Lisbon Craft Beer Guide – How To Find Craft Beer in Lisbon

Although during past trips to Lisbon, we focused on Portuguese wine, this trip we looked for Lisbon craft beer bars and a few Lisbon brewery options. In this post, I share our tips on where to find craft beer in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Guide To Craft Beer In Lisbon

We are relatively newbies to the craft beer world. Until a few years ago, my preference was always to just go for something cheap and cold, particularly over the summer.

In the last couple of years, though, we have found ourselves tracking down craft beer in every city we visit. 

In this post, I share some tips on how to find the best bars in Lisbon for craft beer lovers.

This includes how to create your own independent Lisbon brewery tour (we tell you where to go) and how to speak the lingo, i.e., how to order a beer in Lisbon. We will also talk about how to order a beer in Portugal.

Craft Beer Lisbon Guide – How To Find Portuguese Craft Beer in Lisbon

For decades, Portugal has been most associated with its wines: Port wine, the Duoro Valley, Alentejo, and Vinho Verde from the north. But beer is the second most popular drink in Portugal, after water. 

Lisbon Craft Beer Guide - Drinking Craft Beer In Lisbon

The Portuguese started brewing beer centuries ago. In the last few decades, though, local production switched to mass production, mostly controlled by Sagres and Super Bock.

This is a common theme across much of Southern Europe, including Spain and Italy.

In recent years, though, Portugal has experienced a local beer revolution coming in the form of craft beer.

The mass-produced Portuguese beer brands have their place, particularly on a warm summer day in Lisbon. But, for travelers looking for more flavor from their beer, Lisbon is becoming an interesting destination.

On our most recent trip, as much as it seemed that more Lisbon bars are carrying craft beer, the mass produced Portuguese beers still reign supreme.

Walk by any bar or terrace in the warm months and everyone is still drinking Sagres or Super Bock. But, look a little harder, and you will find some more locally produced beers.

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breweries in Lisbon

From craft beer bars to breweries, there’s now no shortage of where to drink in Lisbon for craft beer lovers.

Many of these Lisbon bars that focus on craft beer in Portugal are centrally located or within a bus or tram ride from the city’s center. 

We’ve tried to include opening hours where possible, but things frequently change across Lisbon. Some bars shut for holidays or in August. Please use the opening times as rough guidelines, not gospel.

Book one of these Lisbon Food Tours to learn more about Portuguese food and drink.

A Craft Beer Pub Crawl – Lisbon City Center

Portuguese craft beer

Some of our favorite places to find Portuguese craft beer in Lisbon are outside the city center. They are pretty easy to get to.

That said, I know many travelers visit Lisbon on a quick city break, or it’s only one stop on a European tour. 

If short on time, there are a few places to try some Portuguese craft beer within the city center. These are my recommendations for centrally located craft beer bars to create your own sort of craft beer pub crawl.

Or, plan your trip around Lisbon Beer Week, a Lisbon beer festival focused on local beer, a beer run, and other events in September each year.

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Duque Brewpub Lisbon

Duque Brewpub Lisbon

Duque Lisbon is one of the few brewpubs in the city producing their own beer. It’s a small space, up a mess of steps, from the center of Lisbon.

With only a handful of tables, they serve about a dozen Portuguese beers on tap, including a few that they produce themselves.

Their brewery operation is not on display, but you can look behind the bar and see a fermentation tank in the back. 

I only tried one of their beers (a stout) and it was good, but I did feel that the beers produced outside of the city were more flavorful.

Regardless, it’s a nice option inside of town. It’s not far from a lot of the cheesy Bairro Alto bars, so this can be a good escape.

Where Is Duque Brewpub

Duque Brewpub Lisboa is located at Calçada do Duque 51 in Barrio Alto. They are open from 4 pm to late seven days a week, with later closing times on Friday and Saturday.

They have a limited food menu, which focuses on some toasted sandwiches (which are pretty darn good). The menu is enough for a snack with a craft beer, but it’s not a full menu. 

Cerveteca Bar Lisbon

Cerveteca Bar Lisbon

This craft beer bar in Principe Real carries an impressive selection of Portuguese craft beer and international brands. They stock over 100 craft beers, although I didn’t count.

Cerveteca also serves various food and snacks, mostly focused on pates, preserves, and sandwiches chosen to pair with their craft beer. 

It’s a small spot, but light and bright inside, with knowledgeable staff. Although not located in the city center, it’s only about a 15-minute walk from Bairro Alto and in a nice, local neighborhood. Definitely worth checking out. 

Where Is Cerveteca Lisboa

Cerveteca Lisboa is located at Praça das Flores 62 and was only a few blocks from the apartment we rented from It was easy to track down and visit (more than once). They are open every day from 3:30 pm until late.

