range from $70 to $130 per person.

Most of Devour’s tours max out at 12 guests making it a more enjoyable experience. Here are the food tours Devour currently offers in Naples.

Ultimate Naples Food Tour

Secrets of Pizza: Original Naples Pizza Tour

FAQs – Eating In Naples Italy

What food is Naples known for?

It certainly begins and ends with pizza! Naples is the undisputed King of Pizza. However, the city is known for having incredible seafood, pasta, and ragú (red sauce). Like all great Italian cities, you’ll find delicious desserts and best of all gelato.

What do they drink in Naples?

You’ll find nearly everything to drink in Naples. From craft beer to full-bodied Italian wines, the city has something for everyone. One of the city’s specialties is Limoncello. The Gulf of Naples region is known for lemons and as a result, Limoncello is a popular drink.

Is Naples Italy dangerous?

Naples does have an unwarranted reputation as a lawless and unsafe city. It is a big city and like any big city, it has unsafe areas. For the most part, the main tourist areas are safe. Travelers do need to be aware of pickpocketers and scammers.

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