Seoul Food Tours: The Best Tours For Food Travelers To Korea

Seoul is one of the most often overlooked cities in Asia for food travelers. There’s so much great food in the city, but Seoul, South Korea, is a massive and sprawling city. This can make it difficult to track down the best food to eat.

Booking a Seoul day tour or half day tour can help travelers learn more about Korean food culture. In this post, we share our tips on how to book the best Seoul food tours, cooking classes, and drink experiences. 

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Why Book A Seoul Culinary Tour

There are lots of great reasons why booking a Korean food tour could make your visit to Seoul that much more special. First, there is a language barrier in Seoul. We found a good number of people who spoke English.

There are picture menus to help at restaurants. But, to make the most of your experience and to learn about Korean food culture, a food tour can help. 

Second, many food travelers don’t know a lot about Korean food. Perhaps not as much as Japanese food or Thai food, which is easier to find in cities around the world.

Booking a food tour can help introduce travelers to the dishes and ingredients. A local Seoul tour guide can explain everything and answer all your questions about Korean food. 

Last, we love taking food tours at the start of our stay in a new city. It really makes the rest of our trip better. Your guide will give you inside tips on where and what to eat in Seoul too. Over the years, we’ve received great restaurant recommendations from some of our food tour guides.

See our Seoul Food Guide – What To Eat In Seoul South Korea or learn about Traditional Korean Fruits

Seoul Food Tours: The Best Tours For Food Travelers To Korea

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The Best Korean Snacks To Try

How About An 8 Day South Korea Food Tour?

This post focuses on recommendations for Seoul city tours and experiences that focus on food and drink. These tours are great for a traveler doing a city break in Seoul or just stopping through. If you have more time, and really want to learn more about Korean food, consider booking a South Korea food tour. 

Intrepid Travel offers an 8 Day South Korea Real Food Adventure. This tour is a Korean food trip that explores Seoul as well as Busan and Jeonju. It also includes an overnight temple stay, which is a unique experience.

Other food and drink experiences include a visit to a craft beer brewery, visits to seafood markets, and a more in-depth look at street food markets in Korea. 

We definitely recommend taking one of the Intrepid food tours. We took their tour in Morocco and learned so much more than we would have if we traveled independently. 

Book A South Korea Food Tour With Intrepid Here 

How To Book a Seoul Cooking Class

Kimchi Making in Seoul

How To See The Best Of Seoul On A Food Tour

A great food tour means that you can start to understand Korean food culture while exploring a new city. It is more than just the food that is served.

It means you have the chance to meet locals, ask loads of questions, and learn about the history and culture of a new city. It’s one of our favorite ways to see a city! In this post, we share our recommended food tours and cooking classes in Seoul.

All pricing is provided in US Dollars. With some tours, pricing will adjust based on how many people have already booked, how many people are in your party, the time of year, and any currency fluctuations. 

We recommend using Viator for booking food tours and experiences. We like Viator for a few reasons. One, we’ve used them for tours around the world without any problems.

Second, you will receive immediate confirmation of your booking. Last, Viator is a reputable company that is actually owned by TripAdvisor, so if there are any issues with your booking, there is a big company standing behind the booking.

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Kimchi Making Class In Seoul

Kimchi Making Class In Seoul

Cultural Experience With Kimchi Making 

Kimchi is a staple of the Korean diet, served at almost every meal. In this four hour Korean cultural experience, guests will roll up their sleeves to learn how to make this quintessential Korean dish.

Hosted in a Korean cultural center in Seoul, the experience begins with a Korean tea ceremony called a ‘darye.’ Guests will learn about the ceremony and about its re-emergence in Korean culture.

After tea, the cultural experience moves to trying on a traditional Korean ‘hanbok.’ Dating back centuries, the hanbok is the traditional Korean attire worn today during important celebrations like weddings and festivals.

How To Make Kimchi

Now it’s kimchi making time. Led by your Korean host, guests will dive into a 30-minute kimchi-making class. This hands-on culinary experience will demonstrate the process of preparing kimchi for its fermentation period.

Your host will share insight into kimchi’s popularity in Korean cuisine from traditional to contemporary uses. We loved learning about the popular Korean side dish and would highly recommend this.

Book this tour here.

Why We Like This Tour

We took this Seoul cooking class and culinary experience during our first trip to Seoul. Although not a typical food tour, it was a great way to learn about Korean culture while learning how to make kimchi. Tour prices begin at $80 and include round-trip hotel transport. 

Book This Kimchi Making Class Here 

seoul korea food

Seafood and Seoul local markets

Full Day Private Culinary Tour Of Seoul

Get ready to eat your way around Seoul in the eight hour, private food tour. From freshly caught seafood to locally raised Korean beef, feast on many of Seoul’s traditional dishes. Along the way, visit a local market and taste Seoul street food.

