Craft Beer In Ireland: The Best Irish Craft Beers, Breweries, And Pubs

We’ve been traveling to Ireland for over 20 years, but it’s only been the last few years that we’ve started to research Irish craft beer. Now that we live in Ireland, we’ve been trying as many craft beers in Ireland as we can have delivered to our house. It’s all in the name of research for how to find the best craft beer in Ireland. We cover 17 counties and include over 40 breweries and craft beer pubs.

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How To Find The Best Craft Beers In Ireland

In this post, we share our tips on how to find the best craft beer in Ireland. This includes a history of brewing in Ireland, the rise of the craft beer movement, and of course how to taste!

We include breweries and beer pubs across the island and in almost every county (okay, way more than half). The focus of this guide includes Dublin, GalwayCork, and Limerick as well as top Irish beers from other counties as well.

This post is mostly focused on helping travelers to Ireland, but locals can certainly learn about craft beer in Ireland too! 

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Cork Craft Beer Guide – Breweries, Pubs, And The Cork Ale Trail

The Rise Of Irish Microbreweries And Craft Breweries

In the 1990s, there really wasn’t a craft beer scene in Ireland. The big, commercial brewers (like Guinness) continued to fill the taps at pubs across the island (they still do).

A change in beer taxes, which gave independent brewers tax rebates, changed all of that. Although Porterhouse opened its doors to become the first brew pub in Ireland in 1996, it hasn’t been an entirely uphill trajectory. 

Although craft beer and Irish microbrews continue to grow in popularity there have been some setbacks over the years. Some of the early brewers have shut down in recent years, for a variety of reasons. Some brewers continue to struggle even while producing some amazing brews!

It will be interesting to see how many craft beer pubs and brewers in Ireland survive 2020. When traveling to Ireland in the future, try and drink local whenever possible to support the budding Irish craft beer community! 

Best Beer In Ireland
Eric and Me Enjoy A Creamy Guinness In Kinsale

Irish Beer Styles

To understand some of the Irish craft beer styles, it helps to look at some of the more commercial brewers in Ireland. This includes the big guys such as Guinness and Smithwick’s.


Many of the Irish craft beers pick up on some of the more traditional Irish beer styles. Some of the best craft beers we’ve drunk in Ireland are various stout or porter styles. This includes oatmeal stouts, milk stouts, and even nitrogenated stouts, or nitro beers. It’s no wonder that the stouts do well with the history of Guinness in Ireland.

The nitro style is most associated with Guinness. It is what makes Guinness settle the way it does. Several Irish microbreweries are starting to produce small batch nitro beers as well.

Red Ales

Many Americans associate Irish beer with Smithwick’s or even Killian’s Irish Red, which was popular in the 1990s. These are Irish red ales. An Irish red ale tends to be less bitter than an IPA but has a strong malty flavor. The red color comes from the malted barely used. This remains one of the most popular craft beer styles in Ireland.

Unfortunately for me, I don’t seem to like red ales. Eric enjoys them more. I am not sure why. But, you are likely to find a wide variety of Irish red ale brands, both in a bottle and on tap. 

Irish Pale Ale

Another popular variety is the Irish Pale Ale, which is a European style beer, with the hoppiness of American IPAs. Not being a fan of IPAs in general, it’s hard for me to describe the difference, to be honest. 

Porterhouse Beer Dublin

Porterhouse Brewing Dublin

Craft Breweries In Dublin Ireland

Craft beer in Dublin, Ireland is exploding like it is across the island and in every major city in Europe. Of course, the most famous Dublin brewery is the Guinness brewery at St. James Gate. But there is more to Dublin beer than the famous Irish stout. 

Porterhouse Brew Company

I can’t fault a lawyer for giving up the law in favor of food and drink. In the 1980s, a former Irish barrister quit the law to open a brewery with his cousin in County Wicklow. This was the predecessor to Porterhouse Brewing Company in County Wicklow, just outside of Dublin. It’s one of the best craft beer brands in Ireland, and even has branches in London and New York. Their new 120-barrel state-of-the-art brewery is located on the outskirts of Dublin to keep up with demand around Ireland and in 20 export markets.

Check out their Temple Bar location, which serves up all of their brews along with food. The pub opened in 1996, making it one of the earliest brew pubs in Ireland. 

Porterhouse Brew Company, 16-18 Parliament Street Dublin, is their main location, but the brewery is on the outskirts of Dublin. At this time, they don’t offer tours at the brewery. They also own the Dingle Distillery and have a whiskey bar in Dublin of the same name. 

