11 Must-Try Thai Snacks

Thai Snacks

Thailand’s street food may be some of the best in the world. Still, sometimes you want something quick and easy while exploring. Snacks in Thailand are just as delicious and unique as their cooked street food counterparts. Here’s a look a some of the must try Thai snacks when traveling in Thailand. *This post contains […]

9 Must-Try Korean Desserts

Must Try Korean Desserts

Korean cuisine has become increasingly popular around the world in recent years. After a handful of trips to South Korea, Korean food has become one of our favorite cuisines. But for many, Korean desserts remain something of a mystery. In this post, we’ll look at nine must-try Korean desserts including traditional rice cake, cookies, and […]

Mauritius Food Guide – What To Eat In Mauritius

Mauritius Food Guide - What To Eat In Mauritius

Before traveling to Mauritius, I really didn’t know much about the island, or Mauritian cuisine. I made some assumptions (many of them wrong) but I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of foods to eat in Mauritius. And, during our time in Mauritius, I was excited to learn so much about Mauritius food. In this […]