What Is Scotland Famous For

Scotland is a developed tourist destination attracting so many visitors. Beautiful sceneries, landscapes, and historical castles lure travelers to Scotland. So what is Scotland famous for? Keep reading to learn what Scotland is famous for. 

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Why Travel To Scotland

Once you visit Scotland, you will definitely enjoy the country’s food and drinks. But what is Scotland famous for in terms of cuisine? Scottish cuisine is known for its cooking style, recipes, and traditions, associated with the country.

The cuisine has distinctive attributes of its own. You will also find either traditional and modern dishes or a combination of both with local, continental, or regional influences.

The Scottish Highlands is one of the most remarkable and best places to visit in Scotland. You can explore these beautiful landscapes by road trips, hiking, or cycling.

You can also discover Scotland’s nature in national parks like the Cairngorm, Loch Lomond, or Trossachs. The highest peak in the UK, Ben Nevis, is located in Scotland and is a great place to hike.

We cannot talk about the famous things about Scotland and fail to mention Bagpipes. Many people associate them with Scotland and believe they are the county’s national symbol.

Views of Glasgow

How To Book Hotels In Scotland

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What Is Scotland Known For – 10 Things Associated With Scotland

Scotland is famous for its beautiful scenery combined with historical sites and attractions. Mother Nature is the architect that filled Scotland with magnificent natural attractions. So what is Scotland famous for when it comes to beautiful sceneries?

The Three Sisters of Glencoe is one famous place to visit in Scotland. The sisters are three steeped ridges in the highlands of Glencoe. The sisters, Beinn Fhada (Long Hill), Gearr Aonach (Short Ridge), and Aonach Dubh (Black Ridge), were shaped several millennia ago.

The stone circle, a circular alignment of stones, and the standing stone, a large man-made stone that stands upright, are among Scotland’s famous landscapes. The stone circles and standing stone date back to the Neolithic and Bronze Age eras.

Scotland is known for various Stone Age, Iron Age, and Bronze Age remains. Burial chambers are examples of such remains and play a significant role in the country’s history. Such chambers are used to determine statutes.

Scotland is also home to many historic castles, museums, houses, ruins, and battlegrounds. When it comes to the number of Historical castles in Scotland, the list is endless. Among the famous Scotland castles are Edinburgh Castle, Braemar Castle, Balmoral Castle, and Blair Castles.   

Scotch Whisky

scottish whisky

Scotland is famous for its whiskey, known as Scotch whisky or simply Scotch. Scotch can either be grain whisky, malt whisky, or a blend of the two. Scotch whisky is aged for a minimum of three years in oak barrels.

Most people don’t know this, but Scotch has five distinct categories; single malt, blended malt, single grain, blended grain, and blended Scotch whisky. Scotch whisky has a unique flavor and aroma, which is derived from dozens of compounds. The primary flavor perceptions include sweet, sour, floral, and grainy.

Once you visit Scotland, you will learn more about Scotland’s whisky regions and their regional flavors. These regions are The Lowlands, The Highland, Campbeltown, and The Isle of Islay. However, due to a large number of distillers in Scotland, the Scotch Whisky Association recognized Speyside as the fifth district.



Haggis is a savory pudding consisting of a sheep’s heart, lungs, and liver, minced and mixed with mutton or beef, coarse oatmeal, suet, and seasoned with onion and other spices. The mixture is then packed in the sheep’s stomach and boiled. Haggis is the national dish of Scotland.

Tourists don’t like haggis because of its traditional preparation technique of using the animal’s stomach. In fact, haggis is banned in the US because the US prohibits sheep lungs, which is a key ingredient in haggis. However, haggis has a delightful savory flavor and nutty texture, making it a must-try dish.

Scottish Tartan And Kilts

Scotland is famous for its dressing culture. Scottish traditional male dresses consist of a sporran, a kilt, a kilt hose, ghillies, and a sgian dubh. On the other hand, a traditional female dress consists of a tartan shawl or sash, a tartan skirt, and ghillies.

Tartan is a patterned cloth, which consists of crisscrossed vertical and horizontal bands in several colors. Traditionally, tartans were made from woven wool. However, today’s tartans are made from several other materials. 

A kilt is a garment that resembles a knee-length skirt and is made of pleated tartan cloth. A tartan plaid can also be worn as a kilt or as a large shawl. Traditionally, kilts were worn by Scottish men.

Loch Ness 

Loch Ness is a large and deep freshwater loch located in the Scottish highlands. The lake covers an area of 22 square miles (56 square kilometers) and is the second-largest loch in Scotland, after Loch Lomond. However, it is the deepest loch in Scotland.