Rascals Brewing Company 

Emma and Cathal founded Rascals brewing in 2014 after developing a taste for craft beer while living in New Zealand. Rascals operate a taproom and pizza place in an industrial estate at the edge of Dublin. In the years since, they’ve come up with all sorts of interesting brews including mint chocolate stouts and vanilla milkshake IPAs, making it one of the more creative Irish craft brewers. They also offer mini kegs to be delivered within Ireland.

Rascals Brewing Company, Unit 5 Goldenbridge Industrial Estate Tyrconnell Road, located west of the Dublin city center. They are closed Monday and Tuesday. 

Whiplash Beer

What began as a passion project on the side, has now turned into a full-time business for founders Alex Lawes and Alan Wolfe. Based in Dublin, Alex describes Whiplash as “brewing beers I like to drink at that time of the year”. Their lineup of beers includes a variety of IPAs, porters, and stouts as well as collaborations with other Irish independent brewers. 

Whiplash’s new brewery is located outside of Dublin City Center. They currently do not offer tours of the brewery. You can find Whiplash sold in pubs and off-licenses around Ireland. 

Hopfully Brewing

Since 2017, Hopfully has been brewing up its take on Irish craft beer. Located in Dublin City, they feature a solid lineup of handcrafted beers. According to Hopfully, each beer has its own unique personality. They brew a (seasonal) range of IPAs as well as stouts, porters, and our favorite, Legswap a raspberry and lime sour ale.

Craft Beer Pubs In Dublin

There is no shortage of pubs with craft beer in Dublin. Check out these for a start: 

Against The Grain, 11 Wexford Street, is one of the Galway Brewing Company bars in Dublin, which serves a variety of Irish and international craft beers as well as some local, artisan ciders and a full food menu.

The Brew Dock, 1 Amiens Street, is another Galway Brewing bar, near Connolly Station, with a food menu.

The Black Sheep, 61 Capel Street, is yet another bar from Galway Brewing, with a food menu.

Cost Of Beer In Dublin Pro Tip

Beer in Dublin is not cheap, whether that’s craft beer or commercial beer. Some of the worst prices are in the bars in and around Temple Bar. A pint of Guinness can run €6.50-7 a pint. This is about €2 more expensive than elsewhere in Ireland. Craft beer will be about the same, or even more. To save money, head to a more local Irish pub, which means out of Temple Bar. It’s the most touristy neighborhood to drink in Ireland. Read Our Full Guide On What To Drink In Ireland 

Drinking Craft Beer in Ireland

Breweries In Cork Ireland

County Cork in the southwest of Ireland has one of the best craft beer scenes in the country. There are two breweries in Cork City as well as a few spread around the county. 

Also while in Cork City, check out the Cork Ale Trail, which includes one brewery, a bottle shop, and three of the most popular craft beer bars in Cork. The craft beer pubs include Abbot Ale House, 17 Devonshire Street, The Friary Bar Cork, 62 Shandon Street, Sunday’s Well, and The Bierhaus Cork, 28 Popes Quay, Shandon. 

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Franciscan Well Brewery

Franciscan Well is one of the most well-known Irish craft breweries. You can find their beer around the country. They operate a taproom and offer tours and tastings. Unfortunately, Molson Coors bought Franciscan Well, which means many people no longer consider them an Irish microbrew. That said, they still have a great little pub in Cork that offers a good selection of beers. 

Franciscan Well Brewery And Brewpub, 14 N Mall, Sunday’s Well Cork City. Cork Brewery Tours: Advanced booking required. Tours are held Sundays through Thursdays at 2 pm, 4 pm, and 6 pm.

Rising Sons Brewery

Another option within this city is Rising Sons Brewery. They have a huge bar on Cornmarket Street with a sports bar vibe. Their lager won the best craft beer in Ireland at some point, but we preferred their Irish stout. That’s not surprising considering the history of Irish stout in Cork.

Rising Sons Brewery Cork Ireland, Cornmarket Street Cork. Cork Brewery Tours: A one-hour brewery costs €12 and finishes with a tasting. Tours are offered seven days a week but must be booked in advance.

Blacks Of Kinsale Brewery

Blacks Of Kinsale Brewery

Craft Beer Breweries In County Cork

There are a handful of breweries outside of the city centre as well. These beers can be found at craft beer bars in Cork as well as throughout the country. 

Blacks Of Kinsale Brewery

Started by alumni of Eight Degrees Brewery, Blacks of Kinsale is located just at the edge of the adorable seaside town of Kinsale. Look for their Blacks KPA, or Kinsale Pale Ale at bars in Kinsale and throughout Cork. 

