14 Must-Try Jamaican Drinks To Taste In Jamaica

One of the highlights of visiting Jamaica is its delicious cuisine! Richly spiced and filled with delicious fresh produce, Jamaican food is only topped by the quality of Jamaican drinks. With fresh fruit, creamy coconut, and rich spirits making regular appearances, we promise that you’ll love sampling local beverages during your time in Jamaica.

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What To Drink In Jamaica

Jamaican drinks aren’t limited to cocktails and beer. While Jamaican white rum and Red Stripe beer are undeniably tasty, this beautiful nation has many beverages that will delight you and make your holiday truly special.

One thing is certain: Jamaica is famous for its alcohol! Jamaican alcohol tends to be rich, strong and sweet, and comes from traditional recipes using sugar cane and tropical fruit for a unique and tasty beverage. Enjoy Jamaican rum in your cocktails, or sip an easy-drinking Red Stripe on one of the island nation’s many beautiful beaches during your stay. 

For those who don’t imbibe, Jamaica also has many non-alcoholic drinks to suit any taste. The warm climate means that Jamaica is famous for its coffee, and Jamaican bag juice is a favorite beverage for children and adults alike. 

Best Jamaican Drinks To Try

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14 Drinks To Try In Jamaica

While water is the obvious choice in warm weather, make sure you sample some of the delicious Jamaican drinks while on this island paradise! Here are 14 drinks in Jamaica for you to try and maybe find a new favorite!

Jamaican Rum

rum drinks in Jamaica

If there’s one thing that Jamaica is known for, it’s rum. Jamaican rum is famous worldwide for its high quality and delicious taste, and you’ll find it as the base for many local cocktails. Many of the best Jamaican rums are spiced or overproof, so be careful when you take a sip!

With roots in Jamaica’s colonial past, Jamaican rum has played an important part in the island nation’s economy. Slavery may have ended in 1834, but this national drink of Jamaica is still a regular feature in Jamaican rum punch, daiquiris, and other cocktails known around the world. 

Possibly the most well-known is Jamaican Appleton Rum, but there are many Jamaican rum brands to choose from during your stay. Each rum has a different flavor profile depending on the region it’s made, and many cities will offer ‘rum tastings’ to compare and enjoy the different varieties.

Jamaican Beer

drinking Red Stripe in Jamaica

Jamaican beer may not win any awards any time soon, but it’s easy drinking and the perfect thing for a hot day. Red Stripe beer is probably the best known, but the real surprise is the most popular. Guinness Extra Stout is the best-selling brew on the island and is available in every bar and restaurant in Jamaica. 

With a heady, creamy mouthfeel, this Irish beer tastes different in every country due to the water used in its production. Jamaican Guinness is lighter, with a distinctive tang that is both mouthwatering and refreshing. Pick up a pint, and see if you can taste the difference!

Ginger Beer

Found all over the world, ginger beer is a favorite everywhere you turn. Jamaican ginger beer, however, is still considered the best in the world, and tastes just the same as the stuff you drank as a kid. 

Jamaican ginger beer doesn’t use sugar syrup for its trademark sweetness – rather, this delicious drink still contains high levels of sugar cane, which is why it tastes better. With honey, sugar, and lime juice as key ingredients, this Jamaican drink is spicy, refreshing, and like nothing you’ll find anywhere else. The best way to enjoy ginger beer is with Jamaican rum and fresh lime – just like a tropical Moscow Mule!

Sorrel Tea

sorrel tea

Made from the dried buds of the hibiscus flower, this Jamaican drink may sound unusual but trust us – it’s worth a try. You’ll find sorrel tea throughout the Caribbean and Mexico, but locals will tell you that the best brew is made right there on the island. 

Jamaican sorrel is usually mixed with sugar and ginger, then chilled and served over ice. Depending on where you are, it may also be topped with soda water and fresh lime for a truly refreshing hot weather drink. Usually served around Christmas, sorrel is so popular that Red Stripe beer has also released a sorrel flavor – give it a try if you’re feeling brave!

Sea Cat Punch

Now, this is one for the adventurous foodies! ‘Sea cat’ is the Jamaican slang term for octopus, and this unique Jamaican drink is exactly what it sounds like. Sea cat punch is a unique combination of boiled octopus, Jamaican white rum, rum cream, crushed peanuts, and protein powder. Blended with plenty of ice, this Jamaican drink becomes thick and creamy, with a salty taste unlike any you’ve tried before. 

While this national drink of Jamaica isn’t known for its good taste, it is a go-to for Jamaican men looking to enhance their virility. 

Blue Mountain Coffee

blue mountain coffee
Visiting a coffee plantation in Jamaica

Of all the Jamaican drinks on this list, coffee is possibly the safest bet. Known worldwide as one of the best, Jamaican coffee is grown in the Blue Mountain region of the island. Jamaica blue coffee is prized for its delicious taste and high caffeine content by cafes and restaurants around the globe. 

Taking over ten months to grow, Jamaica Blue coffee has a richer, stronger taste than coffee produced elsewhere in the Caribbean. This small island nation produces around five million pounds of coffee beans each year, and absolutely none of it goes to waste. Around 75 percent of Jamaican coffee is exported to Japan alone!