Lisbon Pro Tip: How To Say Beer In Portuguese

A very important start to exploring Lisbon for beer. It’s important to know the lingo.

Cerveja: Portuguese for beer

Cerveja artesanal: Portuguese for craft beer

If you order a cerveja in Lisbon, particularly at a traditional bar or cafe, you will get whatever mass-produced local beer is on tap.

If asking for recommendations on where to drink craft beer in Lisbon, ask for cerveja artesanal. We learned this while living in Spain. Many locals don’t understand the term craft beer, it is artisan beer or cerveja artesanal.

Typical beer sizes include an imperial, a small beer, sort of like ordering a caña in Spain. A caneca is a little larger, like a pint size.

A girafa is a liter, which is not as common to find, and should not be confused with a garrafa, which is a bottled beer. Most of the craft beers in Lisbon come in a half pint and a pint.

Cervejaria: This is the general word used for a beer bar, normally one that serves beer. It is not synonymous with a brewery, though.

For example, our favorite restaurant in Lisbon is Cervejaria Ramiro, which is really a seafood restaurant that started out as a beer bar that served seafood. I know it’s a bit confusing.

Saúde: Cheers!

The Beer Station

The Beer Station Lisbon

More on the commercial side, The Beer Station is located just up the steps from Rossio in the center of the tourist town. They have a small interior space but a large outdoor seating area. 

They carry beers from some of the other local beer producers making it a great way to have a best of Lisbon beer tour staying very local. They also offer a happy hour that involves buying one large beer, and get one free.

It’s a great option if you want to sit outside, but is probably lacking in variety and atmosphere. The Beer Station is located at Largo Duque do Cadaval 17, and is open from 3 pm – late seven days a week.

Craft Beer in Lisbon – Breweries Outside of the City Center

When traveling for craft beer, many craft beer bars feel like all the others in the world, even if they are carrying more local beer.

I tend to like the breweries that offer a taproom for tasting. There’s just something about drinking a local craft beer, steps from where it was produced. 

In this guide, we share three Lisbon breweries that are not in the center of Lisbon but are totally worth the drive (or bus ride).

The thing is the local brewers are so much closer to the city than visiting a Portugal winery, making it a perfect place to enjoy a few drinks close to town.

Quimera Brewpub (Chimera Brewpub Lisbon)

Quimera Brewpub

The Lisbon beer bar with three names. I kept seeing references to what I thought were three different places.

On their website, though, they seem to call themselves Chimera, Chemaera, and Quimera. I was not entirely sure why until we visited. 

They changed the name after a change of ownership, where some of the original partners left the company. They are officially Quimera Brewpub now, but locals still know the former name. 

Regardless of the name, it’s a unique setting in an 18th-century “royal tunnel.” They carry about a dozen beers on tap including their own as well as other beer from Portugal and around Europe. They also offer NY-style deli sandwiches, which are pretty unique for Portugal. 

The owner, Adam, is from the US, and spent time in Colorado. He knows his beer and his pastrami. The bar had a nice feel to it as well, filled with locals from all walks of life, not just the typical hipster craft beer bar scene.

Quimera also carries a wide variety of beers, including brown ales, sours, and stouts. It was nice to see something a little more than just the typical IPA selection. 

How To Find Quimera Brewpub

Quimera Brewpub

Quimera Brewpub is located at Rua Prior do Crato 6, a little outside of the center of Lisbon.

It’s about halfway to Pasteis de Belem if you can plan a trip for craft beer and pastel de nata all in one day. There are open most days from 5 pm until 11 pm, later on Friday and Saturday. 

Just remember their opening time if adding it one to a visit to Belem for pastels. It’s best to take a taxi or an Uber, particularly at night.

The street they are on is fine, but there is a small neighborhood south of the brewpub, towards the train tracks and the water that I wouldn’t feel comfortable in at night. It’s mostly abandoned. 

Cerveja Musa Lisbon – Marvilla

Cerveja Musa Lisbon – Marvilla

Just north of the Lisbon city center is Marvilla, an up-and-coming area that is becoming known for breweries, brewpubs, art galleries, and restaurants.

There are three Lisbon breweries, two of which have taprooms to visit. The neighborhood is still a little rough around the edges and a little “transitional,” but for true craft beer lovers, it is totally worth a visit. 

Cerveja Musa is a very cool-looking taproom located at the beer factory. It’s just off the main road leading from Lisbon and the bus practically drops you off outside.

There is a decent-sized brewing facility in the back and about a dozen taps on offer. The space itself is light and airy and feels more like Portland or Boulder than Lisbon. 

They offer events throughout the year, including concerts, so it is worth a visit. The beer also makes it worth a visit. Although a little more focused on IPAs than Quimera, each beer tasted great and the servers were friendly and helpful. 

