The Best Japanese Rice Recipes

The Best Japanese Rice Recipes

Looking for some easy to make Japanese rice recipes? We are huge fans of Japanese food because it is often quite healthy and so tasty. After all of our travels to Japan, it’s nice to learn how to bring some of these flavors home. In this post, we share a recipe roundup of Japanese dishes you can make using rice. 

The Best Japanese Rice Recipes

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Why We Love Japanese Food

We’ve taken multiple trips to Japan over the years. Our first trip was over a decade ago. There’s something about the artistic nature of many Japanese dishes. But, many of them are also healthy. Sure the fried stuff on a stick they offer on Dotonbori in Osaka is not the healthiest. But, rice, sushi, fresh fish are healthy. 

We love bringing some of these authentic Japanese flavors home too. We might not be able to prepare sushi like a proper sushi chef or create complicated ramen filled with loads of umami. But, anyone can easily prepare quality Japanese-inspired cuisine at home. 

japanese rice cakes recipe
The Best Japanese Rice Recipes

How To Cook Japanese Rice 

We’ve been traveling to Asia for food for almost two decades. We’ve even lived in Thailand and Indonesia. One thing I learned years ago, from exploring fresh markets in Asia, is that not all rice is cooked the same. I grew up on Uncle Ben’s and minute rice. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. But, there is something to be said about choosing the right kind of rice for your meal and cooking it properly. 

One way to do this is to look for Japanese rice cooker recipes. These are recipes that start with properly cooked rice. Our recipes here are best made with rice cooked in a rice cooker. If you don’t have one, this might be the time to invest. 

See our reviews and recommendations for the best Japanese rice cookers. Having a proper rice cooker is one of the best ways to make sure each of these recipes comes out just as it should. If your household is small, we also recommend some of the best small rice cookers. Trying to be more healthy this year? How about looking for a rice cooker for brown rice.

Check Out The Best Japanese Rice Cookers Here
Katsu curry in Osaka

What Kind Of Japanese Rice Recipes Can You Create

A properly made Japanese bowl of rice can be a work of art on its own. But, when you add perfectly cooked rice into a tried and tested recipe, suddenly you can be transported to Japan without leaving your home. 

In this post, we offer a roundup of great Japanese recipes, each of which features Japanese rice in a different way. We include a steak Hibachi fried rice recipe served on lettuce wraps. There’s a Japanese beef bowl recipe that replicates a popular Japanese fast food dish. We even have a vegetarian katsu curry with rice. 

Check out the Japanese rice cake recipe, where we make onigiri fun by adding little emoji faces. There are a couple of easy Japanese sushi rice recipes, using all of the ingredients for sushi but turning them into healthy Japanese rice bowls.

Best Japanese Rice Recipes

Here are our recommendations for fabulous Japanese rice recipes, where rice takes the center stage! As we find and test out new recipes, we will continue to update. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.

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The Best Japanese Rice Recipes

FAQs – Japanese Rice Recipes

Is Japanese rice healthier than white rice?

Of the two, brown or white rice, brown rice is the healthier. In Japan, most of the rice that is eaten is white rice.

Why is Japanese rice so good?

When rice is by far the biggest food product you consume, you make sure to take care of it. That’s exactly the case with Japanese rice. Special attention goes into the water used, the soil it’s planted in, and the harvesting of rice. As a result, the rice grown and eaten in Japan is considered some of the best in the world.

Do the Japanese add salt to rice?

No. Using salt during the cooking process is not a common practice in Japan.

What is in a donburi bowl?

A donburi bowl consists of a bed of steamed rice, grilled meat, or raw fish along with a combination of fresh veggies. This is all serviced with a side dish of pickles and of course miso soup.

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