Whiskey Gift Sets – The Best Gifts For Whiskey Drinkers 2023

It’s one thing to shop for the perfect drinking accessories for your home. It’s a whole other story when searching for gift ideas for whiskey drinkers. Of course, this can include Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey, or bourbon. The origin of the whiskey doesn’t matter. What matters is trying to find the perfect gifts for whiskey lovers. 

In this post, we share our recommendations for whiskey gift sets. This includes glasses, decanters, flasks, tasting sets, and personalized gifts. 

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Our top 3 picks for gifts for whisky lovers: 

  1. The Ultimate Whiskey Gift Box From The Bro Basket: Best for whiskey lovers who are difficult to shop for
  2. Gennissy Pink Hip Flask Gift Set: Best for more feminine whiskey drinkers 
  3. Whisky Tasting Set With Water Dropper: Best for recreating the feel of a whiskey tasting in Scotland 

Best Whiskey Gifts

Whiskey Gift Sets – The Best Gifts For Whiskey Drinkers 2022
Enjoying a wee dram of whisky in Glasgow, Scotland.

Having lived in Ireland and visited Scotland’s famous Speyside whisky region, we’ve come to learn a few things about whiskey. One of the best things we’ve learned is that whiskey makes a great holiday gift. Building on our knowledge of whisky, we’ve put together this post to help you find the right gift for the whiskey drinker in your life.

I include detailed descriptions below for all of our recommended gifts for Scotch lovers. If short on time, though, feel free to use the table below to find the perfect gift for the whiskey drinker in your life.

All of these whiskey gift ideas can be purchased on Amazon. We recommend Amazon for a few reasons. First, they have so many different options available. That’s why we did the leg work for you to narrow down the options.

Second, we try to recommend products that are part of Amazon Prime, which provides purchasers with free and often super-fast delivery. (Get 30 days of Prime free here.)


places to visit in Scotland - Speyside


The Bro Basket

The Bro Basket offers a wide variety of gift baskets and boxes for all sorts of liquor fans. And, no, they are not just for Bros. Although they can only ship to a handful of US states due to individual state laws, if you are buying a whiskey gift for someone in one of those states (i.e. CA, NJ, NY, etc.) these are a great option. 

Each whiskey gift box comes with a sample of whiskey, along with a handful of paired snacks. Some of the gift boxes come with a silver flask. The Bro Basket has a variety of options, but here are some of our favorites: 



This Whiskey Stones Gift Set by Royal Reserve has everything you need to properly drink whiskey at home. Whiskey stones are the main alternative to using ice in whiskey. Whereas the ice melts and waters down the drink, the whiskey stones chill the drink while maintaining flavor. 

This whiskey gift pack includes two glasses Old Fashioned-style glasses, two coasters, and a set of whiskey stones. They are packaged in a lovely wooden box. The whiskey stones are made of granite slate, which chills well and looks rustic, and can be stored in a velvet bag when in the freezer to prevent them from absorbing odors from the freezer. The stones are non-porous, odorless, and FDA-approved. 

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As an alternative, the Aged & Ore Duo Glass Whiskey Gift Set includes a set of double-walled, hand-blown glasses to help keep the whiskey chilled. The glasses are bell-shaped to allow for improved aroma as well as aeration of ethanol, which is what makes alcohol smell “strong.” The lines on the outside help measure the pour, with each line representing one ounce.

The whiskey gift box also includes two silicon ice molds. For people who like ice in their whiskey (I sometimes do) one large ice cube is preferred over multiple normal ice cubes because the ice melts slower. This avoids over-dilution of the drink. The whiskey box set can also be ordered with four glasses here

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For something a little more simple, this Exclusive Whiskey Stones Gift Set focuses more on the whiskey stones than the glasses. It includes 8 reusable stainless steel ice cubes along with a freezer tray to chill the cubes. The gift box also includes coasters and a set of barman tongs with rubber ends, which are the best tongs to use with whiskey stones. 

The stones are FDA-approved and BPA-free. They are rounded at the edges to prevent them from scratching the glass. Just rinse them with water to clean them after use. Dry them well and place them back in the freezer for about two to three hours. Most of all, this is a pretty classy gift set. 

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Whiskey Decanter Sets


This Art Deco Whiskey Decanter Set is a great option when it comes to decanter sets because it is a little more modern than the typical cut crystal whiskey glasses you often see. This set is made from lead-free crystal in a timeless art deco design. The decanter holds up to 800 milliliters of liquor. The typical liquor bottle is about 750 ml in comparison. It comes with a set of four 10-ounce tumblers, making them the perfect size for both Old Fashioned cocktails and whiskey on the rocks. 

This set comes in a presentation box, which means it doesn’t need to be gift-wrapped. It is also dishwasher safe although hand washing is recommended. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee too. 

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For a scotch set that is a little more traditional in design try this Regal Trunk Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set. Like our other recommendations, this set is made of 100% lead-free crystal, which is dishwasher friendly. The decanter is paired with a set of four whiskey glasses. The glasses are classic in design and intended for scotch or bourbon on the rocks or for use with ice. The decanter has good heft and weight in the hand and is chip-resistant.

The entire set comes in a lovely package making it a great scotch gift. It’s a classic design and perfect for any whiskey drinker.

