Drinks, Snacks, and Dessert Coffee Recipes For Coffee Lovers

Drinks, Snacks, And Dessert Coffee Recipes

Looking for snack and dessert coffee recipes? We’ve collected over 30 recipes that involve coffee in one way or another. 

We love drinking coffee at home but it’s possible to take advantage of the depth of flavors from your favorite coffee throughout the day. Sure you can also get an added extra kick of caffeine, but it’s not necessary. All of these recipes can be made with decaf too. 

And, if you are looking for fabulous coffee beans to brew at home, check out our post on the Best Espresso Beans.

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The Best Coffee Flavored Snacks And Treats

This list of recipes with coffee spans the day, from morning to evening cocktails. In addition to traditional desserts with coffee, we offer a lot of options. Start the day with a coffee-based smoothie or granola made with coffee. 

We have a savory chocolate-flavored dip as well as a coffee jelly recipe, which is a great make ahead snack. There is coffee-flavored toffee and bark as well as bites. Of course there are a few coffee ice cream recipes. 

Interestingly, I also found some coffee cocktail recipes, including a home made recipe for Kahlua and Baileys Irish Cream. 

The Best Coffee Desserts 

When researching the best dessert coffee recipes I was stunned with the options. At first I assumed a lot of cake options would come up, but I quickly learned I was wrong. Here we share a lot of options for coffee flavored desserts that are not cakes or cookies. Many of these are no-bake options as well. 

Most of these use brewed coffee or espresso, but a few also include coffee granules or beans. 

There are options that are French or Italian coffee dessert recipes, to bring some flavors of Europe home. We include a coffee icebox cake, coffee balls, and more.

There is no shortage of great ways to add the flavor of coffee to your kitchen,

Drinks, Snacks, and Dessert Coffee Recipes

From smoothies and shakes to cocktails and cheesecake, there are so many great coffee-flavored desserts and snacks. From healthy granola to not-as-healthy tiramisu with coffee, this is a comprehensive list of recipes to make with coffee.

Do You Love Coffee As Much As We Do?

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Drinks Snacks and Dessert Coffee Recipes For Coffee Lovers

Snacks, Treats, And Desserts With Coffee

We will continue to update this post with new recipes as we find them. Feel free to save this post to your favorite recipe board on Pinterest. 

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FAQs – Dessert Coffee Recipes For Coffee Lovers

Can you bake with coffee?

100% Yes!!! Coffee, both in liquid and ground forms, takes to baking very well. In addition to being a standout flavor, coffee complements many other ingredients/flavors making it highly versatile.

How do you make strong coffee for baking?

Italian espresso is usually the most common coffee used when baking. If you are looking for a stronger coffee, you can reduce the liquid to the ground ratio when brewing. Or try cooking down the coffee to enhance the flavor.

What can leftover coffee be used for?

If you have coffee left over from the morning, don’t pour it down the drain. Leftover coffee is perfect for baking a variety of desserts. From cookies to cakes and pies, you can use that leftover coffee to create tasty desserts. Most coffee dessert recipes call for the coffee to be cool, perfect for leftover coffee.

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