Must Eat Dominican Snacks To Try In The DR

The Dominican Republic is quickly gaining popularity as a foodie destination in the Caribbean. In addition to mouthwatering stews and seafood, Dominican snacks are drawing in hungry travelers from around the world. In this post, we will look at seven Dominican snacks you must try in the Dominican Republic.

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Must-Try Dominican Republic Snacks

Dominican food is one of the most underrated cuisines in the Caribbean. Naturally, Jamaican food comes to everyone’s mind when they think of the best food in the Caribbean. With a blend of African, European (Spanish), and local flavors, Dominican food offers a broad palate of tastes.

Many travelers to the Dominican head straight to an all-inclusive resort and never until returning to the airport. While this is perfectly fine and many resorts offer a taste of Dominican food, it’s difficult to find authentic Dominican snacks and Dominican desserts. To help prevent this, we’ve come up with a tasty list of must try Dominican snack food that hopefully gets you out and exploring.

Lime Squash

Lime squash in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a tropical paradise that produces a wide range of fresh fruits including limes. And while the expression might be “if you have lemons, make lemonade” the same can be said if you have limes. And when you have temperates above 70 degrees Fahrenheit all year round, you’re going to want some cool and refreshing to drink. Hence the Lime Squash.

A lime squash is as basic a non-alcoholic drink as you can make. One, squeeze a few limes. Two, add a pinch or two of local Dominican sugar. Pour in some carbonated water, stir, and serve. The sugar helps cut down the natural tartness of the limes making a Lime Squash very enjoyable on a hot day.

Morir Soñando – Orange And Milk Drink

Refreshing, delicious, and nutritious. Those are just a few ways to describe a Morir Soñando. Loosely translated to “to die dreaming” a Morir Soñando must-try snack (drink) when visiting the Dominican Republic. 

A Morir Soñando contains a unique blend of ingredients. Many wouldn’t ever think to mix together, but the outcome is unforgettable. A Morir Soñando is made by mixing evaporated milk and fresh orange juice on a two-to-one ratio. Vanilla extract and sugar can be added to the desired sweetness. It’s typically served over ice and served throughout the day.


Accra in the Dominican Republic

Accra is a type of fritter usually found in Caribbean cuisine. They are often made using fresh or salt fish. Accra can also be made using shrimp. For those who are vegan or vegetarian, you’ll find versions of accra made using beans and peas. 

If you travel enough, you’ll learn that accra a common dish found around the world. And most of the time, accra is made using similar methods A batter of flour and water is made to coat fish or shrimp. Local chilies or herbs are added for flavor. Once the fish or shrimp is coated, it’s quickly fried in hot oil.

The original idea for accra is widely believed to have originated in Africa.

Black Pudding

Dominican style black pudding

Amber and I have certainly eaten our fair share of blood pudding. In two of the places we’ve lived, Ireland and Spain, blood sausage is very popular. And tasty. The same can be said about the blood sausages in the Caribbean. Almost everywhere you go in the Caribbean, including the DR, you’re going to come across black sausage. And why not? It’s cheap, easy to make, and doesn’t require many ingredients.

Unlike in Ireland where blood sausage is eaten at breakfast, in the DR, it’s definitely more of a snack food. This isn’t to say that you won’t find it served at breakfast. We had blood sausage a couple of times at breakfast but also saw it served during the day.

As the name gives away, blood sausage is simply that. A sausage made using blood, usually pig blood. It’s mixed with various herbs and spices as well as rice. This mixture is then encased into a pig’s intestines. Cooking the sausage is done in several ways including frying, boiling, or even grilling over an open flame.

Blood sausage is the ultimate love-it-or-hate-it dish. In the DR, it’s definitely a love it dish seeing it’s on almost every menu in the Dominican Republic.

Coconut Tablet

Known as a Caribbean Super Food, this sweet little crispy Dominican candy snack has become a popular choice in the Dominican Republic. Because coconut has such great nutritional value, many people use this snack as part of a balanced diet. This is because it contains minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron, and copper. 

These little crispy drops are very simply made, using only three ingredients, coconut, sugar, and ginger, and for something so simple, they really do pack a punch. 

You might not find these everywhere in the Dominican Republic, so if you do see them, make sure you snap them up, and if you don’t, then they are pretty straightforward to make, though they require a bit of manual labor. It’ll be worth it when you get the end result, though. 

Coconut Cheese

You may never have thought that coconut and cheese are something that should be put together. Well, let me tell you how wrong you are. This tropical delight is one-of-a-kind, really fresh and creamy, and offers unique nutty flavors and sweetness. 

You often find the locals from the Dominican Republic pair this with dark chocolate, port, or red wine, and this is probably because the cheese’s sweetness balances well with more bitter flavors. 

You may not see this in most eateries across the island, but if you find a decent cheesemonger in the area, they will be able to point you in the direction if it’s not something they stock themselves. 

Plantain Patty 

Plantain Patty for breakfast in the Dominican Republic

There are a number of things Amber simply can’t get enough of and plantains are near the top of her list. Plantains are a superfood that is much loved by the people of the Dominican Republic. Therefore, you often will find it included in many of their recipes and dishes. 

This one, in particular, is a pattie-type Dominican Republic snack made entirely of plantain, which is twice fried, to make them super crunchy. Simply shred up the plantain to the texture of your liking, flatten them into a pattie shape, drop them into the fryer, remove and cool, and then drop them again, they can be eaten hot or cold, imagine them as a kind of Dominican chip.

Dip them into a zesty dip or garlic and cilantro sauce, and you’re onto a winner. They can also be served as a sweet snack, dipped in sugar, or before or after frying works wonders. 

These can also be found in many cafes and sometimes bars around the Dominican Republic. You may also see them during a hotel’s buffet breakfast, in which case they may be lightly seasoned with fresh chives. 

Catibía – Empanadas de Yuca

Catibía - Empanadas de Yuca in the Dominica Republic

This popular snack in the Dominican Republic is similar to what you might know as an Empanada, but I say they’re a little better. 

They are made using grated yuca flour, then made into parcels that are usually stuffed with chicken, cheese, or anything else you can think of. Some people get pretty creative with these. 

They are a bit of a delicacy and can be a pain to make, but if you decide to try your hand yourself, they are worth the effort. If not, though, they can be found at many pastry shops and cafes across the Dominican Republic, especially in areas such as Monte Plata province and the Colonial Zone. 


Tostones in the Dominica Republic

Another plantain treat, these popular little bite-size snacks are often enjoyed as a side dish, although they can be enjoyed on their own. 

You will often see them being served during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as they are so versatile. One of the most popular ways to eat them, according to the locals, is with a nice cold beer and some meat snacks such as salami or cured ham. 

Generally, you can find these in delis, diners, and restaurants all over the island, and they are most likely to have a decent selection of them. 

Best Snacks In The Dominican Republic

We’ve only scratched the surface of the amazing snacks in the Dominican Republic. With many places to eat and drink in the Dominican Republic finding these Dominican snacks shouldn’t be a challenge. One of the things we love about snack food is you can bring a taste of the DR back home with you. So in between pool and beach time, make sure to go looking for snacks around the Dominican Republic.

FAQs – Dominican Snacks

What is a popular Dominican food?

The Dominican Republic is one of the best foodie destinations in the Caribbean. Its food is a blend of many cultures and is not to be missed during any vacation. Some of the best Dominican dishes to eat include mofongo, fried local fish, and sancocho.

What is a typical Dominican snack?

There are lots of great Dominican snacks to try when visiting the DR. From sweet to savory snacks, there’s a snack for everyone. Some of the most popular snacks include yaniqueques, cativías, and chicharrones.

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