Blacks Of Kinsale, Farm Lane in Kinsale. Currently, they do not have a tap room or offer tours, although both are in progress. Look for their beers and liquors in pubs all over Kinsale as well as in Cork City. 

West Cork Brewing Company

West Cork Brewing Company

West Cork Brewing Company

Set in the idyllic town of Baltimore, West Cork Brewing is more of a boutique craft beer brewery. They are most well-known for the Irish dark red ale. For something a little more unique, look for their Coffee Oatmeal Chocolate Stout, which they call Breakfast in Baltimore, or try their Imperial Rum and Raisin Red Ale. 

West Cork Brewing Company is in Baltimore, about 90 minutes southwest of the city center. They offer brewery tours on Fridays at 3 pm for €12, but it is best to confirm in advance.

8 Degrees Brewing Cork

8 Degrees Brewing Cork

8 Degrees Brewing

Eight Degrees Brewing opened its Cork brewery in Ballyhoura in 2010. They offer a core range of beers and are constantly experimenting and creating new offerings for the Irish beer market. The name 8 Degrees refers to Ireland’s longitude, which also happens to be the perfect temperature to drink their beer. They produce a unique Irish red ale with flavors of toffee malt and orange. 

Eight Degrees Brewing, Mitchelstown, about 45 minutes north of Cork City. They do not have a tap room nor do they offer craft brewery tours. A taproom is in the works. It’s easy to find their beers at pubs across Ireland, and they even export to Italy, France, and Belgium. 

9 White Deer Brewing Cork

9 White Deer Brewing Cork

9 White Deer Brewery

Located in West Cork, 9 White Deer Brewery is an award-winning brewer of a wide range of Irish craft beer. They offer beers for all drinkers, including a gluten-free IPA.  

9 White Deer Brewery Cork, about an hour west of Cork City. They offer brewery tours for €15 for groups of 10 or more people with prior confirmation.

Craft Beer In Ireland

Clonakilty Brewing Company

Using a combination of locally sourced grains, high-quality hops, and water from their own well, Clonakilty Brewing Company is “passionate about making beer with no compromise.” These are exactly the words you want to hear from a brewery. Best of all, Clonakilty not only “talks the talks”, they “walk the walk”.

The attention put into using high-quality ingredients and water comes through in their beers. Their lineup of beers includes an American Pale Ale, Galley Head Pale Ale, an Irish Porter, and Blonde Belgian Wit. The brewery offers private events, tours, and tastings. It’s recommended to call ahead for bookings.

Irish Craft Beer Guide

Galway Craft Beer

Galway is a university town, so it is known for its great Irish pub scene. It’s home to one of the most famous craft breweries in Ireland, Galway Bay. Galway Bay Brewing Company operates a dozen taprooms in Galway and throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. Started in 2009, their goal is to bring craft beer to the masses, and they are doing a good job of it.

At their taprooms around the country, expect the majority of their taps to be from Galway Brewing although they often have a few others from Irish and international breweries. Look for their Full Sail IPA, Bay Ale Irish red ale, and Buried at Sea, which is their milk stout. Within Galway, look for their beers at Oslo Bar and Salt House, among others. Oslo Bar is the technical home of Galway Brewing.

Oslo Bar Galway, 226 Upper Salthill, a more contemporary beer hall style, with a food menu

Salt House, Raven Terrace, has an almost nautical feel, with 23 craft beers on tap, but no food menu

Bridewell Brewery

We first visited Clifden nearly 20 years ago well before we started to enjoy craft beer. Recently we found ourselves in Clifden and were delighted to discover Bridewell Brewery

Bridewell brews a variety of Irish craft beers including a classic Irish Red Ale, Blonde, Kölsch, and dark Ale. Ideally situated between the Atlantic Ocean and Connemara Hills, this micro-brewery uses soft rainwater from the Connemara Hills to produce their range of beers. If you are traveling through Co. Galway, a stop in Clifden is well worth it. 

Best Pubs In Limerick

Mother Mac’s in Limerick – Known for craft beer and Irish whiskey

Craft Beer In Limerick Ireland

Limerick might not be the craft beer capital of Ireland, but it is our home away from home. It’s also home to one of the best craft beer bars in the country. This is why it warrants serious consideration for food and drink travelers to Ireland. 

We’ve been traveling to Limerick to see family since 1999. In that time, we’ve drank a lot of Guinness at some of our favorite local bars, like Flannery’s on Wickham and Fennessy’s Pub.