No breakfast in Jamaica or dessert is complete without a cup of Blue Mountain coffee. For a great souvenir on your visit to Jamaica, grab a bag of Jamaica Blue coffee beans on your way to the airport, and recreate the magic at home. 

Jamaican Peanut Punch

A common additive to Jamaican drinks is one you may not have thought of – yes, it’s protein powder! 

Made with peanut protein powder, cream, milk, and spices, Jamaican peanut punch is a local favorite for athletes, bodybuilders, or anyone just looking for a good start to their day. With a texture similar to stout, peanut punch has another benefit – locals believe that these delicious Jamaican drinks are an aphrodisiac!

You’ll find peanut punch sold by street vendors in bags or plastic cups. Many will add secret herbs or spices to claim a competitive advantage, so every blend you try will taste slightly different!

Jamaican Rum Crème

A sweeter variation of Jamaican rum, rum crème comes in several flavors, and is a hit with locals and tourists alike. 

Thick, decadent, and oh-so-tasty, Jamaican rum crème is similar to Kahlua and is a common addition to coffee drinks. Add a shot to your morning caffeine hit with plenty of ice, and enjoy the sweet and refreshing buzz while exploring Kingston or any of Jamaica’s beautiful smaller towns. 

Jamaican Bag Juice

The Jamaican version of cordial, bag juice is a cheap beverage made with water and syrup sold in a bag. Cheap, sugary, and refreshing, these Jamaican drinks can be found on every street corner in brightly colored varieties.

While popular with school children for the sugar hit, bag juice is also an easy thirst quencher for anyone wandering around in the midday sun. Grab one of these vibrant Jamaican drinks for a deliciously sweet treat sure to put a pep in your step!

Ting Jamaican Grapefruit Soda

If you ask any local what their favorite soda is, there’s a great chance that they’ll say Ting! One of the most popular Jamaican drinks, Ting grapefruit soda has been around since the 1950s, and the semi-bitter taste is perfectly refreshing in the warm Jamaican weather. 

Ting is also half of one of the most famous Jamaican cocktails – Ting ‘n’ Sting! Simply mix the Jamaican rum with a generous serve of the soda, then top with fresh lime and plenty of ice for a classically delicious Caribbean beverage. 

Irish Moss

Yet another Jamaican drink with aphrodisiac properties, this unique beverage is not for everyone. Made popular by Irish laborers during the late 19th century, Irish moss is an abundant plant that grows on the shores of the Caribbean islands. Jamaican Irish moss drink is made by boiling the plant, then adding almond milk, nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon. Sometimes compared to a chai latte, this Jamaican drink can be enjoyed hot or cold, and is perfect served over ice. 

Soursop Juice

soursop juice

Soursop may have an unfortunate name, but we can promise that this tropical Jamaican fruit is absolutely delicious! With a taste similar to kiwi fruit and pineapple, soursop juice is just as refreshing as many other tropical fruits in Jamaica and makes a perfect treat during warm weather.

Soursop juice in Jamaica is often served as a punch, combined with non-dairy milk, cinnamon, and, of course, plenty of sugar. This tart, tangy drink also has plenty of health benefits, with antioxidants and vitamins believed by locals to stave off everything from acid reflux to bowel cancer. 

You’ll find soursop juice punch sold by street vendors in large ice-filled vats, so get yourself a cup and see what all the fuss is about!

Planter’s Punch

Also known as Jamaican rum punch, planter’s punch is a favorite cocktail menu item for bars around the world. Simple, cheap, and delicious, this Jamaican drink is sure to have you coming back for more. 

Planter’s punch recipes differ from establishment to establishment, with each place adding its own twist to this classic cocktail. You’re guaranteed to find some combination of fresh tropical juices from local plantations, and a splash of grenadine keeps things sweet. 

A word of warning – Jamaican spirits’ pours are incredibly generous! While the cocktails are delicious, they’re likely to give you a bit of a headache the following morning, so make sure you’ve had plenty of water before you start. 

Bob Marley Cocktail

Bob Marley Cocktail

I couldn’t believe this was a thing until I drank one. Created at the Sandals Resort, this national drink of Jamaica is a tribute to the country’s favorite son, Bob Marley. Layers of mango and strawberry daiquiri come together to form a bright, colorful cocktail using the Rastafarian colors, and the Bob Marley is a favorite for any tourists looking for a good Instagram snap!

Nowadays, this fruity concoction is sold at bars and restaurants around the island. If you don’t drink alcohol, you can even ask for a virgin version – just don’t be surprised if you get some strange looks!

Jamaican Drinks – Too Delicious To Ignore!

During your visit, sampling the local Jamaican drinks is just one way to immerse yourself in the unique culture of this beautiful island! Rooted in centuries of incredible history, all drinks in Jamaica tell a story and one that you’re going to remember forever. Whether you deep-dive into the delicious cocktails or simply stick to sorrel tea, there is a Jamaican drink for you – just make sure not to stick to water for the whole time!

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