This Seoul private tour includes a visit to a local market and a Korean BBQ lunch. This Seoul one day tour starts at the Noryangjin fish market, you’ll explore where many of Seoul’s restaurants get their daily catch.

As you explore the market, keep an eye out for your lunch. As part of the tour, you’ll select some of the freshly caught seafood to enjoy for your lunch.

The rest of the day is spent exploring various neighborhoods and sites within Seoul, all with a focus on food. Visit the Corner Cafe in Mount Bukak, a popular cafe with many locals which has been featured in many Korean movies. From here, enjoy breathtaking views of Seoul.

The tour heads over to the Insadong area to explore and sample some local Korean street food. In between tasty bites, pop into some of the market’s many antique shops.

Afterward, guests will head over to a wholesale beef market in Majangdong to explore the locally raised beef and yes, you guessed it, pick out meat for your Korean barbecue dinner.

Private Food Tour In Seoul

The pricing for this private tour begins at $200. All meals, tastings, and round-trip transportation from hotels are provided. Guests with any specific dietary requirements should make a note at the time of booking. A minimum of 3 people per booking is required for this private tour. The tour begins at 10 am, and ends at 7 pm. 

Book this tour here.

Why We Like This Tour

By hiring a Seoul private tour guide, you can customize your experience. You can also go at your own pace, ask questions, and really get to know your tour guide.

Because this is an all day tour, it’s a great way to see some areas of the city you might not otherwise visit. Seoul is a massive city, and this Seoul private tour gets you around. 

Throughout the tour, your local guide will explain in detail Korean food, dishes, and culinary traditions. You might not find anything else to eat after this incredible and filling eight hour feeding bonanza across Seoul.

Aside from the delicious sampling of food, this tour does a wonderful job of explaining Korean cuisine thanks to your knowledgeable private guide.  

Book This Private Full Day Tour Of Seoul Here 

Walking Seoul Korean Street Food Tour

Korean street food

Walking Seoul Korean Street Food Tour

This Seoul street food tour begins near Gwanghwamun Gate where guests will receive a brief history of Seoul and its cuisine. From here, head over to Pimatgol Alley and the Zen Buddhist Jogyesa Temple.

Building up an appetite, it’s time to explore the Insadong neighborhood where countless rows of carts selling traditional Korean street food await. 

The Seoul local tour guide will point out the most popular food carts and stands, explaining what the locals love to eat. The tour will head over to Chenggyecheon, where the main dish of Korean-style barbecue ribs is waiting to be eaten. 

After, explore the Bukchang-dong neighborhood and Korean drinking culture with a sample of Korean rice wine. The tour has one last-stop sweet stop in store as you enjoy a taste of Korean dessert. 

This three-hour tour starts at $89. The price includes all tastings and Korean rice wine. Make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes because there is a good amount of walking. 

Book this tour here.

Why We Like This Tour

This is a small group tour, limited to no more than 12 guests. This allows you to explore the city on an intimate tour. It’s a great way to explore a wide range of authentic Korean street food while taking in several of the city’s sights.

This tour is loaded with traditional food and drink. If you are still hungry or thirsty, your guide will provide recommendations on where to enjoy more of Seoul’s incredible food scene. 

Book This Korean Street Food Tour In Seoul 

Eating Korean BBQ in Seoul

Korean BBQ Lunch

Walking Food Tour With Korean BBQ Lunch And Cooking Demo

Seoul is the centerpiece of Korea’s food scene. With this small group walking tour, you’ll discover the city’s vibrant culinary scene and enjoy one of its signature dishes, Korean BBQ.   

Stopping along the way at several local restaurants and street-food stalls you’ll sample local dishes including delicious fried pork dumplings and fried fish cakes. The food-tasting tour begins with a Korean pancake cooking demonstration led by a professional chef at a culinary school.

While learning about Korean history and its food culture, guests will explore the historic Jongno neighborhood.

Taste a wide range of Korean specialties including rice cakes, fried pork dumplings, silkworm larvae, and Korean-style egg muffins. The highlight of the tour is enjoying a traditional Korean barbecue lunch.

Food Tour Details

Each tour can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests. Pricing for this two-and-a-half-hour tour begins at $60. The combination of cooking demonstrations, food tours, and BBQ lunches makes this one of the most well-rounded culinary tours in Seoul. For guests with any dietary restrictions, please notify the tour operator at the time of booking. 

Book this tour here.

Why We Like This Tour

If you are not familiar with Korean BBQ, it can be an intimidating meal. Between what to order and how to eat it, having an expert guide you is a great way to learn. Book this tour at the start of your visit to Seoul so you know how to order BBQ on your own later on. We also like that this tour includes BBQ, street food, and a cooking demonstration.

