10+ Must-Visit Towns In The Amalfi Coast Italy

The Amalfi Coast Italy is a famous tourist destination in Italy. It attracts millions of visitors annually, and UNESCO listed Amalfi Italy as a World Heritage Site. It’s no wonder that Amalfi is one of the top destinations to visit in Italy. 

Our Amalfi Coast travel guide will help you plan your trip. We will tell you when to visit the Amalfi Coast Italy and review the best Amalfi Coast towns. This guide will also include what you can see and do in these towns.

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Where Is The Amalfi Coast In Italy

The Amalfi Coast Italy is a coastline stretch in southern Italy overlooking the Gulf of Salerno and the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is found in the Province of Salerno, north of the Cilentan Coast and south of the Sorrentine Peninsula.

Amalfi Italy is celebrated worldwide for its natural diversity and the Mediterranean landscape. The coastline lies in a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers. It sits on a relatively steep southern coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula.

Italy’s Amalfi Coast leaves little space for agricultural and rural territories. The coast spans approximately 11,231 hectares between the Gulf of Salerno and Naples.     

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How To Get To The Amalfi Coast

Must-Visit Towns In The Amalfi Coast Italy
Must-Visit Towns In The Amalfi Coast Italy

There are 13 Amalfi towns and villages along the famous land route to the Amalfi Coast, the Amalfitana highway. It begins in Piano Sorrento, connecting most of the towns and villages, and ends in Vietri sul Mare. Amalfi town, built between the 1830s and 1850s, is about halfway along the highway.

The 31-mile Amalfi Coast road is a spectacular stretch of tarmac hugging the coves and cliffs of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The gravity-defying road offers one of the best road trips with twists, turns, and incredible views. Though the Amalfi Coast road trip is a challenging drive, training is possible and worth it.

Alternatively, you can travel by sea: boat or ferry from Napoli to Amalfi’s main port, depending on the time of the year. The journey takes two to three hours with a few stops.

A train is also a viable option for those who don’t want to travel by road or sea.  

When Is The Best Time To Visit Amalfi Italy

May and September are among the best times to visit the Amalfi Coast Italy. The weather is stunning, and temperatures range between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. There are also numerous activities with fewer crowds than in July and August. We are not fans of visiting Italy in the summer in general. The coastal regions are even more crowded. This is one of our top Italy travel tips.

June through August marks the high tourism season, and the beaches in Amalfi are crowded. Several events and festivals pop up along the towns on the Amalfi Coast. In addition, crowds, tough temperatures, and costs tend to increase during this period, with most hotels, sites, and local restaurants closed for the Ferragosto holiday in August. 

Winter is relatively moderate and a good time to visit Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Most of the winter is beautiful, and you enjoy a quiet atmosphere.  

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The Prettiest Amalfi Coast Towns

There are several coastal Italy towns on the Amalfi. There is a lot to love in Amalfi Italy, including the landscape, culture, and mouth-watering cuisine, which attract millions of visitors every year.  

Here is a list of the best Amalfi Coast towns you must visit.


Sorrento Italy

Sorrento marks the starting point of the Amalfi Coast Italy, and is the largest city in Amalfi. It is also the most accessible town, which makes it a blessing and a curse at the same time. Sorrento is Amalfi’s bucket-list town for most day-trippers, meaning it’s crowded during the summer high season. 

Its accessibility also makes Sorrento the best town to stay in if you want to visit Pompeii and Naples. Such tours become more challenging the further along the Amalfi Coast you stay.

The heart of this town is Piazza Tasso. Most restaurants on the side streets come alive with people enjoying their evenings. The top attractions include Piazza Tasso, Bagni Regina Giovanna, and Villa Comunale.

Amalfi And Atrani

Atrani on the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi is among the most popular towns after Positano and Sorrento. It is the perfect place if you want the beauty and luxury of Positano without the VIP prices and nightlife.

Amalfi town has something for everyone: great pebble and sandy beaches and exciting culture. It is packed with beautiful medieval buildings and historical interest. The town sits in the middle of the Amalfi Coast, approximately 40 minutes from Sorrento and 40 mins from Salerno. 

This town has villages filled with incredible architecture, from beautiful churches and Roman ruins to lavish villas and Renaissance palaces. The quaint shops selling painted ceramics, coral jewelry, hand-crafted leather goods, and hand-made stationery are also worth visiting. You never know, you could get yourself a souvenir.  

Hotel Santa Caterina, a 19th-century, Liberty-style villa, is one of the best restaurants to stay in. It sits above the sea with suites adorned with white linen, colorful tile floors, and picturesque views. 


Ravello Italy

Ravello is a small Italian village that sits on a cliff back from the coast and overlooks the sea. Most visitors stop during the day because it has no direct access to the beach. However, you will enjoy fewer crowds, peaceful evenings, and spectacular views if you decide to stay.