In recent years, though, some of the traditional Irish pubs in Limerick started carrying craft beers. This is mostly due to the influence of having two breweries Treaty City Brewing and Crew Brewing in Limerick.

Mother Mac’s

One of the best craft beer bars in Ireland, though, has to be Mother Mac’s in the Market Quarter. The building dates to 1787 and is part of Limerick’s history. It opened in its current form in 2015 and has become a craft beer destination and popular local pub.

In addition to typical Irish beers on tap, they regularly carry many of the Irish craft beers recommended on this list, including Treaty City, Wicklow Wolf, and Kinnegar. They also have an extensive selection of Irish whiskies and an incredibly knowledgeable staff. 

Mother Macs Public House, 8/9 High Street in the Market Quarter, just up the road from the Limerick Milk Market. Check them out Wednesday night for Wing Night when they do a pint and wings from Volcano Wings across the way. They have the widest selection of craft beer in Limerick and pour one of the best pints of Guinness in Limerick.

Treaty City Brewery Limerick Ireland

Treaty City Brewery Limerick Ireland

Treaty City Brewing

It’s been a long way since Treaty City Brewery’s start in a small two-bedroom apartment. Today it is the only craft brewery in County Limerick producing artisan small-batch beers. Handmade using the finest locally sourced ingredients to help support small indigenous enterprises.

Each of their beers is named for something uniquely Limerick related. This includes the Harris Pale Ale named after Limerick-born actor Richard Harris and the Thomond Red Ale, named after nearby Thomond Park, which is home to Munster Rugby. 

Treaty City Brewery, 24 & 25 Nichols Street, across from King John’s Castle in the Medieval Quarter. Tours are available for €18 with prior booking and end in a tasting of three craft beers.

Irish Craft Beer

Crew Brewing Company

The newest addition to Limerick’s growing craft beer scene, Crew Brewing Company opened its doors in 2020. Crew is the brainchild of three friends (Gareth, Jono, and Joel) from Belfast who have a passion for beer, sustainability, and supporting local businesses. Brewing their own beers on-site, the guys at Crew back up their beliefs by featuring several other independent Irish craft beers. Set inside an old fire station, Crew is a welcoming brewery to enjoy a pint (or two).

Crew Brewing Company 35 Thomas Street in the heart of Limerick City. 

Limerick Craft Beer

JJ’s Craft Brewing

At the suggestion of a reader, we’ve finally tasted JJ’s Craft Brewing from Kilmallock in County Limerick. Building on their experience helping other breweries, brewers John Coughlan and Jim Lynch opened JJ’s to point their own touch on Irish Independent Beer. Their lineup of beers includes stouts, ales, and a refreshing Hugo’s Lager, which we really enjoyed. 

JJ’s Craft Brewery Tours: Glenfield Rd, Ardyoul, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick. 60-minute tour, and gift bottle, €10 including VAT. Tours by appointment only.

Other Craft Breweries In Ireland

Although we don’t have suggested beers from every one of the 26 Irish counties, we are making a pretty decent dent. We’ve been ordering craft beer deliveries monthly since moving to Ireland to taste as many as we can. 

Here we include Irish breweries to visit as well as local breweries to track down at craft beer bars in Ireland. Put them together and you can pretty much plan your own Ireland beer tour. Here’s our Irish craft beer list beyond the larger cities.

Western Herd Brewing County Clare Ireland

Western Herd Brewing County Clare Ireland


Western Herd Brewing

Aside from Limerick, we spend most of our time in Ireland in County Clare, just to the west of Limerick.

Western Herd Brewing is brewing award-winning Irish craft beer on land once farmed by their great, great, great, great, great, grandfather. Located in Co. Clare along Ireland’s west coast and they use fresh Irish spring water. Their aim is to brew beers that bring out the characteristics of the land and spirit of Western Ireland.

I like that their labels pay homage to the western Ireland coastline. Look for Western Heard at McHugh’s Bar in Ennis and bottle shops including Next Door Off License in Kilkee. 

Craft Beer In Ireland

Burren Brewery

Since 2011, the Burren Brewery in Lisdoonvarna has been putting its unique stamp on Irish craft beer. The micro-brewery is housed inside the popular Roadside Tavern. The building dates back to 1865 and has been used as a pub, bakery, and back again to a pub/micro-brewery. Using high-quality ingredients as well as some sourced from the nearby Burren, the Burren Brewery exemplifies creativity.

In addition to a lager (Burren Gold) and an Irish red ale (Burren Red), owner Peter Curtin brews up one of the nicest stouts in all of Ireland. There I said it! Burren Black is everything you want in a stout. Creamy, full-bodied, and unbelievably drinkable.

