11 Must-Try Thai Snacks

Thailand’s street food may be some of the best in the world. Still, sometimes you want something quick and easy while exploring. Snacks in Thailand are just as delicious and unique as their cooked street food counterparts. Here’s a look a some of the must try Thai snacks when traveling in Thailand.

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Thai Snacks to Eat In Thailand

One thing to know about Thailand snacks – the choice can be overwhelming! With every imaginable flavor of chips, crackers, and dried Thai fruit, you’ll never be without something you enjoy. The only problem is choosing a favorite!

Thai snacks often have very unusual flavors that you may not have seen before. Thailands large fishing industry means that many snacks will often contain shrimp paste, fish flavorings, or other seafood-derived ingredients for a salty tang. 

The great thing about Thai snacks is that many of them can be bought online. Amazon has a great range of international snacks from Thailand, Malaysia, and many other Asian countries that can be delivered almost anywhere in the world – great for when you’re missing your traveling lifestyle!

Thai Snacks

11 Snacks To Try In Thailand

While some Thailand street foods or snacks are difficult to track down, most are readily available in convenience stores around the country! If you don’t manage to find them, it’s possible to grab a packet of something at the airport – so long as you’re prepared to pay a premium.

If you’re still not sure where to start, we’ve compiled a list to help you navigate the diverse world of Thai snack food.

🇹🇭 Thai Snack
🦐 Prawn Crackers
🦑 Bento – Thai Squid Snack
🦐 Manora Fried Shrimp Chips
Taro Seafood Snack
🥔 Thai Lays Potato Chips
🍌 Jiraporn Solar Dried Natural Bananas
🐖 Moo Bing Khao Nieow
Miang Kham - Betel Leaf Wraps
🥭 Mamuang Klook Prik Glua - Green Mango
🥞 Khanom Buang - Thai Crepes
🥚 Khanom Krok Khai Nok Krata - Quail Eggs

Thai Prawn Crackers

Thai Prawn Crackers

Most Southeast Asian countries have a version of the classic prawn cracker – Thai locals will, of course, tell you that theirs is the best! Made from a combination of rice flour and prawns, these Thai crackers are deep-fried until bubbly and crunchy. Served as a side to many meals, these snacks are crispy and only hint at the distinctive seafood flavor that is so popular with Thailand street food.

You can pick up these Thai snacks from most street food markets or in restaurants around the country. Enjoy yours as a side dish, or as a solo snack hot from the oil to munch on while exploring!

Bento – Thai Squid Snack

If you don’t like seafood, look away now! Not for the fussy eater, Bento is a spicy squid snack that is a popular treat across Thailand. One bite and your mouth will be abuzz with salty, spicy, and even sweet flavors that you’ll either love or hate. 

One thing is for sure – bento lovers can’t get enough! Buy these classic snacks from Thailand in convenience stores, gas stations, or online from Amazon if you’ve already left the country. Just don’t blame us if you get addicted!

Manora Fried Shrimp Chips

One of many seafood-flavored Thai snacks, Manora fried shrimp chips are the perfect accompaniment to your evening beer! These crunchy chips are coated in a delicious salty, spicy powder that will have you reaching for more in no time. Thai locals will often enjoy these Thai snacks with a side of chili paste for dipping, but you can also try them with aioli or sugar syrup for a sweet and salty flavor experience. 

Available in convenience stores around Thailand, you can also find Manora fried shrimp chips online on Amazon or in your local Thai grocery store at home. 

Taro Seafood Snack

We said it before – Thailand loves its seafood! Taro seafood snacks are a favorite of children everywhere and are a common inclusion in school lunches. These crunchy seafood strings come in several flavors and are highly addictive. 

Not as strongly flavored as other Thai snacks, Taro is a great way to dip your toe into the world of snacks from Thailand. Buy a pack from a convenience store, and experience one of Thailand’s most beloved treats during your visit!

Thai Lays Potato Chips

Thai Lays Chips

Like every other snack on this list, Thai chips are similar to Western snacks – with a twist. Catering to the unique tastes of Thai cuisine, you’ll find some incredibly unique flavors when you enter a Thai convenience store! Lays is the biggest Thai chip brand, but don’t expect any Salt and Vinegar or Cheese and Onion options here. 

Instead, try some unique flavor choices like Salted Egg, Grilled Prawn Seafood, and Green Curry for your salt fix. While they may sound a bit strange, trust us – most of them are highly delicious!

