Savory Recipes With Coffee – Ideas For Cooking With Coffee

Savory Recipes With Coffee

We love our coffee, there’s no doubt about that. Cooking with coffee is still a bit new to us. Until recently it never occurred to us that we cook add coffee to a recipe at home. Using coffee or coffee grounds can had a depth of flavor to a recipe that you can’t get from many other ingredients. In this post, we share our top recommendations for the best savory recipes for cooking with coffee. 

And, if you are looking for fabulous coffee beans to brew at home, check out our post on the Best Espresso Beans.

Savory Recipes With Coffee – Ideas For Cooking With Coffee

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Tips For Cooking With Coffee

There are a lot of ways you can add a little bit of caffeine to your cooking. Or, you might just want the flavor of the coffee and use decaf. You can cook with whole beans, brewed coffee, and cooking with coffee grounds is even possible. 

Of course, coffee cooking recipes are not merely ways to sneak in some added energy to your day. Coffee can add a deep layer of flavor to many of your dishes. The flavor can even be affected by the type of coffee used. A more nutty coffee will add a more nutty flavor. 

In this post we focus on recipes with coffee that are more savory. We have other posts on sweets, snacks, and baking with coffee.

Meat Recipes With Coffee

There is a bit of a focus on this list on meat-heavy dishes. That’s because meats, particularly steak, just pair so well with coffee. Adding coffee to a marinade can help tenderize meat. Adding coffee to a BBQ sauce can help offset the sweetness of the sauce. Mixed with some spicy seasoning, coffee makes a great addition to a spice rub too. 

Included below are recipes for specific meat dishes as well as recommended rubs and marinades. There’s even a coffee BBQ salmon taco recipe for the non-meat eaters. 

And, for a few more unique recipes, check out the Japanese curry with coffee (See more Japanese instant pot recipes here) and the chili recipes using coffee! 

Savory Recipes With Coffee

If you are looking for tips on how to cook with coffee, look no further. There are loads of recommended recipes here. We will continue to update this list as we find new recipes, so subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

Chili recipes with coffee

Do You Love Coffee As Much As We Do?

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Savory Recipes With Coffee – Ideas For Cooking With Coffee

Top Recipes With Coffee

We will continue to update this post with new recipes as we find them. Feel free to save this post to your favorite recipe board on Pinterest. 

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FAQs – Cooking With Coffee

Can coffee be used for cooking?

While most of us prefer our coffee hot and first thing in the morning, it is a highly versatile cooking ingredient. From marinades to baking, coffee can enhance a wide range of dishes. You can cook with coffee beans, ground coffee, or of course liquid coffee.

What does cooking with coffee do?

Coffee adds depth to dishes. Depending on how roasted the original coffee beans were, this depth of flavor is different. Acidic by nature, coffee is excellent for tenderizing meats, especially red meats.

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