Best Gifts For Food And Drink Lovers

Over the years, we’ve continued to add loads of buying guides to help you eat and drink better at home. As much as we travel for food, we are always looking for new ways to improve the quality of our home gastronomy. Here, we share all of our top ideas for gifts for food and drink lovers.

We offer gift guides to lovers of wine, gin, whiskey, beer, and even coffee. We have reviews of an amazing selection of at-home food and drink making kits. Ever want to learn how to make cheese or sushi at home? We have you covered.

Gifts For Gin Lovers

Shipping alcohol across state lines in the US can be a problem. That’s one of the reasons why we created a list of gin lovers gifts, including make-your-own gin gifts and gin gift sets.

Best Gifts For Wine Lovers

Gifts For Wine Lovers

If you’ve been reading our site for awhile, you know we love our wine! There are so many unique things to purchase for the wine lover on your list. Check out our Online Wine Gift Guide.

Best Whiskey Gift Sets

Gifts For Whiskey Lovers

Whether the drinker on your list prefers Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey, or American bourbon, we have them covered in our Comprehensive Whiskey Gift Guide.

Best Gifts For Beer Lovers

Gifts For Beer Lovers

Living in Ireland, we love beer, from stouts to ales to lagers! For the beer lover on your list, check out our recommended gifts for beer lovers, including kegerators and other fun gifts.

Best Gifts For Coffee Snobs

Gifts For Coffee Snobs

For many people, coffee is life. I don’t know where we would be if not for the fresh brew first thing in the morning. For the coffee snob on your list, check out our recommended best gifts for coffee lovers.

Learning New Skills – At-Home Kits

In addition to cooking more at home, many people are focused on learning new skills. A perfect way to learn a new skill while cooking at home is to try a at-home kit.

For food lovers, this means learning how to make cheese or sushi at home. Imagine spending an afternoon learning how to make your own cheese? Ever wonder how they make all of those fancy dishes at Michelin Star restaurants? Then, learn how to make dishes using molecular gastronomy at home. Whether purchasing for yourself or as a gift for a foodie, these are unique gifts that any food lover would love.

For drink connoisseurs, there are loads of was to learn how to drink better at home, from mixology and cocktail sets to make the perfect cocktail at home, to learning how to brew your own beverages at home. We have recommendations for at-home kits for kombucha, mead, cider, and even how to make wine at home.

Appliance & Cookware Gifts

One of our favorite ways to share what we’ve learned about food and travel over the last 8+ years, is to provide advice to our readers on to cook better at home. That means investing in quality cookware or new appliances.

When shopping for gifts to home chefs, we have a wide variety of recommendations for everyone’s gift budget. From cookware sets to appliances. Here are our recommended gifts for home cooks:

Air Fryers

The Best Large Capacity Air Fryers

We just love our air fryer. We don’t quite use it everyday, but definitely several times a week. Air fryers do more than just fry. They can be used to roast vegetables and meats, make cheeseburgers, and even re-heat pizza. You can bake, fry, roast, broil, al in a set-it-and-forget it kitchen appliance.

Best Large Capacity Air Fryers – For families and couples who love to cook.

Best Air Fryers Under $100 – Air fryer technology on a budget

Rice Cookers

Small Rice Cookers

Japanese Rice Cookers

Best Rice Cookers For Brown Rice

Specialist Cooking

With all of our travels over the years, we’ve learned how to prepare some of the most iconic dishes from around the world. We often try to take food tours and cooking classes. Then, when we get home, we try our best to recreate some of these dishes. Often times, this means we need a specialty cooking device. When looking for a unique gift for a home cook, one of these cooking vessels can be a perfect idea!


While traveling through Morocco on a 10-day food tour, we learned how to make a tagine. Check out our recommendations for the best tagines.

Paella Pans

From our time spent living in Spain, we recommend the best paella pans for the home, including outdoor paella pans. We have every budget.

Quesadilla Makers

Mexican is our comfort food living overseas. Check out our recommended best quesadilla makers and machines. All are easy to clean.

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