Book This Korean Food Tour And BBQ Lunch 

Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon Hanok Village

Seoul Food Tour On Bike

Seoul is big. One of the biggest cities in the world. Even with an extensive metro system, it’s a large city to explore. Instead of trying to see it all on foot, why not hop on two wheels and take a leisurely ride around to explore some of the city’s best sights and places to eat?

On this four-hour tour, ride through the streets of Seoul by bike and see a side of this city many visitors miss out on. Ride past many of Seoul’s top attractions including Gwanghwamun Gate, the UNESCO Bukchon Hanok Village, Gyeongbokgung Palace, and Jogyesa Temple, among many others. 

Bike Food Tour Details

The tour operates in all weather conditions. While not overly strenuous, the tour is not recommended for travelers with back problems, pregnant travelers or travelers with heart problems or other serious medical conditions. That said, most travelers can participate. This tour can accommodate a maximum of 15 travelers and pricing begins at $78. 

Book this tour here.

Why We Like This Tour

This award-winning Seoul Korea tour company provides insight into Seoul, unlike any other bike tour operator. On the tour, guests will sample a wide range of local street food specialties in between stunning sights and Korean food markets. See a lot more on a bike than you can on foot. 

Book This Seoul Food Tour On Bike Here 

Seoul Gourmet Food Tour And Experience

Seoul Gourmet Food Experience

Understanding Korean cuisine is a huge part of understanding Korea. This three-hour gastro tour of Seoul is the perfect introduction to Korean food, especially for first-time visitors.

Exploring parts of Seoul often overlooked by tourists, guests will sample a wide range of delicious Korean dishes and snacks. Lunch is hosted at a gourmet, fine-dining restaurant.

Led by a local, knowledgeable guide, guests will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions about the city, its culinary scene, and where they visit after the tour.

In addition to sampling tasty local food, guests will see various workshops and stores built in traditional ‘hanok’ houses. 

Learn more in our guide to the Best Korean Snacks To Try 

Gourmet Food Tour Details

Operating in all weather conditions, the pricing for the tour begins at $99. Vegetarian options are available, but must be made at the time of booking.

Unfortunately, the tour is not wheelchair accessible. Guests are recommended to wear comfortable walking shoes and should have a moderate physical fitness level. Public transportation at the beginning and end of the tour is available.  

Book this tour here.

Why We Like This Tour

With a maximum of 12 travelers per tour, guests will receive personalized attention and a detailed explanation of what sets Korean cuisine apart from others. Exploring Seoul’s Bukchon and Insadong areas on foot, allows guests to gain an intimate look at this mega city.

Book This Gourmet Food Tour Of Seoul Here 

Seoul Night Food Tour

Seoul Night Markets

Seoul Night Food Tour

Like many other cities in Asia, Seoul is a city that comes alive at night. During this three-hour, night-tasting tour, learn about Korea’s culinary scene under the bright lights of Seoul. Led by your knowledgeable local guide, wander through the busy streets stopping at local food stalls to sample a variety of food specialties.

From Korean barbecue to delicious Korean-style pancakes, and spicy rice cake stew, guests will experience a range of Korean flavors and tastes. To wash down the tasty treats, guests can enjoy Korean rice wine or soju (distilled spirit). 

This culinary night tour begins in the district of Jongno-gu in central Seoul. A popular area for locals, it’s a quick walk from Anguk metro station. Your local culinary expert will lead the small group to the Nagwon-dong neighborhood to continue enjoying local specialties including kimchi and other mouthwatering local dishes.

Continuing the tour under Seoul’d neon lights, guests will visit a traditional Korean flea market to enjoy additional tasty treats. The nighttime exploration of Seoul concludes in Jongno, one of the most historic areas of the city. 

Seoul Night Tour Details

Limited to 12 guests, the tour features a moderate amount of walking. Wearing comfortable walking shoes is recommended. Pricing for the tour begins at $100 and a minimum of two guests is required for the tour to proceed.

The drinking age in South Korea is 19 years old. Non-alcoholic beverages are available for those under 18 years old or who does not consume alcohol. While located near public transportation, the tour is not wheelchair accessible. Travelers with back, heart, or serious medical conditions are advised not to participate. 

Book this tour here.

Why We Like This Tour

Touring Seoul at night is a great way to explore the city as the locals do. There are loads of Seoul night markets and street-side stalls, but it can be intimidating to find the best eats. This tour makes it all easily accessible. 

Book This Seoul Night Food Tour Here 


Korean soju

Soju Tasting With A Brewmaster

In Japan it’s sake, in Korea it’s makgeolli and soju. These iconic Korean alcoholic beverages have a long history and hold a special place in the hearts of Koreans.