Rounding out Burren’s lineup is Euphoria. A Wild Yeast Gruit beer, Euphoria is brewed with no hops only herbs. The result is a beer that is “sour” but not a sour beer. It’s refreshing, light, and flavorful all at the same time. Best of all, it left us wanting more. If you are within 10 miles of Lisdoonvarna and like craft beer, a trip to the Burren Brewery will not disappoint.

White Gypsy Brewing Tipperary Ireland

White Gypsy Brewing Tipperary Ireland


WhiteField Brewery formerly White Gypsy Brewery

Limerick city lies on the border of both Clare and Tipperary, so we find ourselves crossing back and forth between the counties without even knowing it. 

Founded in 2009, White Gypsy Brewery can trace its origins back to a single pint of cask ale poured at Heathrow Airport in 1993. After a long journey and weathering the Irish Recession of 2008-2011, today White Gypsy is brewing up some of Ireland’s best craft beer. With its state-of-the-art brewery in County Tipperary, White Gypsy is focused on brewing traditional styles of beer.

Having a vision to grow its business locally and organically, White Gypsy has built a loyal following of craft beer drinkers. In addition to traditional ales, they have been uber creative with barrel aging and vintage brews for pure craft beer aficionados. They offer tours and tastings by calling the brewery in advance.

Dungarvan Brewing Company In Waterford

Dungarvan Brewing Company In Waterford


Ballykilcavan Farm and Brewery

From their family farm dating back to 1639, the folks at Ballykilcavan Brewery set out to produce the best 100% Irish, craft beer. How do they do this? They grow their own barley. Source water from their own well. And grow their own hops. That’s what you call dedication and that produces exceptional Irish craft beer.

Led by founder David Walsh-Kemmis, the 13th generation Walsh to run Ballykilcavan Farm, the brewery produces an assortment of craft beers. Their lineup includes IPAs, Pale Ales, and Stouts. Their beers reflect the focus on using “own-grown” ingredients and are a pleasure to drink.


West Kerry Brewery

Located in “The Kingdom,”, West Kerry Brewery is the first microbrewery in Co. Kerry. Opened in 2008, West Kerry Brewery is a one-stop craft beer experience. In addition to the brewery, they operate a 100-year-old pub as well as a four-room lodge across from the brewery. Drawing water from a well directly under the brewery and using Irish malted barley, keeping things local is a priority for West Kerry Brewery. In terms of beers, West Kerry brews up a full range of beers including porters and ales.


Wide Street Brewing Company

Since 2019, Wide Street Brewing Company in Co. Longford has been putting its own spin on Irish craft beer. With a self-proclaimed vision “to brew innovative beers with alternative fermentation methods,” Wide Street features a nice lineup of pale ales, Saisons, and sours, amongst others. Keeping things in-house, Wide Street has produced its own custom yeast which gives its beers a distinctive taste and feel. An innovative brewery, head brewer Sean Colohan is constantly playing with new brewing styles and ingredients.


Dungarvan Brewing Company 

We took our first trip to Waterford in 2010 and found some interesting craft beers as well as Irish gins. Waterford lies just to the east of County Cork. 

Since 2010, Irish microbrewery Dungarvan Brewing Company has been brewing up a wide range of incredible Irish craft beers. Handmade in small batches, Dungarvan features several beers which are vegan-friendly.

Dungarvan brews a core range of beers as well as seasonal and one-off batches. They do not have a tap room. But, tours are available and include the brewing facility with a talk through ingredients, the brewing process, and tasting of a range of their beers. Tours cost €15 and pre-arrangements are required.

Metalman Brewery Company 

In February 2022, Metalman announced their brewery was being taken over by Dublin-based Hopfully Brewing.

Waterford is in Southern Ireland, between Cork and the east coast. Launched in 2011, Metalman Brewery Company offers a regular range and a series of seasonal and specialty beers. It’s named for a navigational aid located along the coast.

Erected in 1823, the Metalman statue was installed after a ship ran aground. It’s an iconic feature on this part of the Irish coastline. Metalman Brewing beers can be found in pubs throughout Waterford, Cork, and Dublin. Look for their art deco-style taps.

We actually found them hard to find, though, in Dungarvan. This might be a 2020 issue and hopefully, they will be easier to find in the future. 

Yellowbelly breweries in Ireland

Yellowbelly Beer Ireland


Yellowbelly Beer

Brewed in Wexford by lovers of beer. That’s what the folks over at Yellowbelly say is their motivation for producing their award winning Irish craft beer. All under the watchful eye of Head Brewer Declan Nixon. 

