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Spain Travel Guide

Spain is by far one of our favorite destinations. Not only can you find some of the world’s most beautiful scenic views unique architecture, you can also enjoy endless food and drink experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. Spain’s footprint is vast, will always leave you wanting more, and we are here to help guide you through your Spanish journey.

Barcelona Travel Guide – Best Hotels in Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and one of the largest metropolises in the European [...]

Málaga Food Guide – 5 Best Restaurants in Málaga

When I visited Málaga in 2021, I was lucky enough to have a lifelong friend [...]

7 Must-Try Spanish Tapas Happy Hour Spots in Madrid

Who doesn’t love tapas? The people who haven’t tried them yet, that’s who! As someone [...]

Madrid Food Guide – 7 Must-Try Michelin Star Restaurants in Madrid

One of the things I love most about Madrid and why I have visited several [...]

Barcelona Food Guide – Best Food Markets in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of my favorite cities to visit in Europe. It has definitely also  [...]

19 Of The Best Authentic Spanish Tapas Recipes

Here’s our ultimate list of the best Spanish tapas recipes we learned living in Spain [...]

15 Of The Best Spanish Dessert Recipes

The best Spanish dessert recipes that you can make at home | Crema Catalana, arroz [...]

Croquetas De Jamon Recipe – Spanish Croquettes With Ham

These creamy croquetas de jamon recipe is a traditional tapas recipe for Spanish croquettes with [...]

San Sebastian Pintxos Guide – What To Eat in San Sebastian Spain

Ultimate San Sebastian Pintxos Guide - A Spanish resident's guide to what to eat in [...]

23 Of The Best Tapas In Seville Spain – Seville Food Guide

Seville Food Guide And Blog: How to find the best tapas in Seville Spain from [...]

Madrid Food Guide – What To Eat In Madrid Spain

Madrid Food Guide And Blog: Travel tips on what to eat in Madrid Spain from [...]

The Best Rioja Wineries And Bodegas To Tour In Spain

Rioja Wineries Guide: How to tour the best Rioja bodegas and wineries and everything you [...]

San Sebastian Travel Blog – How To Visit San Sebastian Spain

San Sebastian Travel Blog: San Sebastian travel guide with top tips on how to visit [...]

Spain Travel Guide – An Expert’s Guide on What To Pack for Spain

Ultimate Spain Packing List: An expert guide on what to wear in Spain, what to [...]

Ensaladilla Rusa Recipe – Spanish Potato Salad

This Ensaladilla Rusa recipe is a perfect Spanish tapa or side dish. An easy to [...]

Barcelona Craft Beer Guide – Drinking The Best Craft Beer In Barcelona

Barcelona Craft Beer Guide with 22+ recommendations for breweries, brew pubs, and craft beer bars [...]

Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms Tapa

This chorizo stuffed mushrooms recipe makes the perfect modern Spanish tapa. These chorizo mushrooms are [...]

Pamplona Travel Blog – How To Visit Pamplona Spain

Pamplona Travel Blog: A Pamplona travel guide with tips on how to get to Pamplona [...]

Carrilladas De Cerdo Recipe – Spanish Braised Pork Cheeks

This carrilladas de cerdo recipe is a traditional recipe for Spanish braised pork cheeks, a [...]

Malaga Travel Blog – How To Visit Malaga Spain

Malaga Travel Blog: A Malaga travel guide with tips on what and where to eat [...]

Spanish Drinks Guide: The 14 Drinks Of Spain You Must Try

Want to drink what the Spanish drink? Our Spanish Drinks Guide covers all you need [...]

Huevos Rotos Recipe – Spanish Broken Eggs With Jamon

This huevos rotos recipe is one of our Spanish comfort foods! Add a bit of [...]

Salsa Bravas Recipe – Spanish Bravas Sauce For Potatoes

Want to make authentic potatoes bravas at home? Then, you will need to make a [...]

Arroz Con Leche Recipe – Spanish Rice Pudding

This easy arroz con leche recipe, with only a few ingredients, is a creamy Spanish [...]

Padron Peppers Recipe – Spanish Pimientos De Padron

This Padron peppers recipe is an easy-to-make classic Spanish tapas recipe with only 3 ingredients [...]

Piquillo Peppers – Spanish Tuna Stuffed Peppers

This piquillo peppers recipe, or Spanish tuna stuffed peppers, is a classic Spanish tapa for [...]

Salsa Mojo Picon Rojo – Canarian Mojo Recipe

This mojo picon rojo recipe is an easy to make version of a traditional Canarian [...]

Rabo De Toro Al Vino Tinto – Spanish Oxtail Stew

This rabo de toro recipe is a classic Spanish oxtail stew, which is super rich [...]

Champinones Al Ajillo – Spanish Mushroom Tapas Recipe

This recipe for champinones al ajillo is a traditional Spanish mushroom tapas recipe that is [...]

Canarian Potatoes Recipe – Papas Arrugadas

This Canarian potatoes recipe is easy to make at home. Only 3 ingredients to make [...]

Calle Laurel Pinchos Guide: The Famous Logrono Spain Food Street

Calle Laurel Pinchos Guide: How and what to eat in Logrono Spain, with a focus [...]

Tenerife Food Guide – What To Eat In Tenerife Spain

Tenerife Food Guide: food and drink blog about what to eat in Tenerife, Canary Islands, [...]

Chorizo Al Vino Tinto Recipe- Spanish Chorizo In Red Wine

This chorizo al vino tinto recipe is a classic tapas recipe for Spanish chorizo in [...]


