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How To Travel For Food

Our number one goal is to help you learn how to travel for food. This starts with choosing your destination.

Our expert tips will help you choose your next culinary travel destination and will help you make the most of your trip when there. Throughout our destination guides we provide tips on what to eat, where to eat, what to drink, and where to drink.

We offer tips on affordable luxury hotels and accommodations as well as food tours and cooking classes. It’s everything you need to learn about the culture of a city or country. Check back regularly as we continue to add new destinations.

How To Use This Culinary Destinations Guide

Included below are three tabs with loads of information to help you plan. Simply select Countries or Cities to find destination specific travel posts. The third tab includes our packing guides. These guides help travelers create perfect packing lists for some of our favorite foodie destinations.


What Is Food Travel

When you think of the average traveler, what comes to mind? For us, it’s that everyone travels for a different reason. Some people like the mountains, some the beach. There are travelers who want to hit every historic spot and every museum along the way. 

Not everyone has to visit a museum on their trip or check out the local temple or cathedral. There is one thing, though, that every traveler has to do – EAT! 

Even though everyone has to eat while traveling, only a small select few of us research what to eat at a destination. An even smaller percentage of us actually travel to a destination solely because of its reputation for food. 

What Is a Food Destination

If you’re like us (and if you’ve read this far, you just might be) you might choose a destination because it has great food. That’s how we’ve ended up in cities or regions that don’t have a great reputation for travel in general. 

This is how we ended up traveling to Genoa, Italy, to learn how they make pesto. It’s how we ended up in Sapporo, Japan, in search of great crab. It’s why Scotland appealed to us – to learn about local food and drink. 

A food destination is a place to go to specifically for culinary travel. Of course there are other things to do there besides eating, but food takes center stage. It’s our way to learn about the local food culture and to experience a destination by traveling through our stomachs!

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