Ravello is among the most romantic places in Amalfi Italy, and a popular choice for visitors who want the glamor of Amalfi and Positano without the crowds. You can take a break from the vistas to ogle the opulent villas and gardens that the tiny village is known for.

Belmond Hotel Caruso is a nice restaurant to stay in. It has a taste of luxury, is private, and offers peace and tranquility.  


Positano Italy Amalfi Coast

Positano is centrally placed on the Amalfi Coast Italy, and remains one of the most popular Amalfi towns. It is famous for the pastel-colored buildings that spill down its cliffs into the sea. Though it makes postcard-perfect images, it also means strenuous hikes. It is also referred to as the vertical town. 

Positano is well known among the rich and celebrities. It has Marina Grande, the best beach in the Amalfi Coast that is bursting with nightlife and centered around charming seaside restaurants, clubs, and bars.

Apart from enjoying some of the best beaches in Amalfi, you can hike up Montepertuso and enjoy the magnificent views of Praiano and Positano. You can stay at Le Sirenuse, the most famous restaurant in town. 

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Furore Italy

Furore is a charming seaside Amalfi town in southern Italy, and its name literally means furious. It has a small but beautiful beach with breathtaking views of Salerno, Ischia, and Capri. There are numerous restaurants and bars located on the water. 

You can visit Marina di Furore, approximately half a mile away, if you want something more lively. Alternatively, you can hike 200 steps down, where you will find a hidden beach. 

The Eco Museum, dedicated to pre-industrial agriculture and crafts, is a must-visit site in Furore. It has displays on paper making, local liqueurs, and an herb garden. 

La Locanda is a beautiful restaurant where you can stay in Furore.       

Vietri sul Mare

Vietru Sul Mare

Vietri sul Mare is an idyllic town nestled outside Salerno, along the beautiful Amalfi Coast of Italy. It is well-known for its stunning cliffside location and incredibly crafted ceramics. 

Though it is part of Italy, it feels distinctly Mediterranean, which makes it stand out as one of the best Amalfi Coast towns. Vietri sul Mare has street-lined alleys leading to breathtaking blue seas. Because of its beauty, tourism plays a crucial role in the town’s economy.

The town has numerous restaurants and ceramic shops with locals that warmly welcome and make you feel like they are your family.


Maiori Italy

Maiori is a seaside Amalfi town with about 3,000 residents and is well known because of Castello Aragonese. Castello Aragonese is a medieval castle that offers a captivating glimpse into the region’s history and provides a dramatic addition to the landscape. 

The castle dates back to the 1060s and was built as a watchtower to secure against pirate attacks. It now hosts musical festivals every year. The castle is in clear view from all directions of the town and offers breathtaking views of Mount Vesuvius and the Tyrrhenian sea. 

You can head south to Trattoria All’Ombra De Palma, one of the region’s best-kept secrets, for a delicious lunch.  


Minori is often called the “City of Taste” and stands out as the foodies’ paradise on the Amalfi Coast Italy. It has delicious pasta, olive groves, Italian fruit trees, and some of the region’s finest restaurants. The food in Italy is regional, with the Amalfi known for fresh citrus and seafood.

The beach in Minori is small and tends to be crowded during the summer. However, it is lovely for sunbathing and swimming, with the fresh sea breezes tempering even the hottest days.

Minori is a popular place for hiking up to Ravello to explore the villas and enjoy the views. You can visit the Villa Romana archaeological site or board a ferry to one of the Amalfi towns.     


Cetara Italy

Cetara is one of the best-hidden gems in Amalfi Italy. The coastal town is located north of Naples on the southwest coast. Though little known to tourists, Cetara is a wonderful place to visit, thanks to its charming piazzas and picturesque alleys.

This town has much to offer, including watching the local fishermen make their first catch at sunrise. Later, you can peruse the markets for authentic seafood and dishes served with local wine.  

There is a site for divers to explore the abundant marine life, such as soft corals in the famed Blue Grotto. You should not miss out on visiting Italy’s famous islands when visiting Cetara.

You can stay at the Belmond Hotel, one of the best restaurants in the town.

Praiano And Conca Dei Marini

Praiano is a small town on Italy’s Amalfi Coast and an ideal place for exploring. Though most people visit during the summer, winter is a lovely time to experience the town’s scenic coastline and spectacular beaches. 

Praiano is one of the best Amalfi Coastal towns and the perfect place to relax and kick back before touring hilltop towns like Salerno and Ravello. The town also provides quick access to Pompeii, Naples, and Rome. 

Visitors love Praiano for its stunning whitewashed architecture and friendly locals. It has extensive beaches and plenty of activities like swimming and sand castle building.

You can stay at Hotel Onda Verde if you want to visit the town.  

The Amalfi Coast Italy is a popular destination for visitors and has something for everyone. This Amalfi Coast travel guide will make your trip to the Italian coast hassle-free. 

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