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Italy is loved for its culture, history, art, fashion, beverages and cuisine. Famous for its mountains, ancient monuments, and beautiful beaches and coastlines. Italy is one of those destinations where a single visit is not enough. Particularly when it comes to food and drinks, Italy is one of our favorite destinations and you will surely understand why, once you read all of the exciting information and tips we have in store for you.

Italy Travel Guide – Ultimate Italy Packing List

Italy Packing List And Guide: After 20 years of travel to Italy, we've created our [...]


Florence Food Guide – 7 Best Restaurants in Florence, Italy

Florence has been one of my favorite Italian cities to visit since my first time [...]

Rome Food Guide – Where to Eat The Best Pasta in Rome, Italy

Like many Argentines, I have Italian heritage – in fact, my grandmother was from Bari [...]

18 Traditional Italian Snacks To Eat In Italy

Who loves snacks? The Italians certainly do. Our post details some of the most popular [...]

Bologna Food – Best Restaurants In Bologna Italy

Bologna Food Guide: A Bologna food guide on what to eat in Bologna, from the [...]

Naples Food: 23+ Must-Eat Foods In Naples Italy

Naples Food Guide and Blog: Ultimate guide on what to eat in Naples Italy, including [...]

Bologna Travel Blog – How To Visit Bologna Italy

Bologna Travel Blog: Bologna travel guide with everything to plan a trip to Bologna Italy [...]

Parma Travel Blog – How To Visit Parma Italy

Parma Travel Blog And Guide: Tips on how to visit Parma Italy from the author [...]

How To Book The Best Naples Food Tour

A guide on how to find the best Naples Food Tour, including options for cooking [...]

Best Time To Visit Italy – When To Plan Your Trip To Italy

After 20+ years of travel to Italy, we share our expert advice on when is [...]

Where To Find The Best Pizza In Naples Italy

A Naples Pizza Guide: Where to find the best pizza in Naples Italy, the history [...]

Advice On Traveling To Italy – 15 Tips For Italy Travel

Heading to Italy for the first time? Our Italy travel tips post is packed with [...]

Best Tuscany Cities And Towns – Where To Day Trip From Florence

Beat the crowds of Florence and explore some of the best Tuscany cities and towns [...]

12 Of The Prettiest Small Italian Towns And Villages Worth A Trip

Escape the Italian cities and crowded tourist attractions for one of our favorite small Italian [...]

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12+ Tips For Driving In Italy For The First Time

We've learned these top tips for driving in Italy over our last 20 years of [...]

10+ Must-Visit Towns In The Amalfi Coast Italy

Demystify Amalfi Italy, with our recommendations for the best villages and towns in the Amalfi [...]

9 Italian Riviera Cities And Towns You Must Visit

Looking to explore adorable Italian coastal villages, then check out our list of the best [...]

8 Best Cities In Italy For Food – Where To Find The Best Food In Italy

After 20+ years of travel to Italy, we chose the 8 best food cities in [...]

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16 Of The Best Italian Pastries To Eat When Traveling In Italy

Whether for breakfast or a snack, these Italian pastries are worth the trip to Italy. [...]

Modena Travel Blog – How To Visit Modena Italy

Modena Travel Blog And Guide: Tips on how to visit Modena Italy from the author [...]

How To Order Coffee In Italy – An Italian Coffee Menu Explained

How to order coffee in Italy like a local: Understanding an Italian coffee menu so [...]

Italian Craft Beer Guide – How To Find Craft Beer In Italy

Italian Craft Beer Guide: Tips on how to find craft beer in Italy and some [...]


What Is Mortadella

What is Mortadella and Italian Bologna: How it is made, its difference from American baloney; [...]

What Is Parma Ham

What Is Parma Ham? A guide to Italian Prosciutto di Parma from the author of [...]

Italian Drinks Guide – 20+ Drinks Of Italy You Must Try

Italian Drinks Guide: Our guide to what to drink in Italy, including Italian cocktails, Italian [...]

Sardinian Food Guide – What To Eat In Sardinia Italy

Sardinian Food Guide And Blog: Where and what to eat in Sardinia, with pasta dishes [...]

Genoa Food Guide – The Best Ligurian Food To Eat In Genoa Italy

Genoa Food Guide: What to eat in Genoa Italy focusing on traditional Ligurian food with [...]

Parma Food Guide – Where And What To Eat In Parma Italy

Parma Food Guide And Blog: Guide on where and what to eat in Parma Italy [...]

Piedmont Food – The Best Of Eating In Piedmont Italy

In Northern Italy, Piedmont food stands unique, with loads of great Italian food products to [...]

Sweet And Tangy Traditional Italian Lemon Cake Recipe

This authentic and traditional Italian lemon cake recipe is soft, sweet, and tangy, the perfect [...]

Easy Gluten-Free Focaccia Bread Recipe

This easy Gluten-Free Focaccia Bread Recipe is a great alternative to the traditional recipe for [...]

Traditional Ligurian Focaccia – An Authentic Italian Focaccia Recipe

This Ligurian focaccia recipe is salty and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the [...]

Modena Food Guide – Best Modena Restaurants & What To Eat

Modena Food Guide And Blog: A guide to the best Modena restaurants, bars, and gelato [...]

8 Italian Breakfast Foods You Must Try

Grab a coffee and enjoy one of these tasty Italian breakfast foods, including the most [...]

The Best Italian Desserts – Recipes To Try At Home

Our list of the best Italian dessert recipes that you can make at home, including [...]

Puglia Food Guide – What To Eat In Puglia Italy

In this Puglia food guide, learn what to eat in Puglia Italy, with recommendations on [...]

Italian Fruits Guide: 9 Fruits From Italy To Eat

Traveling to Italy? Here are our recommendations for the best Italian fruits you must eat [...]

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