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We’ve taken a few trips to Prague since our first visit to the Czech Republic years ago. Early trips focused entirely on eating Czech food and drinking Czech beer. During recent trips, though, we’ve explores more contemporary dining options and some more unusual things to do in Prague. It’s been amazing to see the changes to the city over the years. Most notable is the idea that Prague was once an up-and-coming destination in Eastern Europe and now it is one of the most popular cities to visit in Europe.

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How To Visit Prague Czech Republic (Czechia)

Based on all of our trips to the city, and around the country, we’ve come up with our top Prague travel tips. In this Prague travel guide, we share our top tips for how to enjoy this beautiful and historic city. We share tips on how to plan the perfect Prague travel itinerary, including what and where to eat and where to stay in Prague.

An early note. Recently, the Czech Republic started to use the name Czechia. The Czech Republic was once known as Czechoslovakia, when it was joined with what is now known as Slovakia. After the Cold War, Czechoslovakia split into Slovakia and the Czech Republic. For ease, I continue to use the name Czech Republic as that is how the travel community continues to refer to the country. It’s possible in the future I will change the name here, but I might use the names interchangeably. The nomenclature doesn’t affect Prague sightseeing in any way.

How To Visit Prague For Food

Where Is Prague

Spanning the Vltara River in northwest Czech Republic, Prague is the capital and largest city. The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe, bordered by Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Poland. Home to over a million residents, Prague is also home to a number of UNSECO World Heritage Sites, including its most famous attraction, the Charles Bridge. Over a thousand years old, Prague is the fourth most visited city in Europe trailing only London, Paris, and Rome.  

When To Visit Prague

Like most major tourist destinations, Prague sees most of its visitors during the summer months. While its winters can be rather cold, with temperatures below zero, the spring and early autumn remain the best time to visit Prague. These are also the times when tourist numbers are lower.

Prague is the perfect city to visit throughout the year, particularly with the large numbers of events and festivals. Prague sees a spike in visitors for both the Easter and Christmas holidays when the city is decorated and markets are open. The city also hosts a Czech beer festival in May, when it also hosts its own Fringe Festival, similar to the one hosted in Edinburgh.

Prague Travel Blog – How To Visit Prague Czech Republic

What To Do In Prague – Top Prague Attractions

Charles Bridge is by far one of Prague’s main attractions, and also has to be one of the most beautiful places in Prague, particularly during the early morning hours. Lined with statues and with beautiful views of both the Vltara River and Prague Castle, this 14th Century bridge is the perfect setting for a selfie. Crossing Charles Bridge will lead you to another site not to miss, Prague Castle. Dating from the 9th Century, Prague Castle remains the seat of power in the Czech Republic where the President of the Czech Republic maintains his office. Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the World.

Head back over Charles Bridge to visit a 600 year old marvel, the Prague Astronomical Clock, another Prague must see. Adjacent to Prague’s Old Town Square, the clock, mounted on the Old Town Hall, is one of the most visited Prague points of interest. Adorned with depictions of the sun and moon as well as a number of animated figures, the clock puts on a show at the top of every hour. Together, these are some of the most popular Prague tourist spots, but wander just a few blocks in either direction to find a more authentic Prague experience.

For museum lovers some find the best museum in Prague to be the Jewish Museum. The museum is located in a collection of buildings in Prague’s Jewish Quarter. Also visit the Old Jewish Cemetery, which is home to over 12,000 gravestones.

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Weekend In Prague Itinerary – A Prague Weekend Guide

Although we’ve done a few week-long trips to Prague, we know this is not common for most travelers. Many travelers visit Prague over a weekend, or a long weekend. It is still possible to see all of the top sights in Prague in only a few days. Spend most of the time wandering across the Charles Bridge into Mala Strana and climb up the hill to Prague Castle. After, walk south towards the Most Legii, the bridge south of the Charles Bridge, to see the views up the river.

At the end of the Most Legii there is an outdoor beer garden with stunning views. After walk up Narodni to stop at Pivovar Narodni for a house-brewed beer and traditional Czech food. Try the beef tartare, followed by the pork knuckle (particularly if not traveling solo – it’s a big dish). Looking for what to do in Prague at night? There is no shortage of great places to drink beer, but there has also been an explosion in the number of cocktail bars and hip clubs in recent years.

Stuff to do in Prague - Drink Schnapps

Many times a weekend in Prague involves stag parties and drunken mayhem. It’s a sad truth. But, there are some amazing and unique things to do in Prague, particularly involving food and drink. One of the top things to see in Prague is to wander through the Jewish Quarter to learn some of the history of the city. After walk through the Prague Old Town and visit the Astronomical clock.

Enjoy some Czech Street food on the square, including the trdelník, a pastry cooked on a spit and sprinkled with cinnamon or sugar. Visit one of our favorite places to eat and drink in Prague, Lokal. With several locations around the Czech Republic, Lokal is a typical beer hall with great traditional Czech dishes. We could spend hours eating and drinking there. After, just bar hop around the neighborhood, alternating between outdoor beer halls and indoor tank beer bars serving fresh Czech beer. Finish the day with a shot of Slivovica, a local Czech liquor, similar to schnapps.

Prague Where To Go - Pilsen

Prague Day Trips – Pilsen

If you have the time, there are some places to visit near Prague which can be added into a Prague itinerary. One of our top recommendations for cool things to do in Prague is to escape for a day to nearby Pilsen. Of course, planning a trip to Prague has to include beer, but learning about the history of pilsner beer in Prague and tasting a beer in the old tunnels beneath the Pilsner Urquell Brewery was one of our Prague highlights.

FAQs – Prague Travel Blog

What is the best month to go to Prague?

Like many popular European cities, the Spring and Fall are the best times to visit Prague. The city welcomes most of its tourist in the Summer months. Accommodations are more expensive and many of the popular attractions are crowded. Prague can be cold in the Winter but its also less crowded.

Is Prague expensive to visit?

Compared to the likes of London, Paris, and Amsterdam, Prague is a fairly inexpensive city to visit. The city has a wide range of hotels which can cut down on costs. Public transport is easy to use and cheap. Restaurants away from the many tourist sites are also less expensive.

How many days do I need in Prague?

Prague is a city that can be explored in 4-5 days. If you plan for longer you are able to explore some of the smaller nearby town. But in order to see the main attractions in Prague, 4-5 days is sufficient.