Easy Moroccan Beet Salad

Easy Moroccan Beet Salad

One of the best things about traveling in Morocco was all of the tasty salads that started each meal. Normally, at least 3 or 4 or more were placed on the table along with bread. When we came home, I wanted to recreate this experience by making one of my favorites, a Moroccan beet salad. […]

Mini Burnt Cheesecake Recipe – San Sebastian Cheesecake

Mini Burnt Cheesecake Recipe - San Sebastian Cheesecake

This mini burnt cheesecake recipe is a bite-sized interpretation of the classic Basque or San Sebastian Cheesecake. Made famous by La Viña, in San Sebastian, Spain, these are the perfect little snack cheesecakes or a great dessert for a party or potluck. **This post contains compensated links. Find more info in my DISCLAIMER. As an […]

Irish Seafood Guide – How To Eat The Best Seafood In Ireland

Irish Seafood Guide - How to eat the best seafood in Ireland

Two typical seafood dishes come to mind for most travelers to Ireland; fish ‘n chips and seafood chowder. Both are delicious and a must-eat when in Ireland. But there’s so much more to Irish seafood. After all, Ireland is an island. In this Irish Seafood Guide, we’ll look at a variety of other seafood and […]