We were lucky enough to try a lot of Yellowbelly at Mother Macs during their tap takeover. I tried their Castaway passion fruit sour, maybe a little too much. Look for their beers at Grady’s Yard in Waterford and Simon Lambert & Son in Wexford, which is south of Dublin.

Wicklow Wolf Brewery Ireland

Wicklow Wolf Brewery Ireland


Wicklow Wolf Brewery

County Wicklow is located just south of Dublin and gives Cork a run for its money on the availability of craft beer in the South and East of Ireland.

Beginning in 2014, Wicklow Wolf has been brewing a wide range of Irish craft beers, from their home on the east coast of Ireland, in Bray. This includes using high-quality ingredients including hops from their own hop farm, the first commercial hop farm in Ireland in nearly 20 years. They offer brewery tours and tastings for €15, which can be arranged through their website. Look for their wolf marketing on taps and bottles at pubs across Ireland. 

Third Circle Brewery

From humble home brewing roots in Kilcoole, County Wicklow, Third Circle has grown into its current home in Dublin. Brewer Jon Grennan combines his scientific background with his long-time fascination with brewing to produce a variety of independent Irish beers.

Their lineup includes a Rye Stout, Saison, Irish Red Ale, and Belgian style ale with Irish raspberries. For sour lovers, check out their “Reality Sucks” pineapple and grapefruit sour.

O Brother Brewing

With a name like O Brother Brewing, you knew this would be a family affair. Brothers Barry, Brian, and Paddy O’Neill launched the Co. Wicklow-based brewery in 2014.

Since launching the brothers have brewed over 50 different beers. Today, their lineup features several hop-forward IPAs and a jaw-dropping milk stout called the Nightcrawler.

County Kildare Craft Beer


Rye River Brewing

If you are going to make beer, why not set up in a town with a long history of brewing beer? That’s exactly what Rye River Brewing did when they began brewing in Celbridge, Co. Kildare in 2013. Celbridge’s beer brewing tradition dates back to the early 1700s. Today, Rye River continues that tradition, brewing its four brands, McGargles, Grafters, Rye River Seasonal, and Solas. 

Rye River Brewery Experience: Donaghcumper, Dublin Road, Celbridge 90-minute tour, and tasting costs €20 including VAT. Fridays and Saturdays only. Kildare is just west of Dublin, so this makes a good day trip from Dublin. 

Ireland Travel 31 - Craft Beer In Ireland: The Best Irish Craft Beers, Breweries, And Pubs


BRÚ Brewery

Brewing in County Meath since 2013, BRÚ Brewery features two distinct brands, BRÚ and Urban Jungle. The two brands couldn’t be more different. BRÚ showcases more classic Irish beer styles including stouts and red ales. Urban Jungle is a more contemporary brand with a full lineup of bold IPAs. We really enjoyed the BRÚ Lager. A refreshing and clean beer that goes down easy with or without food. 

Boyne Brewhouse

The brewers from Boyne Brewhouse claim to draw their inspiration from the Irish goddess Boann, the mythical creator of the Boyne River. Located in Drogheda, Co. Meath, Boyne Brewhouse is the latest in a long line of Drogheda breweries. In their state-of-the-art brewery, the team at Boyne produces a full suite of award-winning Irish craft beer including a stout, Saison, amber, and pale ales, as well as a lager.


Dead Center Brewing

Located on the banks of the Shannon River in Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Dead Center Brewing is literally in the middle of Ireland’s craft beer scene. The brewery features a solid lineup of beers including its signature beer, the Marooned IPA. To enjoy their beers, Dead Center has a comfy brewpub at the brewery featuring their own beers on tap as well as guest beers from other Irish craft brewers. There’s also a pizza kitchen onsite to enjoy a freshly made pie with your favorite Dead Center draft.

Kinnegar Brewing In County Donegal

Kinnegar Brewing In County Donegal Ireland


Kinnegar Brewing 

I was initially drawn to Kinnegar Brewing by their creative can design. But after drinking their beers, it’s the beer they brew that keeps us coming back for me. Located in Donegal, Ireland’s most northern county, Kinnegar has been brewing exceptional Irish craft beers since 2013. 

Kinnegar brews a wide range of core and seasonal specialty beers. We are particularly fond of their Swingletree Saison and beloved Olan’s Tart. This apple sour is made using locally sourced apples. It’s crisp, refreshing, and has just enough tart that you want more. 