During this three-hour tour and tasting, guests will meet a 10th-generation artisan distiller and brewmaster. From his workshop, he’ll explain the time-honored tradition of making soju and makgeolli using his family’s secret recipe.  

At the workshop, guests will receive a history of soju and makgeolli making in Korea from their host. While enjoying a taste of both spirits, your host will explain the distillation process for both spirits as well as the main differences between the two.

After the tasting, the group will head to a local Korean restaurant to enjoy a full Korean dinner. The knowledgeable guide will explain the culinary history of the meal and the difference in the Makgeolli. At the end of your experience, walk back to Anguk station with your guide.

Soju Tasting Tour Details

The price for the tour begins at $118. Guests must be 21 years of age to participate. While located near public transportation, comfortable walking shoes are recommended for the tour. The tour is not wheelchair accessible.

The tour begins at Anguk metro station, where the group of 12 and your local guide will depart on foot.

Book this tour here.

Why We Like This Tour

We love soju. It’s one of our favorite things about eating in Seoul. This tour is a great way to learn about Korean food and this important beverage. 

Book This Soju Tasting Experience Here 

Korean fried chicken and beer

Korean fried chicken and beer – perfect pub snack

Seoul Pub Crawl

From Korean beer, rice wine, and soju, there’s a lot to experience in Seoul’s numerous pubs and bars. Explore Seoul’s nightlife from the inside during this three-hour small group pub crawl tour.

Focusing on the Hongdae neighborhood of Seoul, the tour brings guests to several of the neighborhood’s most popular drinking spots including off-the-beaten-path bars and clubs, which tourists often miss out on.

During each stop, guests will sample Korean spirits and cocktails while sampling local pub snacks. At each stop, your local knowledgeable guide will teach the group Korean drinking games as well as Korean drinking etiquette.   

Seoul Night Tour Details

Pricing for the tour begins at $85. The tour only operates with a minimum of 2 guests and can accommodate up to 10. The minimum drinking age in South Korea is 19.

If you are traveling with guests under 19, contact the tour provider ahead of time. For travelers with dietary requirements, requests can be accommodated with prior notification at the time of booking. The tour is not wheelchair accessible. 

Book this tour here.

Why We Like This Tour

One of the things we love about Korea is the drinking culture. It’s a little bit of work hard play hard. But there are also a lot of traditions that come along with drinking in South Korea. The tour is not only a lot of fun but helps to demystify the Korean drinking culture. 

Book This Seoul Pub Tour Here 


Seoul Food Guide - What To Eat In Seoul Korea

Korean Cooking Class And Market Tour

Put on your apron and learn the culinary secrets of Korean cuisine in this cooking class for beginners. Over two hours, guests will tour a local Seoul food market and prepare a variety of tasty Korean dishes under the watchful eyes of a professional chef. 

The culinary experience includes a detailed explanation of Korean food products and how to select the best ones. After the market visit, the group will return to the cooking school where they will receive hands-on instructions from the professional chef. Several Korean specialties will be made by each guest and best of all, enjoyed afterward. 

Seoul Cooking Class Details

The Seoul cooking class takes place in a modern cooking school in the Nagwon-dong neighborhood near Anguk station. The tour and cooking class is wheelchair accessible. Pricing begins at $65. Guests with dietary requirements should make this known at the time of booking. The tour can accept children aged 11 and older. 

Book this tour here.

Why We Like This Tour

The class is enjoyable for cooks of all skill levels but is designed for beginners. It’s a great introduction to Korean food and how to prepare it. Best of all is taking a few new cooking skills home. 

Book This Seoul Cooking Class Here 


What should I wear on a food tour in Seoul?

Comfortable shoes! Many food tours involve a lot of walking and Seoul is a massive city. Also, be prepared for bad weather. Just because it’s rainy doesn’t mean the tour will be canceled. The same goes for the summer when temperatures can soar and winter when it can be super cold. Just be prepared.

Is a food tour worth it?

Some people look at the cost of the individual items eaten on a food tour to determine whether they’ve gotten their money’s worth. A quality culinary tour, though, is more than the food served. It’s the value of the guide, the history learned, and the overall experience. And, it is almost always worth it!

What are some other day trips from Seoul?

Seoul is such a big city that there is loads to do and see within the city limits. If I would recommend one day trip from Seoul, it would be to see the DMZ and the surrounding areas.

Is Korean food spicy?

Compared to other Asian cuisines like Thai or Sichuan, Korean food isn’t spicy. That said, dishes like kimchi have a bit of spicy. Chili is used in Korean cooking but it’s not the main ingredient.

What is Seoul’s famous food?

Depending on who you ask, Seoul’s most famous food is either Korean BBQ or kimchi. Both of these just happen to be the most famous food in Korea as well.

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