As we all know, Loch Ness is famous because it is shrouded in mystery. There are tales that a giant monster was sighted. It’s believed that it lives deep underneath the dark stretches of Loch Ness.

The Loch Ness Monster, also known as Nessie, is a creature in Scottish folklore. Nessie is described as long-necked, large, and with protruding humps. 

Edinburgh Castle

edinburgh castle

Edinburgh Castle is a historical castle and one of the famous landmarks in Edinburg, Scotland. The Castle stands on Castle Rock, which is a volcanic plug. This Edinburgh landmark has a long military garrison, royal residence, fortress, and prison history.

The Castle is host to the Royal Palace, which was the official residence of the Stuart monarchs. On the entrance to the Royal Apartments, you will see the gold letters MAH, which represent the queen and her husband.

The Castle also hosts the Stone of Destiny and the Scottish Crown Jewels. There is also the Great Hall, which was used for the Scottish Parliament and state ceremonies. The Scottish National War Memorial was built in memory of the Scots who died during the First World War. These are just a few of the things you will see at Edinburg Castle.

The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish highlands is a historical region in Scotland. The highlands are characterized by big clear skies, hospitable people, mind-blowing landscapes, and superb foods and drinks. The highlands are filled with a turbulent history, which left behind Scotland’s famous places such as castles, ruins, and landmarks.

Scottish Highlands are natural playgrounds begging to be explored. A visit to the highlands will let you lose yourself in the mysterious lochs, majestic landmarks, historic castles, and beautiful national parks. The stunning islands, sensational seascapes, and incredible coastlines will wow you.

Cullen Skink 

Cullen Skink

Cullen skink, a traditional Scottish food, is a hearty soup of smoked haddock, onions, and potatoes. The soup derives its name from a small town in northeast Scotland called Cullen. Skink is a Scottish term that refers to a Hough, knuckle, or shin of beef. Most soups prepared from these parts were known as a skink.

Scottish dinners served this soup as a starter. However, in the northeast of Scotland, the soup is served as an everyday dish. There are slight variations to the traditional Cullen skink. Some local recipes may substitute water with milk or add cream. Other recipes make a thicker soup by mashing the potatoes.

Isle of Skye 

The Isle of Skye is the largest of the major islands found in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Skye is a favorite travel destination among tourists visiting Scotland. It is famous for its breathtaking landscapes and sceneries. 

In addition, Skye has a rich history, covering various topics, including; clan warfare, highland clearances, dinosaur fossils, and famous rebellions. 

The island is also a perfect destination for wildlife watching. The skies will let you watch the White-Tailed Sea Eagle. The ocean will offer a variety of sea animals such as dolphins, otter seals, and whales. Finally, the land will let you watch one of the largest deer species, the red deer.

Golfing In Scotland 

golf in scotland

If you love golf, then there is no better place to play golf than in Scotland. The golfing legacy in Scotland spans over six centuries. In fact, Scotland gave the world this game. 

Scotland golf courses are among the best in the world. Over 550 fantastic golf courses await golfers in Scotland. Scotland golf courses range from link courses to 18-hole courses and everything in between. 

Golf courses are available in every region in Scotland. A golf trip to Scotland will give you the perfect opportunity to see the world’s prestigious golf tournaments. 

Kelvingrove is an art gallery and museum located in Glasgow, Scotland. It is also one of the most popular free attractions in Scotland. The museum features 22 themed and modern art galleries, which display an amazing 8000 objects.

The Kelvingrove museum displays an international, wide-ranging, and extensive collection. The collection features natural history, art from art movements and periods of history, arms and armor, and many others.

Some of the most famous paintings displayed at the museum include Salvador Dali’s masterpiece, the Christ of St John of the Cross, and Sir Roger’s the Asian Elephant.  

Scotland is known for its beautiful landscapes and rich history; the country offers fresh seafood, hearty stews, and a variety of cultural experiences. In recent years, travelers have been flocking to this part of the world to experience the region’s natural beauty and make memories with friends and family.

FAQs – Famous Scotland

What is Scotland’s most visited place?

There’s so much to see and do in Scotland. But hands down, Scotland’s most visited place is Edinburgh Castle. Open all year, no visit to Scotland is complete without a visit.

What is Scotland’s most famous landmark?

Open to debate, Scotland’s most famous landmark ranges from Loch Ness to Glenfinnan Viaduct to Falkirk Wheel. Regardless of whether it’s man-made or natural wonder, none of these attractions should be missed.

What is Glasgow famous for?

Glasgow has a long and distinct history. It’s been famous for years for shipbuilding, its universities, and arts and music. This cosmopolitan city has so much to offer for visitors and residents.

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