How To Find Cerveja Musa

Cerveja Musa (or Fabrica Musa) is located at Rua do Açúcar 83. The 728 bus runs directly from Praca do Comercio and takes about 20 minutes. They are open from 1 pm to 10 pm most days.

Dois Corvos Lisbon – Marvilla

Dois Corvos Lisbon – Marvilla

For any craft beer lover, Maravilla is worthwhile in part because there are two Lisbon breweries within a few blocks of one another.

This makes it definitely worth a visit as a mini-day trip. Dois Corvos probably is a little more known for its Lisbon craft beer, but the brewery is a little less refined than Fabrica Musa. 

They serve their own beers as well as some collaborations with other breweries. They also serve beers from the third Marvilla brewery, Cerveja Lince, which does not have a taproom.

How To Find Dois Corvos

Cerveja Dois Corvos is located at Rua Capitao Leitao 94, and is open from 2 pm – 11 pm seven days, with later times on Friday and Saturday. They have a limited food menu as well. They are only a few blocks from Cerveja Musa.

The neighborhood is a little transitional, with some abandoned buildings. We took a bus out to Musa but were happy to Uber back to town for about €8 (the bus is €2 per person).

Lisbon Beer Guide Pro Tip

The Price of Beer in Portugal: The price of beer in Lisbon is pretty similar to the rest of the Iberian peninsula.

A small local beer, like Sagres or Super Bock, at a typical bar, is around €1. The craft beer prices were understandably more. A half-pint ranges from about €2.50-4 and a pint ranges from €4-6.50.

Museu de Cerveja – Beer Museum Lisbon

I don’t know how much this is a museum of beer in Lisbon as it is a location to drink beer in Lisbon, with some history of beer attached. The museum part focuses on the history of beer production, with a focus on Portuguese beer brands. 

They also have information on beer in Portuguese-speaking countries, including Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea, Cape Verde, São Tomé, and Príncipe.

The brewery is a large restaurant with a menu focused on Portuguese dishes like bacalhau, a salted codfish. The menu is meant to pair with the Portuguese local beer brands, including Sagres, and Super Bock, among others.

Because it is located on the most popular tourist square in Lisbon, the feel is a little touristy. We did not eat there. But, I wanted to mention it because it is so visible on the tourist trail.

The feel of the restaurant seems a little Willy Wonka-style if that is your thing. It might be worth a visit for a cold beer on a hot day with a view, but otherwise, it might be worth a skip. 

The Museu de Cerveja Lisbon is located on Praça do Comércio one of the most famous squares in Lisbon, facing the water.

In nice weather, sit outside on their patio and enjoy the view. Admission to the museum is €5, which includes a tasting. They are open from noon until 10 pm daily.

Taking A Food Tour In Lisbon

People often ask us how we find great food in a city we’ve never visited. In addition to doing our own research and asking friends, we always take a food tour.

Not only will you learn what to eat and where, but food tours are also a great way to learn your way around a city.

There are lots of great food tours in Lisbon and choosing the right one is tricky. We are big fans of Devour Tours. Devour Tours does a great job of explaining the food and drink in a city.

They have the local knowledge to discover off-the-beaten-path bars and restaurants only locals go to. Over the past decade, we’ve easily been on a dozen Devour food tours across Spain, Italy, and Portugal.

In Lisbon, Devour Tours offers a mix of food tours and sightseeing tours. Tour prices range from $70 to $130 per person.

Most of Devour’s tours max out at 12 guests making it a more enjoyable experience. Here are the food tours Devour currently offers in Lisbon.

Tastes & Traditions of Lisbon Food Tour

Lisbon at Sunset: Petiscos, Food & Wine Tour

Lisbon Food & Fado Tour: An Evening Out in Mouraria & Alfama

FAQs – How To Find Craft Beer in Lisbon

What is the most popular beer in Portugal?

Sadly it’s not a Portuguese craft beer. Super Bock, one of the mass-produced beers in Portugal is the most popular beer in Portugal. It’s a perfectly fine beer but, like most mass-produced beers does lack flavor.

What is the legal age to drink in Portugal?

Portugal has two legal drinking ages. For beer and wine, the age is 16. For spirits like vodka, gin, etc., the legal drinking age is 18.

How many breweries are in Portugal?

It’s estimated that there are over 100, possibly over 120 different breweries in Portugal. These range from microbreweries to mass-production breweries.

Where can I drink beer in Lisbon?

Pretty much everywhere. Look for cervejarias, which are beer bars. Even cafes will offer draft beer. It’s probably more difficult to find a decent glass of wine sometimes with all of the beer. The most fun, though, is to stop at one of the kiosks in the center of small squares and parks and enjoy a beer al fresco on a nice evening in Lisbon.

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