The brewers at Kinnegar don’t filter or pasteurize their beers. They believe this allows the flavors to shine, which you can certainly taste. If you are in Donegal, look for Kinnegar beers at Rathmullan House Pub, with six Kinnegar taps. Kinnegar offer tours for €10 but they must be booked in advance. 


Of all the Irish craft beers we’ve been drinking in 2020, the beers from Sligo have been our favorites so far. They are easy to order direct from the brewery and never disappoint. There might be another road trip to Sligo in our future.

Lough Gill

Looking to help restore Sligo’s lost beer brewing tradition, Lough Gill opened its doors in 2016. Family run, but collaborating with breweries in and outside of Ireland, Lough Gill prides itself on incorporating local indigenous ingredients into its beers.

Their core line includes a range of IPAs, a Kettle Sour Gose (yum), and our personal favorite an 11% Imperial Oatmeal Coffee Cream Stout named Dark Majik.

Brehon Brewhouse In County Monaghan

Brehon Brewhouse In County Monaghan


Brehon Brewhouse 

Brehon Brewery is a small rural brewery based in County Monaghan, which is one of the border counties, only a little more than an hour southwest of Belfast. Their goal is to create distinctive beers made with the deepest dedication to excellence. Brehon offers both a core range of handcrafted beers as well as a few seasonals. If you come across their Crann Beatha Whiskey Aged Imperial Stout, try it. It’s like breakfast and dessert all rolled into one. There is a tap room at the brewery and they also offer tours and unique farm experiences.


Slieve Bloom Brewing Company 

In the heart of Co. Offaly, in the village of Kinnitty, Slieve Bloom Brewing Co. combines quality Irish craft beer with Irish history. Featuring a Stout, Red Ale, and Berry IPA, Slieve pays homage to three local Kinnitty men involved in the 1798 United Irishman rising. Brewing since 2018, Slieve is dedicated to providing high quality Irish craft beer using local ingredients. If you are traveling through the Irish Midlands, a stop at the Slieve Bloom Bar is worth a stop to sample their lineup. 

Slieve Bloom Brewing Company Main Street, The Walk, Kinnitty, Co. Offaly


Carlow Brewing Company  

The Carlow Brewing Company in Moneybeg County Carlow produces under the name O’Hara’s. Carlow is also a border county between Belfast and Dublin. The O’Hara’s beer range focuses on traditional Irish beer styles, including an Irish red ale, Irish stouts, and Irish Pale Ales, as well as a variety of more creative craft beers and barrel-aged brews.

They offer brewery tours on Friday afternoons by appointment only. Try their beers at their own pub Brewery Corner in Kilkenny, about 20 kilometers from the brewery. They pour their own beers as well as international craft beers.

Reel Deel Brewery County Mayo

Reel Deel Brewery County Mayo


Reel Deel Brewery 

I might not be an Irish blonde, but for some reason was drawn to this bottle. Reel Deel Brewery in Crossmolina, County Mayo, is an Irish microbrewery that produces fantastic, full-flavored craft beers. Since 2014 Reel Deel has been focused on producing outstanding local ales using the best handpicked local ingredients. They offer viewings by appointment through their website.


Black Donkey Brewing

County Roscommon is located just north and east of Galway. Black Donkey Brewing is run by a husband and wife team. They learned about craft beer while living in New York and returned home to share what they learned. Started in 2014, their goal is to produce quality craft beer in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way. Look for their characteristic taps with cartoons of donkeys, no surprise there. 

Drink Artisan Cider In Ireland

Drink Artisan Cider In Ireland

Artisan Cider In Ireland

Much like the role Guinness plays in Irish beer drinking, so does Bulmer’s when it comes to cider. I am not a huge cider fan, particularly the commercial and industrial brands like Bulmer’s. They are just too sweet for me. 

There are a handful of artisan cider producers in Ireland who are offering alternatives. Many are using local apples and producing small-batch, high quality ciders. These taste naturally sweet and refreshing. 

The Longueville House Hotel in Mallow, County Cork, is producing artisan cider as well as apple brandy. Dan Kelly’s Cider from County Louth is producing cider from hand-picked apples from their family orchard an hour north of Dublin. Craigies Irish Craft Cider is from County Wicklow. They’ve been using nothing but 100% Irish grown apples since 2012. 

Longways Irish Craft Cider is from County Tipperary and they are a Gold Medal-winning producer of Irish Craft Cider. Their farm is surrounded by nature and home to sixteen Irish honeybee colonies that pollinate the entire orchard. That’s local! For something super unique, check out their Elderflower Cider, which is actually pink!