Jiraporn Solar Dried Natural Bananas

For anyone who wants sweetness without guilt, Jiraporn Solar Dried Bananas are a great choice! These crunchy Thai snacks avoid many of traditional dried bananas’ calories and have a lower sugar content than those you’d find in a Western supermarket. Crunchy, chewy, and sugary, these Thai banana treats make the perfect mid-afternoon snack when you need a little bit of a boost. 

The secret behind these Thai bananas is that they are picked green, and ripened as they dry. If you’ve gone home and missed out on these fantastic snacks from Thailand, don’t worry! You can order them from Amazon straight to your door.

Moo Bing Khao Nieow

A staple of Isaan (northeastern Thailand) food is moo bing khao nieow. Simply put, these are grilled pork skewers coated in garlic, black pepper, and plenty of Thai spices and herbs. Often served with a papaya salad and servings of sticky rice, this delicious Thailand street food is an easy snack for those wanting a quick meal on the go. 

Moo bing khao nieow is usually sold at street food markets or corner vendors in larger cities like Bangkok or Chiang Mi. However, during festivities like Chinese New Year, these delicious skewers will appear in every restaurant and bar around the city, so keep an eye out!

Miang Kham

Miang Kham

Originating in Northern Thailand, this unique Thai snack now features regularly in the entrée section of Thai restaurants worldwide. Known as betel leaf wraps, the name miang kham translates to ‘one-bite wraps’, and was a favorite of Thai royalty in the early 16th and 17th centuries.

Depending on where you are, traditional miang kham will contain any combination of coconut shavings, shallots, chili, garlic, dried shrimp, or unsalted peanuts. However, many vendors will offer versions with meat, seafood, or tofu to please fussy tourists. 

Mamuang Klook Prik Glua

While the Thai name may not sound familiar, you would definitely have heard of this classic Thailand street food. Thai food relies heavily on seasoning, with many Thai street foods and snacks using a combination of salty, spicy, and sweet flavors to achieve their unique taste. 

Mamuang klook prik glua, or sliced green mango, is a gloriously sour Thai snack served with a dipping mix of salt, sugar, and chili powder. Many street vendors will also add dried shrimp to their mix for extra flavor – as if this dish needs it!

This Bangkok street food is one of the most well-known snacks in Thailand and is highly addictive. You can pick up a bag of these juicy unripe mango slices for around 15 Thai baht, so make sure you try this classic Thai snack during your visit! Best of all, they go great with an ice-cold Thai beer.

Khanom Buang

Khanom Buang

Known as Thai crepes in English, these crispy pancakes are not to be missed! One of the most versatile Thailand street foods, khanom buang can be served sweet or savory. Standard toppings for these snacks in Thailand include cream, coconut shavings, or dried shrimp. 

Thin, crispy, and moreish, khanom buang are sure to please any hungry traveler looking for a traditional snack in Thailand. We always like to enjoy khanom buang as our Thai dessert after a long day of sampling Thai food. A word of warning – you won’t stop at just one!

Khanom Krok Khai Nok Krata

If you’re after something small and healthy, you should try khanom krok khai nok krata. The name might belong, but don’t be intimidated. The name refers to the method of cooking. Khai nok krata are quail eggs that are fried in a khanom krok pan.

Bite-sized, gooey, and high in protein, these Thai snacks are both a great nutritional breakfast and a mid-day treat to tide over a rumbling stomach. 

To try this Thai snack, the best place is to head to the northern Thailand fishing villages. Street vendors cook their quail eggs in the open air. Then they are finished with a few drops of Golden Mountain sauce and lots of cracked Thai pepper. 

Try Some Thai Snacks Today!

Thai snacks are available across Southeast Asia and online for delivery. With thousands of flavors and combinations to choose from, it’s worth experimenting. From the semi-healthy to the downright decadent, you can indulge in snacks from Thailand whenever you feel.

FAQs – Thai Snacks

What is the most popular snack in Thailand?

This is a tough question. There are tons of amazing snacks to choose from in Thailand. For many Thais, the most popular snack is Nang Kai Tod. Nang Kai Tod is crispy, fried chicken skin. And the Thais make the best in the world.

What is the famous food of Thailand?

Thailand is famous for many dishes, including its most famous dish, Pad Thai. Pad Thai is a rice noodle dish featuring prawns, chicken, and tofu. Unlike many Thai dishes, it’s generally not spicy.

What do Thai people eat for snacks?

From fresh fruit to grilled pork on a stick, Thais love their snacks. While the list of Thai snacks is endless, one of the most popular are spring rolls. Whether they are fried or fresh, they are a must try.

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