Seville Travel Blog – How To Visit Seville Spain

Seville Travel Blog: This Seville travel guide provides everything you need to plan a visit [...]

Catalan Food Guide: Must Eat Catalan Cuisine And Dishes

Catalan Food Guide For Travelers - Guide to Catalan cuisine for travelers Barcelona, Girona, and [...]

Cordoba Food Guide – What And Where To Eat In Cordoba Spain

Cordoba Food Guide And Blog: What and where to eat in Cordoba Spain, from a [...]


Classic Spanish Ropa Vieja Recipe With Chickpeas

This traditional Spanish ropa vieja Canarias, is a Canary Island inspired ropa vieja with garbanzos, [...]

Berenjenas Con Miel Recipe – Spanish Fried Eggplant With Honey

This berenjenas con miel recipe is a homemade version of Spanish fried eggplant with honey. [...]

Tenerife Wine Guide – How To Go Wine Tasting In Tenerife

Tenerife Wine Guide: Everything you need to know about wine tasting in Tenerife, the Canary [...]

18 Of The Best Tapas In Malaga Spain – Malaga Food Guide

Malaga Food Guide And Blog: How to find the best tapas in Malaga Spain from [...]

Valencia Food Guide – What To Eat In Valencia Spain

Valencia Food Guide & Blog: What to eat in Valencia Spain from a Spanish resident, [...]

Tangy Spanish Carrots – Marinated Carrots Recipe

This tangy Spanish carrots recipe makes a perfect salad, side dish, or tapas dish. It's [...]

Gran Canaria Wine Guide – Tasting Canary Islands Wine

Gran Canaria Wine Guide: How to tour Gran Canaria in search of Gran Canarian wine [...]

Gran Canaria Food Guide – What To Eat In Gran Canaria Spain

Gran Canaria Food Guide: A guide on where and what to eat in Gran Canaria [...]

11 Tasty Spanish Vegan Tapas Recipes

Think there aren't options for vegans when cooking tapas at home, check out our list [...]

13 Must-Eat Spanish Snacks

Spain's incredible food even extends to snacks. Our post details 13 must eat Spanish snacks [...]

Spain Food Guide – What To Eat In Spain

Spain Food Guide: What to eat in Spain, with some of our favorite food destinations [...]

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How To Find The Best Tapas In Granada Spain

How to find the best tapas in Granada Spain, including how to score the best [...]

Calamares Fritos Recipe – Authentic Spanish Calamari

This calamares fritos recipe is a classic tapas recipe for breaded Spanish calamari, one of [...]

Hearty Spanish Chorizo and Lentil Stew

This savory and authentic Spanish chorizo and lentil stew recipe makes a hearty meal or [...]

Authentic Salsa Romesco Recipe – Catalan Pepper Sauce

This salsa romesco recipe is a versatile, vegan Catalan pepper sauce that works well on [...]

Solomillo A La Pimienta – Spanish Pork Steak With Creamy Pepper Sauce

This solomillo a la pimienta recipe is a creamy and decadent Spanish pork recipe, with [...]

Spanish Spinach And Chickpeas – Espinacas Con Garbanzos Recipe

This authentic espinacas con garbanzos recipe is inspired by a classic Spanish spinach and chickpeas [...]

Traditional Spanish Chorizo And Beans Recipe

Learned while living in Spain, this traditional Spanish chorizo and beans recipe is an easier [...]

Traditional Vegetarian Spanish White Beans Stew Recipe

This super easy-to-make vegetarian Spanish white beans stew makes a filling main course. Or it [...]

Mini Burnt Cheesecake Recipe – San Sebastian Cheesecake

This mini burnt cheesecake recipe is a bite-sized interpretation of the classic Basque or San [...]


Chorizo A La Sidra – Spanish Chorizo In Cider Recipe

This Spanish chorizo a la sidra recipe is an easy to make Spanish tapas recipe. [...]

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Solomillo Al Pedro Ximenez Recipe- Pork With Pedro Ximenez Sauce

This Solomillo al Pedro Ximenez recipe takes me back to Andalusia, Spain, with a decadent [...]

Patatas A Lo Pobre Recipe – Spanish Poor Man’s Potatoes

These Spanish poor man's potatoes, or patatas a lo pobre recipe, became a staple recipe [...]

Spanish Alioli Garlic Sauce – An Easy To Make Spanish Aioli Recipe

This Spanish alioli garlic sauce recipe is an easy-to-make, vegan Spanish aioli recipe with a [...]

Spanish Pisto Recipe – Vegan Spanish Ratatouille

This Spanish pisto recipe is a fresh and tasty vegan tapas recipe most often called [...]


Mediterranean Roasted Red Pepper And Goat Cheese Dip

A creamy and versatile Mediterranean roasted red pepper dip made with creamy goat cheese is [...]

Pollo Ajillo Recipe – Spanish Garlic Chicken

This pollo ajillo recipe is a classic Spanish garlic chicken dish popular in Andalusia, Spain. [...]

Fruits From Spain: Spanish Fruits To Eat When Traveling

Traveling to Spain? Here are our recommendations for the best Spanish fruits you must eat [...]

El Celler de Can Roca Menu And Pricing- What To Expect

Dining at Can Roca in Girona, Spain, is an experience. Here's what to expect including [...]


Spanish Breakfast Foods You Must Try

Breakfast anyone? Our Spanish breakfast guide explores the best dishes to try when starting your [...]