Johnny Fall Down produces a wide range of award-winning ciders the family behind Killahora Orchards can trace their family business back to 1750. The estate features over 148 varieties of apples and 48 varieties of pears trees from around the world. We are still getting used to Irish cider and tired the Johnny Fall Down Late Apple. I can’t say it was our favorite, but we like it enough to try other ciders from Killahora. Stay tuned. 

It takes a team of 5 dedicated cider lovers to produce Stonewell Craft Cider. Located in the tourist town of Kinsale in Co. Cork, Stonewell produces four award-winning ciders using only the best locally sourced apples. Beyond cider, each year they produce a small amount, only 100 cases, of handmade Irish Apple Wine. We tried their Medium Dry cider which is lightly carbonated and refreshing.

Planning A Visit To Ireland?

Looking to plan a tour to Ireland but don’t want to plan it yourself? I totally understand. Overall, Ireland is an easy place to travel to, particularly because they speak English. But, here are some travel tips to make the most of your stay.

Rental Cars: In order to see the best of the island, though, you need to hit the open roads. If looking to rent a car, we recommend They compare prices at the top rental car companies to get you the best deal. Some travelers don’t like the idea of renting a car in Ireland, though, because they drive on the “wrong” side of the road. It can be a challenge, particularly on narrow and windy roads. 

Recommended Group Tour: As an alternative, we recommend booking a tour through Intrepid Travel. They offer an 8 day tour of both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The tour visits Dublin, Belfast, the Cliffs of Moher, Killarney, and even the Aran Islands. Check out the full itinerary here. We took an Intrepid Tour in Morocco and we would definitely recommend them if you want to book a group tour.


What beer is made in Ireland?

Ireland is home to many craft or independent breweries. But itu2019s also home to some of the biggest beer brands in the World. Arguably the most famous is Guinness. Other Irish beer companies in Ireland include Smithwick’s, Franciscan Well, and O’Hara’s Irish Red. International brands Budweiser and Heineken are also made in Ireland.

How many craft breweries are in Ireland?

Since 2012, the number of craft breweries in Ireland has grown dramatically. There are now over 70 craft breweries spread around Ireland up from only 15 back in 2012. These breweries produce over 500hl of beer each year. Most craft breweries in Ireland produce 1,000hl or less each year.

What is the most popular beer in Ireland?

Ask this question in any pub in Ireland and youu2019ll get 100 different answers. Many say Irish-made Guinness is the most popular beer. Brewed in Dublin since 1759, itu2019s a national institution. Others say that Dutch import Heineken is the most popular beer consumed in Ireland. Regardless, these two beer giants are very people with beer drinks across the island.

Does Ireland have craft beer?

You better believe Ireland has craft beer and some really good ones. Ireland is of course known for Guinness, Murphy’s Irish Stout, and Smithwicks. But in the past 10-15 years, there’s been a surge in the number of craft beers being brewed in Ireland. The future also looks great as with more breweries, the beer keeps getting better.

9 thoughts on “Craft Beer In Ireland: The Best Irish Craft Beers, Breweries, And Pubs

  1. David Black says:

    Be sure to check out JJs Craft Brewing Co in Kilmallock, Co Limerick next time you’re over visiting, quality craft beers and the one and only Blossom Gate light sparkling mead.

    • Amber says:

      Well, that solves a mystery! We tried Blossom Gate, but we didn’t take a photo of the back of the bottle. After, we couldn’t figure out who made it! Are your beers stocked at all at pubs in Limerick city or only the county?

  2. Robin says:

    This is a good rundown of many of the best breweries. The Kinnegar rye is an essential taste, and 8 Degrees has the best pilsner outside of Germany.

    But, come on… “Galway Brewing has a taproom in Limerick called Wickham Tap, which has the feel of a dark, hipster hangout.” Actually, it feels like your friend’s living room, with games available, a chilled vibe, free BBQs, and wonderful sunsets. It reminds me most of a Canadian bar, with which I have perhaps a little too much experience.

    • Amber says:

      Thanks for the comment. We are just not fans of the feel of Wickham Tap, despite being in many times. Even in comparison to many of the traditional Irish pubs in town it just feels dark and dank. I like what they are doing, by trying to bring craft beer across Ireland and know they have many different options in Dublin, many with a different feel. I appreciate you taking the time though.

  3. Amy Clinton says:

    We are delighted that you mentioned Brehon Brewhouse in your article. Come visit us again soon and watch out for our newly branded bottles and cans coming to a supermarket near you soon!

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