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The Wine Savant Diamond Whiskey Decanter Set is another option for a more contemporary-looking decanter whisky set. It includes a diamond decanter, with diamond-shaped glasses on an asymmetrical mahogany base. The entire set is made of 100% lead-free crystal. The set of two glasses is made to consistently rest on an angle without falling over. This is an interesting way to aerate the whiskey and allow the aromas to be fully enjoyed.

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Whiskey Hip Flask Gift Sets

I love the idea of a hip flask and here I make a few recommendations. Yes, some of them are a little traditional, even if they are unique. I am also recommending one that would make a great whiskey gift for her! It’s not common to find whiskey gifts for women and we shouldn’t be left out. After all, I have been drinking scotch way longer than Eric has! 


This Gennissy Pink Hip Flask Gift Set for women is elegant and feminine and a great scotch gift for women. The stainless steel flask is wrapped in pink leather and comes with four 1 oz cups and a funnel. 

The flask set comes in a gift box and was tested to ensure it is 100% leakproof. This makes it safe to pop into a purse or handbag.

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The GENNISSY Stainless Steel Flask Gift Set is a little different than your typical flask. It is an eight-ounce stainless steel flask wrapped in brown leather, with a funnel and three glasses. The glasses tuck into the cap of the flask for easy transport. All of this is delivered in a little gift box making it a great whiskey gift set for him as an alternative to the rose gold and sparkling flasks above! There are loads of options for masculine gifts for him in this category. 

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Whiskey Tasting Sets

When it comes to true whiskey aficionados, any way you can help them to taste whiskey better will be appreciated. This is true whether the preferred beverage is scotch whisky, Irish whiskey, or bourbon. Each of these whisky tasting gift sets will do just that. 


Taste like the professionals with this Barrel-Art 5 Glass Premium Whisky Tasting Set. When we visited Moray Speyside in Scotland most of our tastings were conducted in this type of glass. Several of our tastings also occurred on a wood panel just like this one. We cover what type of glass should be used to taste whiskey in our Whiskey Glass Guide. This particular set includes 5 Glencairn glasses, the only glasses approved by the Scotch Whiskey Association

For bourbon lovers, check out this set of four bourbon-tasting glasses with a wood panel. 

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For a little more elegance, this Whisky Tasting Set With Water Dropper is as beautiful to display as it is to use. This set also includes a Glencairn whisky tasting glass set on a wood plank. It also includes a glass whiskey dropper to drop the perfect amount of water into the glass for tasting. With an added touch of class, the top of the dropper includes a small glass pot still, the ultimate symbol of the scotch whisky regions in Scotland.

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Now we are talking about a whisky tasting gift set for the scotch lover who’s planning a big trip. We saw this type of tasting when in Speyside, Scotland. For people who want to save some of their tasting drams or for drivers who can’t enjoy their drams at the distillery, people often bring their own tasting kits with them. This Whisky Connoisseur Master Class Whisky Tasting Kit can be filled and labeled, along with tasting notes whenever doing a tasting, whether that’s in ScotlandIreland, or Tennessee. 

The traveler’s tasting set includes 12 small glasses and a funnel to fill them up. It also includes a tasting journal to take notes. It fits right inside a suitcase for easy travel. This is the ultimate whiskey tasting gift. 

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Personalized Whiskey Gifts

You might be surprised to know that there are a lot of options for personalized whiskey sets on Amazon. This is a great way to purchase a personalized gift because it can be mailed directly to your gift recipient. Some of the gift options available include just initials, but others include last names as well. 


This Personalized Whiskey Decanter and Glasses Gift Set come with a decanter that holds up to 26 ounces. The gift set also includes two glasses. You can have the set engraved at no extra fee with a variety of options. They actually offer six different styles, from super traditional to contemporary. You can even include a birthday or other date on the engraving. 

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Another option is this Personalized Whiskey Stone Set. It’s made by the same company as the personalized whiskey glass set with a decanter from above. The box is a bamboo gift box, which can be engraved at no extra cost. There are similar engraving options from traditional to contemporary. Inside the box are nine stainless steel whiskey stones, a tong, and a velvet bag for freezing.

Get more ideas for personalized gifts here

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What to get someone who likes whiskey?

Perhaps more so than wine, buying a gift for somebody who likes whiskey can be very difficult. A bottle of good whisky can easily cost $50. If you don’t want to spend that much, there are several great gifts to buy. From whiskey-inspired home decor to a monogrammed hip flask, these gifts would make any whisky lover happy.

What are examples of unique whiskey gifts?

There’s no shortage of unique whiskey gifts that would make the perfect Christmas or birthday present. There are companies that specialize in using reclaimed whiskey barrels to make a wide range of gifts including wristwatches. How about a whisky glass that doubles as a cigar holder? Or how about a set of whiskey stones to cool your glass of whiskey instead of ice?

What are Whisky Stones?

Whiskey stones are a natural alternative to using ice to cool whiskey. Made from soapstone, whisky stones are odorless and non-porous which allows them not to interfere with the taste of whiskey. Place them in the freezer in between uses and simply add them to a glass of whisky. There’s no melting so the whiskey doesn’t become watered down.

Is whiskey a good Christmas gift?

So long as the person likes whiskey, whiskey is a great whiskey gift. Unlike a bottle of wine that can quickly be finished, a bottle of whiskey can last months if not a year. This makes it a great value for the money.

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